There's Nothing Funny about Chelsea Handler's Workouts

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I must admit that I was a little surprised to see a bikini-clad Chelsea Handler on this month's cover of SHAPE magazine. Don't get me wrong—I have always thought that she looks great! But based on the jokes on her TV show, "Chelsea Lately" on E!, and the humorous stories I've read in her books, she never really seemed like the beacon of health and fitness, with all her talk of late nights, strong drinks, and lack of structured exercise routine.

As it turns out, this funny woman is a fit one, too. She made a decision to eat healthier and change her lifestyle, which is outlined in the April 2010 issue of SHAPE (find the story online here). These days, her diet is filled with wholesome and healthy foods like oatmeal, salads and edamame, but she still makes room for vodka. And while she has been active all of her life, she told SHAPE that finding a workout she loved was a real challenge. She'd quit every fitness program she tried out of boredom or a lack of results. (Like me, she wasn't thrilled with yoga either.)

But there is one workout that Chelsea swears has "changed my body—and my life." Can you guess what it is?


"I was a fitness fiasco—until I found Pilates," she told SHAPE. Chelsea says that Pilates is gentle on her body, but has helped her become longer, leaner and more graceful. Her trainer of several years, Tina Marie Bergon (owner of Firefly Pilates in Santa Monica, California) works with Chelsea five or six times per week, mixing up mat and reformer Pilates exercises. Bergon says that even Chelsea's posture has improved and her belly has flattened since starting the regimen. If you pick up the magazine on newsstands now, you'll get a six-exercise mini workout of some of her favorite moves, most of which were interesting takes on Pilates classics like the hundred and the roll-up.

Of course, I love when Pilates makes news or is touted by celebrities or other experts. As a Pilates fan and instructor myself, I have seen its many benefits firsthand. When coupled with a healthy diet and active lifestyle like Chelsea's, Pilates can certainly help develop strength, improve posture and flatten one's belly—no kidding!

Do you think Chelsea Handler's diet and workout plan seems healthy?

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I think Chelsea is a great honest person & clearly healthy! This article shows she's honest, she splurges. She talks about struggles & what works for her. Not everyone has to agree with her--not all of us agree with eachother on here. But kudos to her for finding & doing what works for her! Go Chelsea! Report
I love Chelsea!!! And I am a kiwi .. don't see her much on tv .. not nearly as much as I would like. Just going over to Shape now to read her article .. Report
I read this article in shape magazine and really enjoyed it. I even saved her workout that was featured because it looked so simple. Sadly, in the past two years I've tried Pilates regularly and found it very cumbersome due to my weight. I say sadly because I know it's something I could really get into. Report
Wow, Pilates can make me "longer"? I didn't know that a simple exercise routine could add inches to my height!!!! Report
Pilates can flatten one's belly? Maybe this is where people get confused about whether "spot-training" really works on certain body parts. I always thought that Sparkpeople trainers answered "no" to this question... Now, the story is changing? Report
For those that really don't like to exercise, Pilates is a great way to start... you'll see results before you know it. Love it! Report
LOL, I believe most of that body isn't Pilates but Photoshop. Report
I love to see that someone can eat healthy but still enjoy their splurge (on Vodka in this case). It proves the point that one can always work a small bit of something "bad" into their eating plan as long as they plan ahead. I haven't tried Pilates as I'm not at that point in my exercising but it's always held a fascination for me and I'd like to try it at my gym. Report
Chelsea Handler is so funny, yet honest in most of what she says. Believe me if she doesn't like something or someone she has no problem voicing her opinions. Sometimes she talks so fast it's hard to understand her, thank goodness for TIVO. So when you get a chance turn on the E! channel and check out her show. Report
Um . . wow folks. To all those below screaming "who the hell is this person" etc etc. C'mon now. Take a moment, go to google . . and find out. The article writer above mentioned that she has a TV show, and that she's a comedian.

Is she airbrushed in the above photo? Probably. Did they replace her body with someone elses? I doubt it.

We're talking about her lifestyle and her workouts here . . not the fact that she's airbrushed. Is it really something to get so worked up about that we have to leave a 'screaming' comment??

I think it's great that Pilates works for her. I've never tried it, but I might . .at some point. . . when I find the time! :) Report
I love Pilates - it has the same results for all collapse ina heap after a good session and complain for 3 days that previously unused muscles are screaming in agony! So it has to be a good workout... Report
She's pretty funny. Report
Never heard that name before! Report
Chelsea looks awesome...wouldnt mind her body at all... Report
Of course! I LOVE pilates. :) Report
I love Chelsea Handler! And for all of you questioning who she is, just google her to find out. She's a comedian so of course her comments are going to be off-the-cuff. She makes people laugh--that's her job! I don't think she's downing vodka for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She's a single woman out there having fun and enjoying her life. I commend her for her workout regime, although she's always looked fit to me, But as women, we all have insecurities or problem areas we'd like to improve.

I for one, love pilates. As a heavier person I cannot accomplish all the movements, but over time it does it easier. Report
She looks good and if it works for her then that's great! Report
This sounds like something to try but is t recommended for a person w/arthritis, a balance disability, & majorly a lack of motivation? Please let me know so I can get my butt off the coast thru life cycle!!! Report
She looks good, and I wish her luck on her healthy lifestyle journey. That said...too bad we all can't have personal trainers and personal chefs like most celebrities do...a healthy lifestyle would be a cinch! Report
I agree that pilates is wonderful for your body but it is very awkward and hard to do and is very frustrating for an obese person Report
I agree with you Ethel. I am tired of having these magazines throw airbrushed celebs in my face. This is the same mag that decided to airbrush away Kelly Ripa's outtie bellybutton! I am aware of my flaws, I get to see them everyday and I would rather see other people's imperfections than to see airbrushed bodies that make me feel more insecure. The ironic thing is there was a blog a few months ago about how you never see cellulite in mags and how we need to "get over it" and accept ourselves and then there it is: another airbrushed fitness mag. Report
Let's see some celebs cleaning toilets, scrubbing floors with their long nails, dipping into a big bag of non multi grain chips, stringy hair not done by someone, the way they also look often enough. Let's not care about celebs who have trainers come to them 5 or 6 times a week, YAWN. Enuf!! Report
I would love to try Pilates, but am looking for a good basic DVD since I can't afford a gym. Any recommendations?

And as for Chelsea, she has found what works for her and I think that is the most important thing. And airbrushed or not, you wouldn't see me in a bikini on a national magazine cover! Report
I love Pilates and after taking the classes my gym at work offers I have definitely seen more toning in my abs than ever before! I love it and was thrilled to see her promoting in when I got SHAPE in the mail. Report
I don't know this woman however, we all have a story and it's great that she's sharing hers; before and after. I also think when you work out, you can't help but eat right; right?! She's found something that she enjoys doing and it's working for her; the proof is on the cover! Report
I think her workout plan is healthy. It seems to be working for her, and at the end of the day that's really who matters, right? So many commenters are being so critical of her for drinking her vodka. It's her lifestyle, not yours, so if you don't agree with it then don't do it! At least she owns up to having a vice and acknowlegdes her weakness instead of being up on her healthy high horse being judgemental and acting like she's better than everybody.

I think all the people being so critical and judgemental should stop and realize that there is not one single PERFECT person on this planet; NO, NOT ONE. Report
I don't know what she looked like before. I live in southern California and can tell you that not all the bodies you see in magazines have to be photoshopped. I see young women on the beach with great bodies all the time. Some of them work for it and some don't. Unless a young woman is pretty muscular, I don't think you can tell at all what her fitness regime is. The vodka drinking may be a problem now or eventually. I don't know. What I do think is good is that she sounds like she is getting a framework of good eating going in her life. I think it will be much easier as time goes on for her to keep letting the less supportive habits go. Then it will be less a mater of replacing them than just reinforcing the good she has already put in place. Report
I love Pilates! I wish that I had time to devote to six times a week . I wish also that I could afford a reformer or have private license Report
I remember Chelsea from the show "Girls Behaving Badly" they played jokes on people it was hillarious! As far as her on the cover, i think she looks the same but toned up and if thats what pilates does for her more power to her! Report
I think Chelsea is histerical...but too was suprised by how fit she is! Pilates though is not for each his/her own though right? Report
The Sparks fly for Ms Handler! She looks great! Report
and who the hell is Chelsea Handler...and her claim to fame???? Report
who is this person ?!? and why do we care about her opinion ! Report
Chelsea is awesome. Report
Chelsea is awesome. Report
I don't know who Chelsea Handler is, but she looks pretty good. Her diet sounds healthy, but I do wonder, how much room is she leaving for vodka? Promoting this doesn't sound really healthy to me; I haven't heard that vodka has any health benefits, so really it should be used as an occasional treat, not something you plan to leave room for.
Good for her Report
I love Chelsea Handler & may God bless the Jersey Girl!! She looks great & I give her alot of credit in keeping her body looking good!! Report
Looks like this is working for her. I love pilates and how it makes me feel when I do it. It helps stretch out the kinks for the rest of my workout. Report
What ever she is doing, she looks great! Report
Sounds great Report
I only did yoga for years, and it was a good all around exercise for me. It has everything in it, that your body needs. I had a great body at that time, and very well developed muscles. I do other other things now, but always try to fit some yoga in. You can get your heart going, by doing the "sun salutation", about 12 times in a row. It is a good cardio work out. Report
I love pilates ! I love yoga too ! I've even done reformer workouts. However, she didn't get that body from just doing pilates six days a week. She has to be doing other activities that she's not mentioning. Pilates is great. But, doing pilates combined with a healthy diet won't get a person results like she has. There's something she's not telling us.

Also, celebrities are notorious for doing very off the wall, unhealthy diets. So, folks have to be careful of any health, weight loss or fitness advice they'd give. They may say one thing and do another.

One more thing to consider is that Shape as well as many other fitness and fashion magazines, PHOTOSHOP their cover models to make them look better than they really are. So, while Miss Handler may have a good body, I'm sure photoshop has enhanced her to make her seem, better.

They just started to offer a morning Pilates class at my gym, have to say I am really enjoying it. Report
This is the first time I've seen a SP board with so much negativity. I'm a little dissapointed. Every magazine has to cover flaws on the models, of course, like zits and fly away hair, but if they were really going to airbrush her, don't you all think they would have done the whole thing? Seriously, look at her! She looks fabulous to me and REAL. Her boobs are sagging slightly, her belly has a slight non-flat (real) curve, she has a nice waist curve, but airbrushing could have given it more curve. She doesn not always wear the most flattering clothes on her show, but there is not doubt that she looks good. I'm sure Chelsea is doing her own push-ups. She may not be as dedicated to super fitness as some people, but she has changed her lifestyle from a deeply embedded poor nutrition childhood to a healthier adult. Isn't that what we're all trying to do? Report
There are a lot of free Pilates workouts on YOUTUBE.
I have no idea who Chelsea is but I'm glad she is living a healthy lifestyle. Report
It sounds like it is healthy. Report
I'm a fan of both pilates and chelsea. That one agrees with the other is just icing on my non-existant cake! =) Report
Ok, I did say her arms look more defined here than on the show. I guess defined was the wrong word. Her arms look skinny here compared to what they look like on her show. All magazines airbrush people anymore. Kendra Wilikinson, who just had a baby, posed in a bikini for OK mag and they airbrushed the crap out of her. She was not ready to show off a post-preg bod but she did and they made her look hot. How do I know she was airbrushed? She had the episode of the shoot on her show and her abs were no where near flat. Kourtney Kardashian blasted OK for airbrushing her and making it sound like she exercised her butt off. My point is, we shouldn't be commenting on how great a person looks in a magazine because they probably don't really look that way. Report
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