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Thanks to all of you who tuned in to watch Chef Meg on "The Doctors" today. She said the experience was a lot of fun, and she is so grateful for the opportunity to "Spread the Spark" and tell more people about "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight."

If you couldn't tune in or want to share her big moment with friends, you're in luck. You'll find the video below.

And, "The Doctors" have three new-to-you sneak-peek recipes from "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight." Click here to learn more about Meg's appearance. (And keep reading for those sneak-peek recipes!)

Chef Meg's Slimmed-Down Comfort Food Makeovers:
Slimmer Sloppy Joes
Baked Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
Creamy Broccoli-Cheddar Soup

Which tip was the most surprising to you? Which recipe was the most enticing to you?

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  • 68
    I love the doctors and sorry I did not get to see this video - 5/6/2017   6:16:28 PM
  • 67
    There is no video here at all, maybe I am too late? - 1/15/2015   8:11:45 AM
  • 66
    Thanks Chef Meg, cutting right to the chase and giving so much info!!! (Incredible intro for non spark people who love good tasty food!). I hope lots of people joined this terrific site! I sooooooooo love my food! ...that is food that is good & tasty and I now prefer the healthy food as I REALLY DO FEEL SO MUCH BETTER with healthy choices my body has an almost instant Thank-you, thank-you.

    This blog and link were just so exciting to watch!
    No, I don't have your cookbook as yet but I have decided to dig a little deeper into the recipes that Spark shares as I am in a bit of a rut...presently...(this will pass) a plus I did give up the cream in my coffee and my consumption of butter since Sept...and happily I can say that this year come the end of Dec I did not gain a pound! Only on the rarest of occasions have I used it.(butter/cream)..( I have found a great substitute ... and am hoping that someday I may be able to drink my coffee without the substitute).

    Today i looked at the top recipes of 2012 that Spark shares with people they look so yummy and I am very excited to try many of them over the next weeks! I am about to make the HOney Garlic Pork recipe submitted by SparkPeople user LINJEN!

    Thanks again and very best in 2013! - 1/11/2013   5:30:48 PM
  • 65
    WooHooo, fabulous Chef Meg! Love my SP cookbook! - 3/23/2012   7:16:53 AM
  • 64
    Great presentation, Meg! I'm looking forward to trying those delicious-sounding recipes. - 3/23/2012   6:36:49 AM
    Loved the show! Thanks for the recipes! - 1/25/2012   8:31:47 AM
  • 62
    Thanks for posting! I missed it when it was on. :) - 1/23/2012   9:11:12 AM
  • 61
    I saw the video....Chef Meg looked great...An amazing Plus for Spark People and
    its Members...The taste testers looked pleased! - 1/22/2012   10:53:34 PM
  • 60
    The link didn't work for me. I had to do a google search for the link, then I was able to see it. - 1/22/2012   10:36:26 PM
  • 59
    I just made the baked tenders and they were great! - I found some bran flakes at the store and used those. - 1/22/2012   9:55:50 PM
  • BSCOTT58
    Awesome! Thanks for posting! - 1/22/2012   6:34:22 PM
  • 57
    Love the carrot as thickener idea! :) - 1/22/2012   4:53:51 PM
  • 56
    I actually attend the tapings of The Doctors Show periodically, unfortunately I missed this show...I would have loved to see her in person...Love the new cookbook...keep up the good work - 1/22/2012   4:11:22 PM
  • 55
    Kudo Chef Meg. A much deserved honor. I was most surprised that buttermilk was swapped out for skim milk. I have heard on several cooking shows that buttermilk is good for you because it is low fat. - 1/22/2012   3:31:18 PM
  • DEANNG66
    I just watched the segment and yeah she did use baby carrots. The recipes do not match what she used on the show. I wish they did as I loved the idea of sneeking veggies into the kids dipping sauce.
    None of the recipes seem to match what she actually did on the segment. - 1/22/2012   10:47:04 AM
  • DEANNG66
    I thought Meg used baby carrots in her dipping sauce. But they are not in the recipe. Am I losing my mind? - 1/22/2012   10:41:54 AM
    I missed this when it aired (4-Day power outage due to Pacific Northwest Storm0, but love how fast the segment moved and will try the recipe swap Chef Meg suggested with the baby carrots.

    She is so down to earth...

    I don't yet have the cookbook, but want to get it now just to see the rest of her recipe swaps.

    KUDOS CHEF MEG & SP! - 1/22/2012   8:47:21 AM
  • 51
    No picture. - 1/22/2012   8:32:59 AM
  • 50
    I watched the show when it was on, and taped the segment. Please let Chef Meg know, I think she did an amazing job! I was very proud, as a member of Spark,
    to be represented by her on this national forum.
    - 1/22/2012   6:32:56 AM
  • 49
    If a video won't play, try reloading your browser page (in Windows or Linux, right click on an area of the page that isn't a link and choose reload, or click on the reload button in the toolbar or press F5 button at the top of the keyboard) - 1/22/2012   4:52:58 AM
  • 48
    Congrats Chef Meg! Hope to get the cookbook soon! Great Recipes. Thank you! - 1/22/2012   12:41:18 AM
  • 47
    I agree, it would be nice if we knew the calories for the recipes. - 1/21/2012   10:58:47 AM
  • 46
    I also can't see this but can hear it. Must be a bad link. - 1/20/2012   10:07:14 PM
  • 45
    I also couldn't see it, but heard it. - 1/20/2012   9:16:24 PM
  • 44
    Great job. Kudos to Chef Meg. Have the cookbook too! - 1/20/2012   8:45:14 PM
    I love watching The Drs and Dr Oz - 1/20/2012   7:08:11 PM
  • 42
    Chef Meg, You did a wonderful job with this program! I am so happy that the clip was posted here. I was home and desparately tried to find the show on TV but could not find it. You certainly will helpour SPARK movement!! - 1/20/2012   6:49:11 PM
  • 41
    There is no picture. Just audio. :(
    - 1/20/2012   6:48:33 PM
  • 40
    WooHoo Chef Meg, looking good. Love SP and suspect it will be around years from now, just like WW. Just received my cookbook and am trying to decide which yummy recipe will be my first to cook. - 1/20/2012   6:30:50 PM
  • 39
    Loved the segment, cant wait to order the book! - 1/20/2012   5:36:55 PM
  • ALISHA2081
    Does anyone know the nutritional info for these recipes? - 1/20/2012   2:09:32 PM
  • AGRANT67
    i love the show very informative, love how you changed the recipes, for wt lose GOD bless you - 1/20/2012   2:06:52 PM
  • 36
    I was delighted I was able to see the clip. I was extremely disappointed when I was unable to see it. Great job! - 1/20/2012   1:07:01 PM
  • 35
    You did a great job, Chef Meg. I enjoyed your segment and learned a few things from the other segments on the show too. Proud of you and proud of Spark! Thanks for all you do! I love my Sparkpeople Cookbook! - 1/20/2012   11:52:10 AM
  • 34
    Chef Meg, you looked wonderful. I have your cookbook but haven't tried anything yet. But I've already started trying to incorporate good eating habits with what we're eating already and making it more healthy! Thank you so much for these recipes.
    - 1/20/2012   11:38:00 AM
  • 33
    Good job, Chef Meg! - 1/20/2012   11:35:04 AM
  • 32
    I call this cookbook my health bible! Thanks Chef Meg! - 1/20/2012   11:26:33 AM
  • 31
    That is awesome! Way to go Chef Meg - you were great!
    C~ - 1/20/2012   11:20:33 AM
  • 30
    Great tips! - 1/20/2012   10:51:41 AM
  • PATTIE441
    Great job Chef Meg! You look fantastic! and you totally had me glued to the set! Way to go!! - 1/20/2012   10:51:03 AM
  • 28
    Well done, Meg. And I must say, I love your bent fork and hammered spoon necklaces! - 1/20/2012   10:41:06 AM
  • 27
    I tuned into the episode and was very impressed with Chef Meg. I love my Spark cookbook and so many of the Spark recipe. - 1/20/2012   10:35:32 AM
  • 26
    You did a wonderful job Chef Meg. I was and am proud to be a Sparkpeople person! You were so upbeat and looked so healthy all great! - 1/20/2012   10:27:25 AM
  • 25
    This was excellent,
    Chef Meg was charming, energetic and informative.
    I love seeing the power of SparkPeople.. relating to ordinary people.
    I wish SparkPeople had its own tv show! - 1/20/2012   10:19:42 AM
  • 24
    Like everyone else...I'm very interested in using the carrots in the sauce, but I hope we get some more info...cooked or raw - can't imagine that raw will process well in a blender and how much??? - 1/20/2012   10:15:45 AM
  • 23
    The video didn't work for me either. I also looked at the Chicken Tenders recipe but didn't see carrots as an ingredient. The recipe looked good though. My mother made baked "fried" chicken when I was a kid using crushed corn flakes for the coating. - 1/20/2012   9:44:44 AM
  • 22
    GEERMARA commented on what I'm commenting on - carrots aren't listed in the recipe for the honey mustard dipping sauce for the chicken tenders. The carrots are what got me interested in reading the recipe. Using them as a thickener seems like a great idea. I hope SP can provide a corrected version. Thanks! - 1/20/2012   9:34:12 AM
  • 21
    The video didn't work for me :( (I could hear it, but not see it)
    I taped the show, though, so will watch that.

    PS - the video finally DID work. Thanks! Nice segment - 1/20/2012   9:30:46 AM
    Meg looks gorgeous! And the swap-outs are all very wise and effective. I've used fat-free evaporated milk in lieu of cream before, and it's wonderful (not to mention more nutritious). Well done!! - 1/20/2012   9:16:35 AM
    Was going to watch but we had a big wildfire just south of town that was doing a lot of damage and all the local stations were covering the event and it was bad.So was glad to see the clip of chief Meg this morning. Wish they would have given her more air time. - 1/20/2012   9:09:31 AM

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