Your New Year's Resolution Toolbox


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You have the willpower and the motivation -- but do you have the tools to make your goals a reality? You don't need fancy or expensive gadgets to get on the path to a healthy lifestyle, but investing in a few useful products can help to remove any obstacles along the way.

Follow this handy guide for stocking your home, office and gym for a healthier, happier you. Print the graphic and share it with other resolution makers! 

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  • 7
    This is an excellent article. While visiting a relative for the Holiday, I couldn't help but notice how organized her kitchen was. A goal for today is to have my main rooms organized and things that are not used, will be given to others. - 12/27/2016   12:41:12 PM
  • 6
    I bought a spiralizer once but it was kind of small and it kept cutting my fingers. Does anyone know of a big spiralizer that actually works? - 12/22/2016   6:43:00 PM
  • 5
    LOVE my essential oil !! I would NOT suggest any of the cheap stuff,, you pay for what you get. I did buy a package deal (has 8 in it) and as long as you know what the oil does (some relax, some good for breathing etc) ahhhhh !!

    I have been using about the same clothing for yoga,, hmmm yes It'd be FUN to buy a new outfit including the bra,, socks,, LOL Well undies are undies ! LOL - 12/21/2016   10:46:53 PM
  • 4
    I sure wish SP would stop using these info graphics so we blind folks can read them too! - 12/21/2016   12:09:33 PM
  • 3
    Love my little 2-tier turntable for spices. - 12/21/2016   8:55:09 AM
  • 2
    Good well-fitted shoes are always a necessity. The others are very optional. Fitness band reviews are pretty mixed. Love my Blendtec though! - 12/21/2016   12:29:37 AM
  • 1
    I have a meal prep bag, containers and shakers cups for my meal bag. Love my Ninja blender, fitness tracker, proper fitted shoes and Sparkpeople app. - 12/20/2016   2:27:42 PM

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