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A dear friend of mine owns a green general store in downtown Cincinnati. In addition to the eco-friendly household goods, bulk supplies, and awesome coffee, Park + Vine stocks healthy, delicious snacks and treats.

It was there that I first discovered my favorite crackers: Mary's Gone Crackers. Crispy, crunchy, full of whole-grain, gluten-free goodness, these crackers are delicious and nutritious.

Mary's recently shipped us a variety of products, many of which were new even to me. These were a huge hit in the SparkPeople office!

While the crackers (especially the black pepper variety) will always be a go-to snack for me, the pretzel-like Sticks and Twigs in the curry flavor are my new favorite. Dipped in salsa or hummus, they're a great afternoon snack that really satisfies my crunchy cravings.

Good news: Mary's is giving away five gift packs (Crackers and Sticks and Twigs in the flavor of your choice) to lucky readers! 

They say:

Mary’s Gone Crackers is a line of delicious gourmet snacks that unite taste appeal with satisfying nutrition.  Loaded with whole grains and nutritious ingredients, Mary’s Gone Crackers are organic, kosher and gluten-free and contain no trans-fats, dairy, eggs, or nuts.  While many gluten-free foods lack in flavor and texture, Mary’s Gone Crackers provides a uniquely tasty and mouth-pleasing option.

The story behind the crackers: For years Mary Waldner suffered from intense digestive pain and debilitating fatigue. More than a decade ago, she finally discovered that her battle was due to intolerance to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and most oats.  One out of 133 people suffer from the condition, known as Celiac Disease.  In addition, she found out her son Jacob also suffered from Celiac Disease, and became passionate about finding nutritious food choices that they could enjoy.  Most options available lacked flavor and were often full of hydrogenated fats and other chemical additives.  She began to experiment with her own favorite recipes, giving birth to Mary’s Gone Crackers.  In addition to fellow Celiac Disease sufferers, the crackers became a hit with those looking for a delicious and nutritious snack that satisfies.

Mary’s Gone Crackers Original Seed Crackers – Delicious, super crispy gourmet crackers that taste great alone or with a variety of toppings.  The crispy texture of Mary’s Gone Crackers offers a savory taste sensation and satisfying crunch in five delectable flavors including Original, Black Pepper, Caraway, Herb and Onion.  A good source of Omega-3s and offering three grams of protein per serving, Mary’s Gone Crackers Original Crackers are available in 6.5 ounce boxes.
To enter, click here! Be sure to read the rules. This contest will end exactly one week from today! Winners will be notified via email by dailySpark editor Stepfanie Romine.
Have you ever tried Mary's Gone Crackers? Which flavor do you like best? 

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    These crackers are new to me, but sound very good. - 11/18/2011   2:41:14 PM
    I have a slight addiction to the Black Pepper MGC :) - 11/17/2011   2:34:15 PM
  • 41
    I love these crackers. Especially the black pepper ones! - 11/15/2011   7:44:41 PM
  • 40
    I will look for these this weekend when I go food shopping. - 11/15/2011   11:43:49 AM
  • 39
    I have tried them before, they are tasty! - 11/14/2011   2:20:21 PM
  • 38
    I love the Original Seed crackers!! They're great with soup, with cheese or alone. - 11/14/2011   12:57:33 PM
  • 37
    I have never heard of them, but may have to stop by since I live close to Cincinnati. - 11/14/2011   5:54:32 AM
  • 36
    Never heard of them, but haven't shopped at the health food store since I've been outta work either.
    I would love to try them thou. - 11/13/2011   9:55:29 PM
  • 35
    Love the crackers! Haven't seen the Twigs. - 11/13/2011   3:10:57 PM
  • 34
    I haven't tried them but now I know to look for them the next time I go food shopping. Thanks for the information. - 11/13/2011   2:18:06 PM
  • 33
    I have tried the original crackers which I liked a lot. I also tried the twigs a tomato chipotle or something like that - I didn't like that flavor... - 11/13/2011   12:05:27 PM
  • 32
    Ahhh these look so good and would love to try them! - 11/13/2011   8:55:52 AM
  • DEIEDRA225
    I need try them! I always like to try new foods that are good for me. - 11/12/2011   9:40:43 PM
  • 30
    You had me at "dipped in hummus" - I'm such a hummus fan, I'll try any kind of cracker, pretzel, etc! :) - 11/12/2011   7:35:06 PM
  • 29
    I just discovered these last week! I like them very much. I've only had the Herb flavor. Can't wait to try some others. - 11/12/2011   5:38:25 PM
    I have never heard of these crackers, but sounds as though they are the type of cracker that I would like. - 11/12/2011   2:43:10 PM
    I have recently become gluten free even though I did not test positive for Celiac. The results have been amazing! For years, I bought into the hype that whole wheat means healthy. Well, that's not true for everyone. I am so glad to feel normal and healthy again, WITHOUT wheat. I do wish the menu plans on this website didn't rely so heavily on wheat products and I would like to see more information that would inform those of us who are trying to be fit and healthy without gluten. - 11/12/2011   2:12:27 PM
    I've never heard of these crackers before, but now am anxious to try them. Going to look for a local supplier hopefully near me. - 11/12/2011   2:00:11 PM
  • 25
    This is one of our local producers; they are always featured at our local events, such as the Sierra Oro Farm Trail, and they are delicious crackers! - 11/12/2011   1:48:59 PM
  • 24
    I want to try the onion or herb, I think. I went to their website also and found that we have three stores here that carry their products. Yipee!! I want to try their cookies and pretzels, too. It is hard to find a good ginger snap that my brother-in-law will like. Maybe these will be the ones. - 11/12/2011   1:40:26 PM
  • 23
    Can I buy these online or where can I get them? - 11/12/2011   12:43:25 PM
  • 22
    These crackers seem like they would be very yummy! Would love to try them. - 11/12/2011   11:59:44 AM
    I have never heard of then but they sound great. I like that more and more there are crackers out there that are actually healthy for a snack. And better yet, I went to their website and found some local stores that carry them. I want to try the curry ones. - 11/12/2011   11:53:56 AM
  • 20
    I love these crackers; I get them at Costco. I'd like to try the other products, too.

    Barbara in Kelowna, BC - 11/12/2011   11:02:10 AM
  • AMS04161
    amsa04161 i never tried marys gone crackers before i would love win then it would make me very happy too win these i ve never win anything before - 11/12/2011   11:00:31 AM
  • 18
    These sound great. I am a snacker. - 11/12/2011   10:43:12 AM
  • 17
    These crackers could sustain me. They go with anything! Love Love! - 11/12/2011   10:40:04 AM
  • 16
    Great crackers! I can find them in the local health food stores. - 11/12/2011   10:18:15 AM
    This is so great to know about this product! I am not a celiac but am gluten/wheat sensitive so I basically have to eat just as a person with celiac disease does. I will have to find these products. Most of our regular shopping places carry very few gluten free items and when they do, you pay as the old saying goes, "an arm and a leg" for them. Thank you so much. - 11/12/2011   10:12:05 AM
  • SHUGA217
    OMG!! I love hearty grains, plain or with hummus!!! They look so yummy are they available in Texas?? Gonna check ;) - 11/12/2011   10:09:15 AM
  • 13
    I have never seen these in Ohio. They sound awesome though, just enough crisp to lead you away from other tempting snacks.. - 11/12/2011   9:40:30 AM
  • 12
    Great crackers. I've been buying them lately even though there are no gluten allergies or sensitivities in my family. We just love the taste. - 11/12/2011   9:39:03 AM
  • 11
    i've never tried them but i'd love to!! - 11/12/2011   9:10:36 AM
    I like the original Mary's Gone Crackers with guacamole or hummus. I tried the twists when I was in the Chicago area but haven't seen them in my stores yet. I hope they arrive soon. - 11/12/2011   8:45:58 AM
  • 9
    I've seen these crackers but haven't purchased them as they are more expensive than I'd want to spend. - 11/12/2011   8:21:44 AM
  • 8
    A timely blog for my family. Last night our son called from Nevada and he told us his wife was in the hospital and was evaluated for a heart attck. It turns out after endoscopy her stomach was inflamed. She has been put on a Gluten free diet and I am so happy to hear they are and have been eating much better recently. I was on wheat free diet due to allergies to gluten and yeast. My allergist was great but the mainstream Drs scoffed at gluten intolerance. That made ie diffficult to talk to them. NOW it is confirmed not all of us can tolerate gluten. Our grand daughter in this family has had digestive issues and with her now eating gluten free she too is improving rapidly. Last night I promised to find some foods and send my personal recipes. Now I can tell them to look for these. Thank you again Coach for a geaet Blog here and thanks to Spark people everywhere. Pat in Maine. - 11/12/2011   6:48:07 AM
  • 7
    I have never had them. I am going to look to see if we have them at our local stores. Which is a far strech! - 11/12/2011   6:10:51 AM
  • 6
    These crackers sound great! Hope they come to Texas & not just in large cities. A chance to win might be my only hope of trying them. - 11/12/2011   5:47:58 AM
  • 5
    I have not seen them on the shelves here in RI? - 11/12/2011   5:00:42 AM
  • 4
    Funny that you should have this giveaway. I was eating a few slices of garlic jack cheese and I was thinking how great crackers would be with it. I'm all out of GF crackers so I just ate the cheese alone. I think the cheese was sad. Lol! - 11/12/2011   3:41:44 AM
  • 3
    I like the Twigs! Never hav tried them with hummus. I will try it next time. They are hard to find and I only get them if I drive 40 miles to a whole foods store. - 11/12/2011   12:21:12 AM
  • 2
    I've never tried them or heard of them! - 11/11/2011   8:55:34 PM
  • 1

    I love these crackers! Great with hummus, peanut butter, pate, tapenade, you name it. I especially like the black pepper. - 11/11/2011   6:51:18 PM

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