5 Workout Songs I'm Obsessed with Right Now

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One of the easiest ways to refresh your workouts is to update the music you listen to while you exercise, whether you use an iPod or still create your own mix CDs. It has been too long since I shared some of my favorite workout songs with you, so I figured the new year was a good time since so many people are fired up and ready to get fit.

There are a few songs that I'm obsessed with lately. And I mean that--I cannot get enough of them! These tunes are so fun and upbeat that I can listen to them on repeat and still get my body moving after weeks on my workout playlist. Some of these hits are new and some are older (circa 1999 for one), but release date doesn't matter to me as much as the fun factor. If it makes me want to move, it goes on my playlist.

Here are the five workout songs I am currently obsessed with are (in no particular order). You can click on each link to listen to a preview and/or purchase the track from Amazon.com.

Britney Spears -- 3
A recent song, this one is catchy and has a nice beat for cardio.

Gwen Stefani -- The Sweet Escape
A few years old, but still a fun song for working out!

Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys -- Empire State of Mind
This recent hit is a little slower, but I don't mind listening to it while I run or teach Spinning class. It would make a great warm-up or cool down if it's too slow for your workout tastes, but I find it to be motivational (and it makes me think about my brother who lives in NYC).

Lady Gaga -- Bad Romance
Love, love, love this song. It is my #1 obsession. So catchy and I like that it's kind of long, too. After weeks of listening, I'm still not tired of it. In fact, I think I like it more over time.

Naughty By Nature ft. Zhane -- Jamboree
This is an oldie but goodie. My boyfriend has this on his computer and every time he would play it, I couldn't help but boogie down, so I added it to my workout mix.

For more music ideas, be sure to check out the 2009's Top FitHits at FitBottomedGirls.com.

What workout songs are you obsessed with lately? Share your top tunes in the comments below to help everyone refresh their iPods this January!

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My #1 sing it loud song right now is Fireflies by Owl City! Report
Some of my fav running songs: American Idiot by Green Day...Next in Line by Meese, Don't Back Down by Tom Petty and for some crazy reason, a song from the Mulan soundtrack, I'll Make a Man Out of You really get me into the last mile when I am dying and want to quit.... Report
I like anything from the 80's. It seem to help Report
1) Michael Jackson - Billy Jean (ALWAYS a classic1)
2) Lady Gaga - Just Dance
3) Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
4) Christina Aguilera - Fighter
5) Natasha Beddingfield - Pocketful of Sunshine Report
Couple of my fav's are:
Sonique - feels so good
Rhianna - It's over ( the dance remix) and it's 9min long
Beastie Boys - Brass Monkey Report
On iTunes there are albums of workout remixes - longer versions with more of a nightclub, dance feel. Thanks for the suggestions! Report
Jai Ho by A.R. Rahman and the Pussycat Dolls feat. Nicole Scherzinger... Awesome workout tune!! There is another version for the movie Slumdog millionaire its close but not exactly the same. Report
I know it sounds funny but Hall and Oates has taken me through the last two 4.5 mile power walks I did. Private Eyes, Your kiss is on my list, Rich Girl, Baby Come Back, Man Eater, Out of Touch, You Make my dreams come true. Fun old songs with good beat to keep you moving. Report
Hold On by K T Tunstall

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
Take Your Mama
I Can't Decide all by The Scissor Sisters Report
That is a great mix of songs. Jay Z Empire...would be may favorite, but I would listen to all of your choices Report
I LOVE any mix on Podrunner, Podrunner Intervals or Groovelectric and they're FREE! I have an iPod shuffle devoted to each type of mix (yes, I have 3 shuffles). They are totally motivating for walking, running, spinning, etc. Report
1. Imma Be- B.E.P
2. So Fine- Sean Paul
3. Diva- Beyonce
4. We Need a Resolution- Aaliyah
5. What More Can I Say- Jay Z Report
AC/DC really pumps me up! It always has a great beat and it's my happy music! Report
These are all great songs. It was suggested to me to find a good group of songs that get you moving and listen to those every time you work out. You begin to associate that music with your workout and somehow it keeps you motivated. Report
1) Imma B by B.E.P.
2)Pretty much any Lady GAGA
3)Lights Camera Action by Mr. Cheeks
4)Down with the sickness by Disturbed
5)Love Today by Mika

5 of my many favorites. Report
1901 - Phoenix
Lazy Eye - Silversun Pickups
Super-Massive Black Hole - Muse
Evil - Interpol
Second Chance - Shinedown Report
listen to ke$ha's cd that just came out - there are so many good 'club beats' that are perfect for working out.. just beware of some of her lyrics. Report
One of my recent favorites is Say Hey (I love you) by Michael Franti. It totally makes me wiggle and dance no matter what I'm doing. I love playing it while cleaning or doing dishes and I dance my way around. Report
These are all great suggestions. Another one I love is 'Love Shack" by the B-52's, an oldie but definitely a goodie! Report
I love to work out with the black eyed peas, fergie, pussy cat dolls, timberland, madonna, alicia keys. I have filled up my Ipod with music. I call it my Spark Jams. Report
I usually love anything produced by Timbaland, especially the song he did with the Pussycat Dolls, called "Wait A Minute." I selected it as my "Power" song for my iPod/Nike combo.

Oh, and I love "Boogie Shoes" by KC & The Sunshine Band. Report
Fergalicious by Fergie is always a good one. When she says "I be up in the gym just working on my fitness," it always makes me push a little harder! :) Report
I like a lot of these, but I also love Mary J. Blige "The One" Report
I have a couple of mixes done by a DJ of some of my favorite artists. I've made some of my own to listen to when I walk with my MP3 player. Report
Alive..... Black Eyed Peas
Did It Again...Shakira w/ Kid Cudi
Tik Tok...Kesha
Ring A Ling.... Black Eyed Peas
Empire State of Mind...Jay Z & Alicia Keys
and my oldie but goodie is...In A Big Country...Big Country

Them are some good choices if u like those artists/ Report
I love most of the Lady Gaga songs... they're great workout songs! I've also gotten into listening to mostly r&b/hip-hop songs like ne-yo, akon, and kelly clarkson... I usually just shuffle through my ipod so i have like a million songs that I workout with. Oh and I forgot about The Sweet Escape... I LOVE that song :) Report
Good song choices. Sometimes I love slower songs though. It helps me keep a steady pace and relax my breathing. I find I run a lot better when listening to a slower song. Especially Death Cab for Cutie. Though, you definitely need the upbeat songs to get you pumped up! Report
Great article Thanks for the suggestions. Report
mine change all the time, but now I love Dave Matthews Band, Grace Potter and Vampire Weekend Report
Release Me by Agnes(I think), Madonna celebration re-mix, and Robin Thicke for a little cool down, warm up and Lady Gagas new album and My Chemcial Romance for rocking out. I love changing my workout playlist though-keeps things interesting. I'm gonna look into some of these posted here too -Thanks! Report
any thing by jamie fox, beyounce,lady gaga.& black eye peas Report
Well, Orinoco Flow by Enya, Widor's Organ Concerto, Earth from Gladiator for doing my yoga, Einaudi's new album Nighbook for running and Verdi's requiem for other stuff. Classical works for me - powerful emotive stuff that when you think you haven't got a shred of energy left in you - somehow makes you dig deep into your soul and find it. Report
I love all these ideas for workout songs. thanks Report
Thank you for your playlist choices. I am always on the lookout for new exercise music. I have a Top 25 rotation, anything with a beat gets on it for a while till I rotate them out. Report
My favorite during water aerobics is the Mama Mia Workout CD! Report
I love Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood....not only is it a really fun song but you can empathize with the words and take it out on the eliptical or bike! LOL Report
Love Alicia Keys!! Report
I listen to a lot of house, trance, and techno when I work out. The beat is fast, steady, and the lack of lyrics help me zone out. Before I know it, the run if over! Report
I don'thave one and jack mine from the kids, so whatever is on there. Report
We use the 3 song by Britney in our Zumba class. It is a great workout song! Report
Michael Jackson and Madonna do it for me!! Report
I just started walking and I like to get out of the gate fast with Beyonce's All the Single ladies. I follow that up with Forever by Chris Brown, then Honky Tonk Badonk a donk (I laugh just saying that title). I like to slow it down at the end and usually listen to something from Andrea Bocelli as my cool down. When I used to run, it was to Purple Rain soundtrack by prince (yes, I am dating myself and giving away how long ago is was that I used to run). Thanks for sharing everyone! Report
Two great workout songs - download them to your ipod ~

Jump - Madonna
Let it Rock ~ Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne

Not only great workout songs but they feel like summer! Report
I like a variety of music but some of my faves right now are; "I Wanna"- the all American rejects, "Love Drunk" by Boys like girls, "According to you" by Orianthi, "if you only knew"- Shinedown, "Meet me Halfway" - Black Eyed Peas, " Smile"- Uncle Kracker & and some cool songs my 14 yr Old daughter showed me "Whoa Oh"- forever the sickest kids, & "Past Praying For-VersaEmerge, which my husband absolutely loves. Report
I love them! I'm making note of these to download when I get home from work! WooT!! Report
Anything upbeat will work for me. Report
I got an MP3 player from my sons this Christmas so I'm into the music I grew up with, 70's and 80's music, mostly rock. Report
ALL Lady GaGa songs , most Michael Jackson, Animotion (20 + yrs old but GREAT!), Flashdance soundtrack ... geez anything w/ a good beat really! Report
I love 3, Evacuate the Dancefloor (Cascada), Good Girls Gone Bad (Cobra Starship) right now Report
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