Crush Your First CrossFit Class With Our Cheat Sheet

By , Melissa Rudy, Health & Fitness Journalist
If your idea of CrossFit is a group of grunting, super-buff weightlifters who will laugh you out of the gym, it's time to send those stereotypes packing. Even the most accomplished CrossFitters started somewhere, and the majority are extremely welcoming to newcomers.

The only way to determine if CrossFit is for you is to dive in and try a class. But before you go, check out our handy cheat sheet to learn the basic equipment, etiquette and terminology (what the heck is a WOD, anyway?). Learn it, print the graphic and share it with anyone else who's curious about crossing over into the fittest land of all.

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ROBBIEY 5/27/2021
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CECTARR 3/17/2021
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PATRICIAANN46 1/3/2021
Thank You................. Report
thanks Report
Some great suggestions. Report
Now I'm glad I never went to a cross fit class w/ ppl who wanted me to come & get healthy. I shouldn't do some the moves per my long time physical therapist plus it doesn't sound like anything I'd be interested in. Very regimented & precise timing? Oh hell no. Exercise should be based on natural movement & no reason it can't also be fun & enjoyable. Report
Great! Thank you! Report
Great information! Report
Thanks for the article. Report
good information to know Report
Thanks for info! Report
I strongly recommend CrossFit! The community is unsurpassed. All movements can be modified to your abilities and you do what you can. Nice article! Report
Thanks! Report
Wow, That's very interesting! Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
other than a few YouTube videos, i've not done cross fit Report
You can't really cheat yourself, life has a way of catching up with you. Report
Great! Report
Great Report
I love crossfit! My body just feels better throughout the day when I do my 6am class. Even though I get very sore, haha! And, I'm 50 years old, going strong!

** thought I'd add... it mentions bringing a small notepad. You don't really need to anymore because there are apps like Wodify that keep track of your progress and the coaches will enter the info after class usually. Report
thanks. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
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Thanks for sharing! Report
Awesome Article. I am slowly learning the lingo of cross-train. Report
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Great information! Report
There is a documentary on NetFlix on the 2015 Crossfit Games which is very interesting as it follows some of the top young people and they come from all over the world to compete. Report
Good to know! Report
To those worried about age..don't! I started at 41 and my box has ladies 50+ that scale their workouts. The best thing I ever did was take an intro class. I never looked back! Report
Basic intro article on the jargon used in Crossfit - would agree with others here in that the key is to try out different boxes and find the one that's right for you. The best ones will always offer a fundamentals course as well as work with you on scaling a WOD to make sure it aligns with your level of experience. Also make sure the coaches place safety and proper technique as top priorities. Id they don't, this is not the kind of box you want to give your hard-earned dollars to. Report
This is a good overall article but I'm guessing maybe written by someone who hasn't done Crossfit on a regular basis. My number one thing I tell people is to try out a Box, but make sure it's one that requires intro classes. Like another commenter said - like any other business there are good Crossfit Boxes and bad. So find one that is accommodating and that requires intro classes where you can really learn the moves. My box is the second one I'd taken a look at and I'm SO happy I went there instead of the first one! The prices are better, the trainers are more accommodating and the overall mindset is just way different and wonderful for me, my friends and my life! Half the reason I love Crossfit is because I LOVE my Box! Report
I would also add to call the "box" ahead of time and ask if they have specific classes for those new to Crossfit. I went to a women's-only intro class with a friend who was/is really into Crossfit, and it was a fun way to find out if it was a workout I'd be interested in, plus I wasn't the only newbie there - about half the class was women who'd never done Crossfit and were there to find out more. I ultimately decided I preferred my YMCA, but it definitely gave me a much better idea of what Crossfit actually is than just reading about it or listening to my friend. Report
The most important thing is to find a gym that offers a start up class where a trained coach will walk you through all of the movements until you are comfortable with them, this may take many classes. The Lingo section also left out EMOM (Every minute on the minute) so you repeat a movement or series of movements once every minute and rest for the remainder of the minute. Report
Not something I would feel comfortable doing. Report
I wish I'd read this article before I went to my first class. Perhaps it was just the location I chose, but nobody there was very accommodating and I felt like I was on my own and playing catch-up the whole time, after watching the others do the exercise. Maybe I'll give it another whirl, at a different crossfit location. Report
Appreciate this article. Always kind of wondered and thought I was too old. Report