7 Weighted Bar Exercises for Overall Toning

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A few years ago I was introduced to a steel weighted bar known to many as the Body Bar. If you are not familiar with this particular piece of workout equipment, it is basically a steel bar in various weights encased in foam. They range between 4-6 feet in length. Not only are weighted bars used in resistant training workouts, but they can be used for balance, flexibility and core stabilization. And because they recruit more muscles than machines do, they make for a challenging yet very effective workout.

Below are seven weighted bar exercises I have put together to give your workouts a fresh spin.

Biceps, Quadriceps, Hamstrings

Stork Curl and Leg Extension

Butt, Core, Legs, Shoulder

Overhead Press and Squat

Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings

Barbell Forward Lunge

Squat and Stationary Lunge with Weighted Bar

Butt, Arms, Abs, Thighs

Pullover Bridge


Wide-Stance Side-to-Side Squats

Chest, Core, Triceps

Wobbly Push-Up

Have you ever used a weighted bar as part of your exercise routine? Is this something you would like to try?

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KHALIA2 3/1/2020
Thanks for sharing!!!!!!! Report
Great article! Report
A timely article! I am attending my first weighted class today. Thanks for sharing this one. Report
Thanks! Report
I have NEVER used a weighted bar in any of my routines. Report
Some great tips Report
Some useful info. Though some of the links no longer work. Thanks Report
Thank you! Report
Absolutely great Report
I would love to learn more about this piece of equipment yet the links to the exercises don’t all work or don’t take you directly to the exercise being featured. This occurs often when being linked to sources outside of Spark People. It’s a little frustrating when there’s an article of great interest with some new workout options. Report
I used the seated weighted bar that you pull down from over your head. It works for me. Report
Work that body Report
Thanks!! Report
I need to check this out to see if is offered at the local athletic/gym spot. Seems interesting thing to try. Report
Interesting article! Report
I don't have a weighted bar. For my Dad, age 92, I velcro a 2.5 lb. weight around Mom's cane. Is that Ok as a weighted wrap for him and for me? Report
reporting an issue---- the link to Butt, Core, Legs, Shoulder is not working. Getting a "not found" error message. :-( Report
I took a senior exercise class at my fitness center that incorporated them into our workout. They came in different weights for all fitness levels. Report
Yes, at my fitness center I took a class for seniors which incorporated the weighted bar. We used different weights according to our fitness levels. It was different from weighted balls/small weights since most was done overhead. Report
Hmm. I use a regular Olympic bar when I do squats, lunges and bench presses at the gym - 35 pounds for the bar itself, plus whatever weight plates I add. Heavier than these weighted bars - haven't tried these, but they sound like they'd be a great alternative for at-home exercises. No, wait, I *have* tried these at the gym, but mostly as a stretching aid for my obliques. I didn't think to adapt them for other exercises! :)
A Tip 4 us with Health Issues- U may not build as much muscle but can still enjoy the benefits by using a "broom handle" purchased at local Hardware Stores. The movement will help to hold balance and strengthen and tone any way. Report
Actually, I worked PT at a new fitness center for a few months last summer and was first introduced to the body bars. I found them intriguing, and would like to do more with them! Report
I do use a weighted bar at home, and I really enjoy it. I mostly use it for squats, lunges, arms, shoulders and back, but these are great suggestions! A lot of new exercises I haven't done and look forward to trying. Report
yes, I used a weighted bar, in the past, and have a video, to go with it, but since I've got a rotator cuff tear, I don't use it at all. I don't want to aggravate my shoulder. Report
No, I hadn't even heard of one. I use hand weights & have to do most of my exercises sitting down because of severe arthritis in my knees. Report
I bought one 2 years ago from Walmart and love it. One exercise I use it for is waist twists. Works great!! Report
I haven't used one but would like to get one. Report
I do use one on occasion - it is part of my home gym equipment Report
Bally's has them. I'm a member and I should get back over there and use the body bars again, as well as the other equipment. Report
Thanks. Report
I use a barbell with weights Report
I've been looking for a weighted bar and can't find one. Not at Dicks Sporting Goods, and I don't want to pay for shipping if i find one online. Any suggestions? Report
I really can't spend a fortune on weight training or weight loss~ we also have a small home and no basement. Where would I store all of the stuff I would buy? Isn't there something I could use that is normally around the house - like a mop or broom stick? Report
have not used or have one. Report
I have never used one. But I do use my barbell with weight on it. I also use my easy shaper too. I do some of these workouts with my barbell and easy shaper. Report
I have never used or seen a weighted bar but I would agree with the other posts that a barbell would make better sense so that you can adjust or increase your weight. Report
I used to use a body bar but not longer. When used correctly they help your body a lot. Report
I haven't used a "body bar" but I use an olympic barbell every workout. I don't see why anyone would purchase a body bar when they could simply get a standard or olympic barbell and add on weights that are right for them and easily progress to higher weights when they're ready. Report
You know, I have a body bar at home and I don't use it. I believe my resistance bands provide a much better workout, but that's my own humble opinion. Personally, I'd rather use a barbell than a body bar for weight training. The problem I have with a body bar is that it's a fixed weight. As you get stronger, you'd need heavier bars to challenge your body. At least with a barbell you can adjust the weight as your strength increases.

However, for women who are afraid to work with barbells, a body bar would introduce them to the wonders that are strength related.

We used them at the Y in body sculpt. I will use the suggested lift independenly1
Thanks Report
Have never used one of these ..... might have to try soon!!! Report
Yes, I use it in my Kickboxing Jam class at the gym, love it. Report
I have used one in gym class and really liked it. Report
I have used a weighted body bar in the past, but i CRINGED when I saw toning in the title of this post - there is no such thing! Which I'm sure you know as a spark coach, and I'm usually not the type to point fingers or nag at these types of things, but ugh 'toning' gets under my nails!!

Combined with cardio, diet, etc, you are losing fat as a result of these body bar exercises, which helps bring the muscle to view. Muscle tone is simply what allows your muscles to move, and tone has to be balanced throughout your body in order to move. If you really wanted to increase the "tone" of those muscles you would have to increase the muscle fibers in them--ultimately making them bigger, stronger, not sleeker or 'toned'. Your body may end up looking sleeker, but that is because you lost fat, not because you are "toning".

That word frustrates me because I think it serves to keep inflating the misconceptions that lead too many women to avoid strength training all together beause they think they will gain significant amounts of muscle just by looking at a dumbbell that isn't coated in plastic. It is a pet peeve of mine, so I had to say something. But thanks for the post and your work on spark! Report
Thanks for posting this article! I have one of these bars at home and am always looking for new exercises. Report
Yes, I would love to have and weight bar in my daily routine? I have a great deal of problems with my neck and back and stretching them would be of great help? Report