What Hot Workout Gave Jenny McCarthy Her Hot Bod?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Would you ever believe that Jenny McCarthy weighed 200 pounds? She did, after the birth of her son. She used portion control and exercise to lose the weight, but last year she decided she needed to get rid of a little jiggle.

She started practicing Bikram yoga, which is a series of 26 poses done in a 105 degree room. McCarthy, 36, does the routine regularly in addition to watching what she eats, she tells Shape in the May 2009 issue.

What's the best part of her hot yoga routine? She does it at home, using little to no equipment.

She bought some yoga DVDs, downloaded them onto her iPod and turned her garage into a Bikram studio--it's naturally hot in there. She hooks up her iPod to speakers and spends 90 minutes exercising.
McCarthy does have a yoga trainer, too, but finds "me time" each morning for her hot yoga.

Check out a few of the poses McCarthy credits for firming and toning her body. (She holds each pose for a minute on each side.)

  • Eagle
    Tones the butt and legs while stretching shoulders

  • Balancing Stick
  • Standing Bow pose
    (Try Warrior 3 as a modification)
    All three target legs and core

  • Awkward pose (a variation of Fierce or Chair pose)
    Works legs, butt and shoulders

    Have you ever tried a "hot" or Bikram yoga class? Would you?

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    wow, I am so far from this....wow Report
    I've heard the term "Hot Yoga" but not truly read up on it. So, no I haven't tried it but will check out the poses and consider giving it a try during the winter months. Who knows it might just be a solution to my intensely hot garage here in the summers of NC! Report
    Isn't it great to know that poor Jenny McCarthy is feeling good these days???? Lots of folks were worried about her........................? Report
    I started doing the Bikram Yoga postures through work at the beginning of February. (Not a hot room, though). I spent 5 months in that class and really enjoyed the program. I noticed a difference in my flexibility and some toning- pretty good for an hour a week. We didn't have enough people to renew that time slot for the summer, so I had to go to a studio in order to continue with it.

    I started on July 8 and I was hooked immediately. It was as though someone flipped a switch- my food cravings were gone just like that. I went 4-5 times a week all summer and I lost 17 lbs in my first 9 weeks!

    I don't think there's a single area of my life that has not been positively impacted by my Bikram practice. My skin, my energy level, the pace of my walk, posture, balance, flexibility, ease of movement, mood, stress level, diet, confidence level... It's all improved noticeably.

    It is expensive, but where there's a will, there's a way. My studio offers programs to help people who can't afford class. (The owner will trade yoga classes for part-time reception work or cleaning, or even other types of services). I've made some sacrifices and since my grocery bill is lower (due to the different way I've been eating) it doesn't feel like that big of a pinch.

    I love that I can take class anywhere feel like I know what I'm doing. I also love that feeling of having had a full body massage! And sometimes, just having a cleansing sweat is enough. I loved leaving class in the summer when it felt cool to be outside. I love it in the fall now because my feet get a chance to be warm! Report
    I like to be versatile when it comes to working out. Trying new things to keep me motivated. I like the idea of yoga and stretching but in a 105 degree room, probably not. I get claustrophobic in the sauna in the gym and its relaxing in there, Sooo....No. Report
    I just started doing Bikram a week and a half ago, and I absolutely love it! The heat does take some getting used to, as does all the sweat, but I really like it! It is pretty expensive, but I wanted to see for myself, and now I am hooked! :) Report
    I tried it and, like a previous postor, I was not present because I came a little late so I felt harried. Also, I had no idea that you are continuously posing in the heat. I went thinking it would be the equivalent meditating and stretching in a sauna. That workout was just as difficult as keeping up with my Zumba class. Report
    I LOVE Bikram (Hot) Yoga! After I had my daughter, I lost most of my baby weight within the first 3 months, (I know, I know) but the last few pounds were tricky!! I heard about Hot yoga and I had to try it...I shed those last pounds so quickly! I absolutely love the way you feel when you are done!

    It is a little on the expensive side, which is why I can only go once a week if I'm lucky...I do the treadmill at home and reserve hot yoga for my special "me time"!! Good luck all! Try it out!! It is challenging, but so rewarding!! Report
    I attended a class Birkram class once with a friend. It was hard, cause i have never done yoga and you have to clear your mind and be present. I'm never present. But it did feel good afterwards and the heat,...well, wow it really helps to get you in all of those poses. Report
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    ] Report
    I have done yoga and enjoyed it. I have not tried Bikram Yoga but would like to try it. Report
    I have done bikram on and off for years now. I really like it! It is really hard to keep up though. If you need to drive to a studio and then do a class and drive home and shower (this is not the type of workout that you can finish and run into the grocery store quick to pick up dinner you are SOAKING WET with sweat) it can easily end up being 3 hours out of your day. It also is extremely expensive and you need at least 100 degree temps to do it. Hard to set up your own studio unless you are Mccarthy. I am jealous of her. Report
    I love her! I saw on her Ellen & she said they air brushed out her stretch marks! lol

    Blog me for women by women: http://thebluntblogger.blogspot.com
    I'm sure Jenny practices yoga and healthy eating habits, but if you saw her on Ellen, she also admitted that pictures of her have used a lot of air brushing. Report
    I think the heat would get to me! Report
    I have tried it and it was not bad. I had more trouble with doing the class for 90 minutes. The heat did not bother me. I was able to try the class for free Report
    I could never do it- I'm always hot anyway- that time of life when those hot flashes are more like power surges. I would probably faint and drop to the floor. Report
    I can't wait to try bikram yoga, it's definitely on my fitness to-do list. right after triathlon training :) Report
    Who is to say she has a "hot bod?" Who is in charge of saying this body is hot or that body sucks? Nobody has the right to say one body is better than another let alone say that one person has a hot body. What one may think HOT another may think DISGUSTING. I think we should refrain from using words like HOT, SEXY etc. when we are trying to lose weight. Most here already feel bad enough without saying this or that star has a hot, sexy, etc. body. Report
    I'm not a yoga kind of girl, but I'm glad Jenny was so successful with it. Report
    What an inspiration to know that a star has gone through the same weightloss battle as most of us on here...and won! Of course, she has trainers and the best of equipment, but hey, it's definitely possible, and it's nice when we can see that people who earn a living by looking beautiful still have to struggle sometimes. It's humbling and encouraging. Report
    I have never tried Yoga! But I really do want to try regular yoga first. Though am not sure I can stand 105 temp in an enclosed area Report
    Bikram yoga can be very dangerous! You sweat a ridiculous amount, and need to stay adequately hydrated. It can also cause you to overstretch muscles that aren't ready for the intense poses. Stick to regular yoga! Report
    I have not tried it but I've been VERY interested in trying since i first heard about it, believe it on not, on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy a couple of years ago. There are no studios that offer it in my area, so as soon as I have my own place again, I'll probably make a room for it! Report
    I have tried some Yoga and it is a good workout. What I want to know is who is watching her kids for 90 minute workouts!!! I am willing to bet any 90 minute work out would trim anybody! Report
    Yoga or pilates is not as easy as it looks and you can get a intense total body workout to keep and get your body tight. Ms. Mc Carthy already said she lost weight with WW and she tones with Yoga and I'm sure her cardio is keeping up with her kid, what's so hard to beleive about it. My daughter is slim and trim and she does pilate and it kicks her but, she complains about it but it's keeping her toned so there is something good and positive about both workouts. Keep up the great work Ms. Mc Carthy Report
    I love Bikram yoga (hence my nickname) - I'm not one for extreme heat either, but somehow it's not so bad. One definitely needs to give it a few tries. I thought I was going to die my first class, spent most of it lying down, thinking "why am I here?", but I went back the very next day (for some crazy reason), and it was great! Hydration is extremely important. I eat a banana too about an hour before class. Report
    I don't tolerate high temperatures well, and, long before ninety minutes were up I would exhausted, shaky, and dehydrated. Report
    nope just regular yoga Report
    I love heat and warm wet air, however, I really dont get the whole mind and body yoga mental deal. I am a realist. Hard work, exercise and watching what you eat is the key. Your mind doesnt want to do it, but your body needs it. That is the only true mind and body, lol. Report
    You have to leave in LA where 105 is a norm:) I suppose, if you don't have an AC in your garage, why wouldn't it be hot in there?
    I know someone who swears by doing Yoga in a hot room. She says it's the best thing ever as it sweats all the toxins out of your body. Report
    ummm, i'm sorry, but where in the world do you have to live that your garage already has 105 degrees in the mornings?
    i'm not entirely convinced that this is a true story. Report
    I'm not convinced. I think she does a lot more than yoga. Report
    I want to try yoga, but not in a hot room. Report
    I am doing yoga once a week with coworkers. But it's only hot, if the room is.
    Sam Report
    I love yoga, but I can't take the heat so I practice flow yoga and different dvds that I've collected. Report
    I couldn't take the hot temp!!! I would like to try yoga without the high temp. Report
    i love to do yoga sometimes. Report
    I have been practicing Bikram Yoga since December. It is a great workout for both body and the mind. I highly recommend reading the books so you get a true understanding of this practice and how much more awaits you. This practice is not about losing weight (though you may and NOT just from water loss) - it is about finding health and wellness and the body's own healing power. I can't say enough positive things about this practice, and this particular style of yoga. Top three strengths 1) the class is the same everywhere you go 2) You learn the difference between want and need 3) Your body will change and your perception of your body will change for the better Top Three Weakness (if you look at them like that) 1) You've got to drink the water before the class 150 fluid ounces 2) It's very hard to do by yourself - the energy of the class and the instructor are what help me through especially as a new practitioner 3) You've got to let your ego go at the door. Report
    I go to Bikram's almost everyday, and the hardest part is just getting myself to the studio. I wish I had a room hot enough to do hot yoga at home, and the right equipment to keep everything sanitary.

    A good practice involves both strength and flexibility, and following form. I would suggest that beginners take classes before doing it at home. In a properly trained Bikram's studio, your instructor will help make sure your practice is not only improving, but correct. So many people think it is just about flexibility, but that is incorrect.

    For instance, the Bow ( http://www.yogadallas.com/site/page
    ) is not just about grabbing your ankles from behind you. People tend to pull their legs and shoot their knees out beyond their body. Imagine a rectangle. You want your body to stay within it. You're pulling up, not out.

    The difference between doing Bikram's in a hot room and people who pass out from heat stroke during a really hot summer, is water consumption.

    It's safe if you follow the instructions and drink a TON of water before hand. You are not helping yourself if you decide to eat little the day of and drink little water to try to lose more weight. You will get dizzy and raise the risk of you passing out.

    Bikram's isn't for everyone, but it is really good exercise, so I really encourage everyone to try.

    Good luck!!

    I really want to try this, but I can't find a class anywhere near me. Report
    I could not do the hot room yuck it makes me sick to get over heated !!
    I want to give yoga a try but just not in a hot room Report
    I have tried it and loved it. But I also could not afford the fees. I like the garage idea, but also don't have a garage. :( But I still practice hatha yoga. Report
    I've been doing Bikram yoga for over four years. It is awesome. I really enjoy it because it doesn't incorporate any "spiritual" stuff. No chanting, just a good solid workout. Go to www.bikramyoga.com and click on "class finder" to find a class near you. Report
    I would LOVE to do Bikram, but the monthly fees are too expensive! Report
    I LOVE Bikram yoga!!! A couple of summers ago, I attended a class weekly. But it got too expensive. I like that idea of practicing in the garage! I will have to try that! Report
    I would love to try it, but it isn't offered around here! Report
    I would love to try it, but don't know of any classes in our area. I will have to look into it. 90 minutes, however, is a bit longer than I prefer to exercise, only since my time is so limited anyway. One hour is much more doable! Report
    I LOVE hot yoga! The warmth of the room helps loosen your muscles and makes you feel more flexible. And the sweating accompanied by that wonderful yoga high is perfect! Once you go hot yoga, you'll never go back to an icky cold room. Of course, I am from Phoenix where our typical outdoor temperature is over 105F.

    It's surprisingly popular with men, my classes are typically half and half.
    yoga is very fun, i just dont think i could do it in a 100 degree room... i might suffocate. lol Report
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