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8 Lower Body Resistance Band Exercises

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Now that summer vacations are in full swing, many of us will be heading off to destinations that may not allow us access to equipment to help us maintain our strength training routines. Finding ways to integrate cardio activities into our time away can be quite easy, after all walking and biking are two activities many of us can do. But what do we do when we do not have access to a gym or free weights? While there are many gym free exercises to do that offer some benefits, investing in a set of inexpensive resistance bands is another great option.

Because resistance bands are lightweight and take up little space in your luggage, this makes them easy to transport. And studies have shown that resistance bands are just as beneficial to helping us build muscle endurance and strength as free weights and gym machines.

Below are eight links to some lower body exercises using resistance bands that you may want to try. Do not feel the need to do all eight. Targeting each major muscle group just twice weekly is all it takes to get you on the road to a stronger, fitter body. Next week's blogs will focus on upper body exercises using resistance bands

Butt, Hamstrings, Legs

Press and Stretch

Abs, Butt, Outer Thighs

Sideways Band Shuffle

Inner Thigh, Butt

Inner Thigh Slimmer

Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves), Glutes

Modified Squats with Band

Skater Squats

Calves, Shins

Ankle Flexion


Exercise Bicycle

Abs, Lower Back

Abs Lower Back Extension

Below are a few more links to Coach Nicole's resistance band routines.

Intro to Exercising with Resistance Bands

5 Minute Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

20 Minute Resistance Band Workout

Have you used resistance bands as part of your fitness routine? Do you bring them with you on your travels? Would you consider doing so now that you have some exercise ideas?

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