2 New Healthy Recipes to Try Tonight

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As you might know, we've added a chef to our team of experts. Chef Meg Galvin, who is a faculty member at the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, is working with us to develop healthy recipes, test some of our best member-submitted dishes and teach cooking basics through videos, articles and, now, blog posts.

In addition to being a World Master Chef (one of only 13 women in the world to have earned that title) and full-time chef instructor, "Chef Meg" is a wife and mother of three preteen boys--and an avid runner. She puts a home-cooked meal on the table almost every night of the week (yes, even chefs have those nights from time to time). She doesn't have all day to spend in the kitchen and, like all of us, wants the best value for her dollar at the supermarket. Influenced by her childhood spent on her family's farm in Kentucky, Chef Meg creates recipes that are healthful and tasty--and they've all been approved and tested by her family.

From time to time, we'll be featuring some of Chef Meg's videos and recipes on the blog to help you answer that age-old question: What's for dinner?

She will also be taking some of the recipes you submit to SparkRecipes, testing them and making them over.

Nothing compares to the smell of roasting chicken. It makes your whole kitchen smell great--and like you've been cooking all day. While the chicken itself requires a bit of time to cook, there's little effort on your part (but you can still take full credit). Chef Meg coats her chicken in herbed oil, stuffs it with lemon and serves it alongside a simple lentil and bulgur salad that's chock full of fiber and vegetables.

Chef Meg Galvin

Watch Chef Meg demonstrate how to make these dishes, then get the recipes so you can make this for yourself. (Find all her recipes and videos here.)

You can view, print or download a cookbook with 20 of Chef Meg's makeovers and original recipes here.

Do you have a recipe that you'd like Chef Meg to test or revise? Share the link in the comments below. Will you try one of these recipes? What kitchen tip would you like to see in Meg's next series of videos?

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CHERYLHURT 10/1/2019
Excellent Report
KOALA_BEAR 7/12/2019
I have been cooking for many years mostly self taught beyond the basics. I have never had a problem finding healthier substitutions, maybe because I can't have dairy so was doing substitutes all along.
I prefer to use lots of salad dressing at our local salad bar so make my own fat free one to take along. I use 10 oz tofu for creaminess, 8 oz ACV & a little bit 2oz (optional) of apple juice plus dry mustard, garlic & onion powder. Blend & save in a quart size Mason jar. Depending on preference you can thin w/ water, use as is, add other seasonings to taste. Also good w/ tomato juice in place of the apple juice & up to half of the ACV. you want the vinegar to be there as a preservative.
Using lite dressing means I can have butter on my eggs; PB & cinnamon on toast or apples; guacamole w/ veggies & a schmear of coconut oil on Graham crackers for my snax. Sometimes when hungry, I eat it plain. Report
Chef Meg, We like your recipes. Thank you! Report
DEE107 5/13/2019
thanks Report
NELLJONES 4/24/2019
Great ideas. Report
Love the multiple servings, love to freeze meals. Makes it easier to live in a hectic world. Report
thanks for recipes, look good Report
the lentil salad looks yummy, I have lentils I"ve been looking to use. I wish there was a link to the specific recipe though, I'm having a hard time finding it on SR. Report
Dear Chef Meg,

I like your recipe makeovers. I have a couple myself. I am not a world renowned chef but I've been cooking for about 50 years. Here's one I'd like you to think about. I love Mayonaise but it has too much fat and mustard is OK, but well, it's just not creamy enough. I read that turmeric one of the main ingredients in mustard is very good for people with arthritis because it is supposed to help reduce inflammation. I know that the little amount in this recipe is not really going to affect change but every little bit helps. Anyway, I have submitted this recipe already to Spark recipes but I'd like to see what you think.

Jane's Turmeric Fat Free Dressing Makes 20 servings (1 tsp. serving size)
4 T ground turmeric
4T fat free mayonaise (any brand)
4T fat free miracle whip (can use generic)
2T distilled white vinegar

Mix until thoroughly blended. Sometimes I add more vinegar or I add more miracle whip depending on how strong I want the turmeric. But, it is excellent on sandwiches. I do not use it on salads unless I dilute it with lemon juice and some Mrs. Dash. It does help salad dressing for salads emulsify very well too. Like 1 tsp instead of grainy mustard to lemon juice and oil and Mrs. Dash and you have a great salad dressing. But, I try not to use oil anymore. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to look at my switch out for mayonaise.

Jempowerment Report
I like the tips you flash on the screen. Who knew that soaking raw onions would cut the sharpness? That type of tip is really useful. Thanks. Also love the idea of videos. I too agree that smaller recipes for 2 or even 4 would be great. I can always double them if I need to feed a crowd. Also I agree with the person who would appreciate some healthy slow cooker recipes. Thanks again and welcome! Report
Love the recipes but would like to see the carb, protein and fiber values as well. I use all of these to decide which foods I will eat. These look great! Report
Just wondering if you have ever thought about creating a cookbook or even a couple of recipes for those who are not cooking for a family. 4-12 servings seem to be your norm.
Ever thought about healthy recipes for 1 or 2.

(Please no comments about batch cooking or cutting the recipes in half or quaters. I hear these suggestions one more time and I will scream) Report
I am glad your here to help us out Chef Meg! I cant wait to prepare some of these meals. Welcome and thank you! Report
Welcome Chef Meg! The recipes look fantastic and I love the printable cookbook. Very helpful!! Report
I'm a crockpot guru, but I am having difficulty finding healthy meals for the crockpot. True it takes a little time to prep, but I don't have to stand over it for the rest of the day. AND it doesn't heat the house, which is great since I live in a tropical region. Report
Sounds fantastic Report
Those recipes are SO great. Thanks a lot ! Report
great post thanks !!!! the food looks sooo good .. going to have to make it yum yum !! Report
Perfect! I was looking for a lentil recipe for tonight and I love bulgar! I can't wait to try this recipe tonight. Thank you! Report
Thank you for these ideas from a world class chef. So good. You guys at sparkpeople cover all the bases. Thanks. Report
When I look a recipes I want them to be healthy, tasty and Less calories
I live alone I don't have a big freezer and I don't want to buy ingredients
for 12 people because it is more expensive and I rather look at a recipe for 4 and cut it in half so that I can freeze one In addition, if I have to recaluculate a recipe for 6 or more. The hassel of buying ingredients and making sure the calories are correct ........ I just skip it! Report
Notations on whether a particular recipe freezes well or not are really helpful. Report
I'm very busy and easy, simple and quick recipes are a must. Report
Hi Meg, Welcome. I look forward to seeing your recipe/dinner ideas.
I, too, live alone and often find that most of the recipes at SP are for 8 or more servings...way too much for one person. Please try to find recipe ideas for maybe 2 or 3; maybe 4 servings tops. Also please keep us diabetics in mind and those who are on a very limited food budget. Report
welcome ,chelf Meg ,love to cook also need help on good carb.rescipes or how to combine both for better weight loss. Report
I am soooo excited about this, I had noticed Chef Meg's recipes over the weekend. And videos are a great idea! I'm still a novice in the kitchen and I find when I watch someone cook vs following a recipe, I always learn a little helpful tool or trick of the trade. Report
Welcome chef Meg,
I would love to see a lot of heart healty recipes. Esp. low sodium.
chamby Report
Welcome to Chef Meg .
Would love to see some recipes for those of us who live alone.
Thank you. Report
LOVED THIS!!! Thank you for this new addition and welcome!!! I do appreciate Sparkpeople so very much!! XO Mary Ann Report
What a great addition to the site! Report
Welcome chef Meg! Report
@ Maryam1234 - I've had a lot of luck substituting balsamic vinegar for red wine and champagne or white vinegar in recipes calling for white wine. You can also use lemon juice depending on the recipe. If that's not an option, you can try substituting chicken or beef broth if appropriate. Just remember to add in small quantities and taste as you go. Report
Looks delicious. I do like new ideas for chicken and this one is a keeper! Report
All I can say is "YUM!" Report
Thanks for another GREAT addition to the Spark Team! I have always dreamed of going to culinary school and so I am really looking forward to learning from Chef Meg! Report
GETTO140: The roasted chicken is served on top of the lentil-bulgur salad in the photo.

Welcome Chef Meg! Please include the sodium count in your recipes. Report
So glad to have Chef Meg on board! Can't wait to see the "healthified" recipes - she's got her work cut out for her.... Report
I already bookmarked Chef Meg's page. I love to cook and I love to slim down family favorite recipes. I think it is awesome that Chef Meg is offering her skill and talent to us. I know where I'll be going when I get in one of those "what to cook?" moods.

We just had roasted chicken for dinner last night, although I "roasted" it in the slow cooker to keep the heat out of the kitchen. When I got home from work, the whole house smelled yummy and it took me only about 5 minutes to mix up some cole slaw and mashed sweet potatoes to go along with it.

So, Chef Meg, what are we going to cook for dinner tonight?
Hi Chef Meg

I have a question that no chef has been able to answer so far;

What can we use instead of red/white wine/Cognac?

Maryam Report
Thank you, I can't wait to try the roasted chicken on the bulgur and lentil Salad. Wow, what a resource! Report
The lentil and bulgar salad sounds wonderful. I really want to try that. Report
Welcome Chef Meg,
I'll be looking forward to recipes for fewer people. I am by myself and will make 2 or 3 servings and have leftovers - but 10 or 12 is too much.
I may try the last one The Chicken Provencal and the taco seasoning. I've become a big fan of cumin and have experimented with it in a number of "recipes". Report
The chicken recipe is much less without the skin. And I clicked over to her web/video page and it gives more nutritional info for the recipes in her pdf download file. Although it would be nice to have it in both places. And I'm waiting to hear back about the salt. I will eventually have to cut down on that as well. :( Great site and I'll be back. Report
The recipes look good. Will try one tomorrow for dinner. Is there any way the recipes can have more of the nutrition listed like fiber, sodium, etc. Report
Looks great to me. Thanks! What is shown in the picture? It looks great, but what is it called and where is the recipe? Report
I took a look at the recipes, and I am very interested. Thanks! Report
Wow, looks delicious Report
I like the roasted chicken with lemon and sounds so good will need to make it next time/ like the tray not sure if I have this but will look for one. Sounds great leaving the grease drip down like a grilled chicken. Report
Welcome Chef Meg I have a tuna cassarole that I cook that nobody wants to view. Is it because its so much like theirs or they don't like tuna. Its low cal and is good for diabetics. Its been in a cooking contest before. In the top 10 of low cal foods. I use low cal cheese too. What should I do? I'm glad you're here to help. Report