How 'Bulking Up' Helped LeAnn Rimes Slim Down

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I was intrigued to see LeAnn Rimes on the October 2010 cover of Shape magazine. Yes, her recent divorce has made headlines, and she admits to feeling a lot of stress and pressure over the events of the past year, but one thing hasn't changed: her dedication to fitness. Now 28, she is looking better than ever. Her secret? It's not cardio, a crazy diet (the girl eats chocolate chip pancakes!) or even the three-pound weight myth so many other celebs subscribe to. In fact, it's just the opposite.

LeAnn graced the cover of Shape three years ago, and the writer of this story comments on how different her body looks today (in a good way). LeAnn admits that she actually weighs 6 pounds MORE than she did back then but that her body fat is "the lowest it's ever been." She's gained muscle, but actually appears curvier than before, and she's loving the results. LeAnn changed her body composition, which means she's dropped body fat and increased her lean muscle mass, by incorporating serious strength training into her workouts, three or four times per week.

When asked the ONE THING that has gotten her so sculpted, she credits her strength training program. And she's not talking measly little weights either.

"I don't think I've ever had more muscle than I do now," she tells Shape. "Some days I do heavy weights with only six to eight reps, and the other days I do light weights with 22 reps. I work with dumbbells or a bar with weights on each end. I don't know how much weight I lift anymore. All I know is it's seriously heavy!"

Never one to "doodle around" in the gym, she takes her workouts seriously, which has garnered her some amazing results. Not only does she look better than ever, but she also says that her increased strength is "empowering."

I thought this was worth sharing because it is SO rare to see a female celebrity talking attributing her lean figure to something other than Pilates or lifting teeny tiny weights. LeAnn is a great example of how lifting heavier weights can actually change your body for the better. Many women fear that big weights will make them big, but that's not necessarily the case. Muscle is naturally long and lean, not bulky, and it takes up less space than fat. So whether you build it with 2-pound or 25 pound weights, muscle is muscle. The more you have, the more your fat-burning furnace with be cranked up and the more toned and sculpted you will look. Not to mention, strong muscles are useful in everyday life, and beautiful, too! And let's not forget that the number on the scale is just that. LeAnne admits to gaining 6 pounds, but does it show? Not even close! She looks leaner than ever, despite gaining muscle mass, which proves that "weight" only means so much. Next time that scale goes up when you've done everything right, maybe you can rejoice the new muscle you're building instead of feeling down about the number on the scale, which doesn't really say much about you.

In the article, LeAnn Rimes talks about her diet and go-to stress relievers, and also shares how cardio boxing helps her break out of a bad mood and stay in shape at the same time. So be sure to pick up the October issue of Shape to learn more about her healthy-body secrets.

Do you still fear heavy weights or embrace them? How was strength training changed your body?