Watch: Blogger Takes on the Haters Who Called Her Fat

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Posting anything on the internet can bring a lot of comments and feedback -- some positive and some negative. I wonder though, if it weren't for the anonymity of the internet would the same people that leave negative comments and feedback say the same thing in person? I doubt that they would, so when you get brave people to post blogs and videos, they open themselves up to a lot of scrutiny. Our very own Coach Nicole experienced this several years ago with comments made about her on her YouTube workout videos. I don't know if I could've taken those negative comments as well as Coach Nicole, but I didn't believe one word of the negative comments that were posted.

For Coach Nicole, she chose to just delete those types of comments, but I recently came upon a Youtube video by Meghan Tonjes that addresses negative and rude comments made on her Youtube videos. In Meghan's video, she specifically addresses what I call the Negative Nelly's out there in the land of the internet that called her fat. Meghan says she is fat and is actually technically obese and not trying to hide it, but what others may not know is that last year she was morbidly obese and 60 pounds heavier.
I think Meghan's message is inspirational and a great reminder that we are all on our own journey and we never know what part of the journey someone else may be in at the moment. Health and fitness come in all shapes and sizes and just because someone is overweight or obese, it doesn't mean they are not healthy, fit or awesome. So let's learn from Meghan's message and remind ourselves just how far we have come in our own journey and how awesome we really are!
To view the video, please click play or click here.
Please be advised: there is some foul language used in the video.


Do you blog or vlog? How have/would you handle these types of negative comments?