10 Motivational Twitter Feeds to Follow Today

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Looking for some extra motivation to keep your New Year's Resolutions afloat? Keep those goal fires burning by tapping into some of Twitter's most inspiring feeds. We've gone beyond the obvious and compiled a list of lesser-known deep thinkers, innovators and motivators. Follow these encouraging streams to ensure that your 2016 goals don't fizzle by February:
SparkPeople (SparkPeople)
If you like the articles on our site, follow our Twitter feed for a steady stream of recipes, exercise tips and daily motivations.

Greatist (@Greatist)
Don't just live well—live great. Greatist is a prolific feed filled with healthy recipe ideas, effective exercises and other tips for achieving head-to-toe health. 

Fit Bottomed Girls (@FitBottomedGirl)
From inspiring quotes to workout soundtracks to drool-worthy gear, this fitness-focused feed is packed with motivating tidbits that will get you off the couch and to the gym, the sidewalk or wherever it is you like to sweat.

RunKeeper (@RunKeeper)
Whether you've been running for a day or a decade, Runkeeper's steady stream of tips, quotes and success stories will make you want to lace up and see just how far you can go. Discover running routes, informative articles, Q&A and more.

Nia Shanks (@NiaShanks)
One of the co-founders of Girls Gone Strong, Nia Shanks is committed to empowering women to discover their inner badasses—not through self-starvation, fad diets or endless treadmill sessions, but through building strength, confidence and knowledge.

Kris Carr (@kris_carr)
Best known for her "CrazySexy" nutrition books, this New York-based wellness expert dishes out healthy eating tips, inspirational quotes and lighthearted humor. Positivity abounds in this uplifting stream.

Jeanette Jenkins (@Jeanette Jenkins)
Celebs pay her big bucks for personal training sessions, but you can get Jeanette's inspiring pep talks, nutrition tips and fitness routines for free on Twitter. 

Kid President (@IAmKidPresident)
Although this isn't a fitness-focused feed, everyone can benefit from 11-year-old Robby's daily doses of joy and insight. Laugh, cry and get inspired to make your world—and everyone else's—a better place.

Gabby Bernstein (@GabbyBernstein)
Dubbing herself "the Spirit Junkie," this best-selling author encourages her followers to chart their spiritual journeys and maximize their personal growth. Gabby also throws in the occasional fitness tweet.

Ruth Reichl (@RuthReichl)
This food writer's Twitter stream serves up plenty of cooking inspiration, sprinkled with poetic descriptions of her surroundings that will leave you feeling peaceful (and maybe a little hungry).

Do you have a favorite motivational Twitter stream we should know about? Please share it in the comments.
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CECELW 3/29/2020
some of those are funny sayings Report
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interesting feeds! Report
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thank you for the help and these are good Report
these are good Report
Nice but mainly for females Report
I have been following Awkward Animals and you can find some very funny and inspiring situations that animals get into! Great for a laugh or a cry! Report
Love the quotes! Report
Love the quotes! Report
I do not do any social media. Report
Platitudes, mostly in one ear and out the other.......... Report
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This is all well and good -- but I have not moved up to the Twitter ranks yet! Report
Very nice! I don't do Twitter. I don't have the patience. But I love these quotes and might check into the people behind the quotes. Report
Never used twitter before but may give it a try just to follow some of these. Thanks Report
I'm not a twitter fan at all! I used to tweet all the time. Boring. Just crazy boring! Report
I don't do Twitter. Report
Twitter is a complete waste of time.

If everyone took the time that's wasted on Twitter and other social media, and used it to take a walk instead, they'd be a lot closer to their health goals.
I love Chalene Johnson Report
Oh, THTHTHTHBBBT to Twitter, and double -THTHTHTBBT to empty platitudes. Report
One of my goals is to follow more inspirational people so thank you for this! I think this should be saved as a resource and keep adding to it so we can go back and add as more are suggested! Report
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Don't give a twit about Twitter. Sorry.
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Oddly enough, nothing in the blog motivated me in the least to join Twitter. No thanks! Report
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Been following @marcandangel for a while. Just followed @valorieburton. Might follow Kid President. Thanks for the suggestions. Report
I LOVE @bravegirlsclub Report
Love them. Report
Thanks I have included these in who I follow, looking forward to seeing their feeds.

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