6 Races So Fun, You'll Forget You're Exercising!

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Perhaps you’ve considered training for a 5K, but the idea of running or walking a traditional race just isn’t motivating enough to get you off the couch and out the door.  These days, there are a wide variety of races to participate in, from the local run through your neighborhood to some of the more entertaining (and crazy!) runs popping up across the country.  Have you ever thought about running from zombies, crawling through mud or sprinting through glowing trees and tunnels? 

Fun runs like these can break up the monotony of traditional races, and can also be motivation to pick up the running habit even if you’re not that into it.  Here’s a guide to some of the races gaining popularity as people look for fun ways to get up and moving. 
Color Run
The Color Run is a 5K, untimed race in which participants are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer.  The finish line also has a giant ''Finish Festival'' which uses more colored powder to add to the fun.  The Color Run started in 2012 with 50 events and 600,000 participants, and has already grown to 100 events and over one million participants in 2013.  The event stresses the idea of health, happiness and individuality.  How could you not smile when you and everyone around you are covered in a rainbow of colors?
Zombie Run
The Zombie Run is a 5K race in which participants run through 5 zones of 1K each with zombies chasing them.  Each zone is populated with more zombies than before, all dressed in costume and full makeup.  Participants can also choose to wear a ''Life Balloon,'' which zombies will try to pop.  There’s no reward or penalty for keeping or losing the balloon; it just adds to the excitement.   If haunted houses and scary movies are your thing, the Zombie Run might be just right for you!

Electric Run
The Electric Run is a 5K race with music and lights along the entire route.  Participants will run or walk through distinct lands with lights and music custom mixed to match the mood of the lighting elements.  Each event has 5-7 lands and features.  Some of the possible features include glowing neon trees, tunnels of light, colored fountains and glowing arches and columns.  Participants are encouraged to dress the part, wearing LEDs, carrying glow sticks, etc.  If you are looking for a unique, nighttime racing experience, this race fits the bill. 

Mud Runs
Mud runs have exploded in popularity all across the country.  Most races contain obstacles designed to be challenging and dirty.  Some common obstacles include rope pulls up muddy hills, swinging across monkey bars, crawling under cargo nets through muddy water, or scaling over walls.   There are a wide variety of runs and distances to choose from, so do your homework before deciding which one is right for you--then get ready to get dirty! 

Foam Fest
A slightly different version of a mud run, the Foam Fest gets you dirty and clean all in one race.  This 5K event includes a variety of obstacles.  Right after you get dirty in mud pits, you get washed up in foamy, sudsy obstacles.  Examples include a Slip-N-Slide, mud pit and giant foam pit.  If you’ve considered a mud run but don’t like the idea of driving home covered in dirt, this race might be a good alternative. 

Hot Chocolate 15/5K
Touted as ''America’s Sweetest Race,'' the Hot Chocolate 15/5K is one of the fastest growing race series in the country.   What makes this race special is the after party, where runners enjoy a finisher’s mug filled with hot chocolate, chocolate fondue and tasty, dippable treats.  Who wouldn’t be motivated to run for chocolate?!?

If a race like one of these sounds interesting, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Active.com is a site where you can search for races in your area.  Recruit a family member or friend to join you for a unique experience.  Exercise shouldn’t have to be painful or boring; finding fun ways to get moving will ensure you and your loved ones stay active for many years to come!

Have you ever tried running a ''fun'' race? Which one of the above races would you love to try next?

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_CYNDY55_ 5/22/2021
Thanks Report
Some day I want to do this. Report
JUDY1676 3/15/2021
Thanks Report
DEFARGE2 1/31/2021
Our favorites here are the charity runs. There's one in the spring for the local zoo, and one in the fall for animal shelter. The fall one is geared for pet lovers as they encourage you to run with your pet. Report
VHAYES04 1/16/2021
Ty Report
thanks Report
I had no idea that these runs/walks were out there and now I know what to look for. Thank you and Blessings!

- Nancy Jean -
GA Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Don't know if I can handle the mud run! Report
The Electric Run sounds fun! I love neon colors & it would likely be cooler at night. I'm going to look into that, thanx. 🐨 Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
Thanks! Report
NONE! Report
Great article! Report
Thank you Report
Sounds like great fun ideas. Report
Electric is new to me Report
awesome Report
Zombie run looks like fun - haven't seen one in my area yet. Report
wonderful article. Thanks! Report
Great article, good information Report
These do sound like fun. Report
I didn't know there were so many different kinds of races out there! I have seen a color run before but I think I would like the hot chocolate run. I am not one to have stuff put all over me and I don't want to be chased by Zombies! Report
The colour race sounds fun Report
I think I would like the Zombie Run. Hahaha Report
Hot Chocolate sounds the best! Report
I participated in my first 5K last night - it was the Night Nation Run. I was there with my husband & friends, and it was awesome! I trained for 2 mos to prepare - I liked that I was doing some form of exercise, hang out with friends, & party. It got rained out & I didn't get to finish, but my next 5K is Color Up - NASA and I'm going to redeem myself. :-) Report
So funny that as I am reading this, I am sitting on my bed in my Color Run t-shirt. My daughters and I participated just last month. It was so fun. We are totally doing it next year and the college I work at is now working on setting one up for our staff, students and community. My daughters and I are planning on doing a mud run and a zombie run. I haven't heard of the others, but will definately check them out. Report
I've done a color run, electric run, and bubble run-I don't like just a straight run; it's more fun for me with a gimmick! Report
Me and my 14 year old daughter did the Color Run in Orange Beach, AL. this month. It was SO much fun. I'd love to do some of the other one mentioined. Report
These articles make me feel jealous of you all living in the US. I think it will be many years before these races reach Switzerland. I'd love to do a color run - maybe one day! Report
I am doing a 5k walk/run in May called Hair of the Dog. It is NJ and hosted by Working Dog Winery. All the proceeds go to help local shelters and spay & neuter programs. It is great walk/run that you can bring your pup along with you. Also they have a small wine festival at the winery afterwards. Check it out. www.HairOfTheDog5k.com Report
I've walked the color run, color me radd, the dirty duck, and part of the neon run. The neon run was NOT FUN. It was like the electric run, but not well organized, and was done on gravel and grass full of potholes in the dark, with strollers running people over. I would consider the electric run only if it was on pavement.
Planning zombie run this month. Report
I've done a color run and a glow run among many other charity races. I only walk but they are super fun just the same. Report
I did a mud run last week - one of the best memories I ever made. It gave me a goal - something to work hard for. Report
I love running races and have partaken of 5ks, 10ks, 15ks, 10 milers, and halfs but I just can't do these runs that require obstacles or getting sprayed with stuff. I can't even do the water rides at theme parks! But, I know these races help people get active when they otherwise would chose to stay on the couch. Report
I'm volunteerting for Diva Dash (Shape Magazine) until my knees fully recover and I'd love to do the obstacle 5k! Report
I just did the Color Me Rad run this week-end and had an absolute blast! Was able to run all but about 1/2 mile on a very hilly course, so was very proud of that accomplishment! If you ever have the chance, don't miss it. It was a great way for me to celebrate a year of hard work and "rad" results! and to make a goal of running the whole thing next year! Report
I did my first 5K in a Color Me Rad run here in Maine. It was awesome! I was very glad I did it. I couldn't run the whole length but I was still very proud of my accomplishment. It was fun, untimed and got me motivated to continue working towards to being able to run the complete course next year. Report
Doing the Color Run in October. I can't wait! Report
Did my First Color Run last year and loved it! Did the Electric Run in July it was a Wonderful Experience, full of energy! Have my Second Color Run in October! Love both of these runs and will do again! Great break from timed races and fun for all! Report
My son ran in the Color Run this year and I am working my way to run in it next year. It is truly the happiest run on earth. I am not a runner but I a Zombie run earlier this year it was an eye opener for me. Report
Doing "Run or Dye" on September 28th...this will be my first fun run :) Report
I just finished the Electric Run on Friday! It was an amazingly fun time!!! I will totally do it again! I would like to try others at some point too! Report
I've done the Color Run and a Mud Run and have thought about doing the others. Except for the chocolate one, which I've never heard of, but now totally want to do! Report
The color run appeals to me because it sounds like a regular 5k with a little something extra. I've heard that it's fun to wear a white T-shirt (that will ultimately get stained) and then you can keep a memento of your race. Report
Last year I did a mud run as part of a team we had a blast and a few black and blues!! I am signed up for the Boston Black Light 5k it seems like a good time! I do my regular 5ks and my trail runs, but I like to have fun too!! Report
I did the Color Run in Brooklyn on one of the hottest days this past summer and it was an absolute blast. It was one huge party from beginning to start. Report