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'Shark Tank' Products That Help You Live Healthier

The show has seen its share of health and fitness products in its seven seasons on the air, but are any relevant to your lifestyle? Learn more about 10 ''Shark Tank'' products.
Posted 3/3/2016  12:00:00 AM By: Alicia Capetillo : 7 comments   29,895 views
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The SparkPeople Commercial Break Workout

You've probably heard the tip to fit in a workout during commercial breaks, but what should you do? Work out while you watch TV with this handy (and tough!) printout.
Posted 9/20/2012  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 54 comments   159,767 views
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Watch the Video of Chef Meg on 'The Doctors'

Watch the video of Chef Meg on "The Doctors." Plus, get three new-to-you recipes from "The SparkPeople Cookbook."
Posted 1/19/2012  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 67 comments   62,171 views
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Tune In to Watch Chef Meg on 'The Doctors'

Great news: Chef Meg will be on The Doctors Thursday, January 19, to talk about "The SparkPeople Cookbook." We hope you'll tune in and help us Spread the Spark!
Posted 1/18/2012  2:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 32 comments   14,178 views
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EXCLUSIVE: Meet the 'Top Chef' Who Helped with 'The SparkPeople Cookbook'

To get the desserts in "The SparkPeople Cookbook" just right, we recruited Chef Meg's friend and colleague--who's now a contestant on "Top Chef: Just Desserts"!
Posted 9/28/2011  6:00:00 PM By: Stepfanie Romine : 28 comments   25,832 views
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Dealing with the Glut of Fast-Food Ads on TV

Mr. Bad Food loves his TV--but those fast-food ads that show up during every commercial break weaken his resolve to eat right. What's he--and the rest of us--supposed to do?
Posted 8/24/2011  10:00:00 AM By: John McGran : 114 comments   16,675 views
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