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At SparkPeople, we frequently talk about setting goals and holding yourself accountable. But if you set a goal and don't tell anyone about, will you stick to it? We know (and research has proved) how important and effective a supportive network of friends can be when you're trying to live a healthier life. So when you set your New Year's resolutions, be sure you share them with others. In addition to telling your SparkTeams, posting on the Message Boards and creating a Vision Collage, we've found another cool way to share your goals and stay on track.

SparkPeople has teamed up with Living Social to offer a New Year's resolution application that you can use on your Facebook page.

By adding this application to your Facebook page, you'll share your goals with others and help us Spread the Spark!

Click here to access the application.

The application is easy to use. You'll choose five resolutions from the thousands that others have already shared or create your own. Then it will be displayed on your Facebook page for all of your friends to see. In addition to sharing your goals, you'll also Spread the Spark, because this application has a "SparkPeople" theme!

Have you shared your resolutions with others? What are they?

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  • 73
    Keep going and don't quit. - 2/19/2010   4:17:51 PM
  • 72
    I posted to facebook when I joined pound for pound (got money donated to my local food bank based on my commitment). - 1/10/2010   8:09:57 PM
    For me, I started 2 months before building the habit of exercise 3-6 days a week. That way I wouldn't have to feel like it's a Resolution. Now trying to incorperate the diet part is my struggle. When my husband is supportive of my goals but not working on them himself it's hard. Especially when I can be an emotional eater. - 1/10/2010   1:40:22 AM
  • 70
    Set goals not resolutions. But my goal this year is do the best I can and NOT beat myself up for stumbling along the way/ - 1/9/2010   6:19:40 PM
  • 69
    My desire this year is to love more, including myself! - 1/8/2010   7:42:39 AM
  • 68
    I agree with so many of you. Donīt believe in resolutions but goals.
    My goals for 2010 are:

    1. Eating 5 meals a day
    2. Loosing 25 pounds
    3. Becoming a good runner
    4. Walking at least 500.000 steps a month
    5. 5 days a week use 15 min. on day reflection

    These are my goals I hope they can get my life turned around long term, not just right here right now!
    - 1/8/2010   1:17:22 AM
    I made goals, not resolutions. - 1/7/2010   9:49:33 PM
  • 66
    This is my year 2010 to shine and write my story of loss and success
    One day at a time - 1/7/2010   7:27:53 PM
  • 65
    I have to agree with SUETINGE...I don't make resolutions anymore, I set goals that I would like to achieve. Yes I have shared my goals with one of my teams and plan to share with other teams including blogging about them. - 1/7/2010   2:00:35 PM
  • 64
    I don't do resolutions any more - I make goals. I shared them on one of my teams and blogged about them. - 1/7/2010   12:34:03 PM
  • 63
    I don't make resolutions but I have listened to many of my co-workers and friends who have made them. They range from being a better person to eating right, exercise and being a better wife and mother. - 1/7/2010   11:04:09 AM
  • 62
    I went to the app - it isn't user friendly at all. (and I'm not a beginner at this...) Would rather post goals on a team site rather than try to find what I want on something as difficult to navigate as this app is. - 1/7/2010   10:30:15 AM
  • 61
    I stopped making resolutions several years ago because once my resolve is gone so is the resolution but I do set goals and evaluate my progress throughout the year.

    Here are a few of my goals:

    1. Mark off more exercise days than nonexercise days per week, adding strength training as part of my current routine.

    2. Find at least one spark buddy to help me be accountable.

    3. Reduce, at least, three clothing sizes in 2010.

    4. Acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones in a tangible way - card, e-mail, letter, etc.

    5. Begin journaling my healthy life style goals and progress.

    6. Add "ME" to my daily to-do list and make sure it is one thing I can chek off at the end of most days.

    - 1/6/2010   7:44:03 PM
  • ANGEL818
    My resolution is to aim for a healthier lifestyle. I recently started a gluten free diet due to severe eczema, sinus congestion, and weight gain. After 3 days, the eczema is making great strides to clearing up, the sinus congestion is better, and I've lost 8.2 lbs. I'm happy for my progress although I am realistic and know the weight loss is mostly water and my body adjusting to a wheat-free diet. After the initial adjustment, I realize the weight loss will slow down. But I am resolving to keep working at it. - 1/6/2010   6:44:00 PM
  • 59
  • 58
    1. First and Foremost: Seek Happiness!
    2. Exercise to improve my posture
    3. Call my Mom at least once a week! - 1/6/2010   5:35:51 PM
  • 57
    I'm not overly fond of resolutions. They have a negative connotation. Even if you are resolving to do something good that implies that you've been doing something bad...or at least not doing good.

    I do have goals, though. Every year, shortly after the new year, my circle and I come together to make a collage of our goals for the year. It is an event that we've all kept with each other even as some have left the group, they usually come back for this event. - 1/6/2010   4:22:42 PM
    I don't make resolutions. With this program, the more I read, the more I am learning. This is going to become my lifestyle, I'm so excited. This is what I have been looking for. There is just so much info, that I have to absorb and apply. I am making a binder of what I need for my new lifestyle. I'm getting motivated and fired up. Wahoo! - 1/6/2010   4:18:17 PM
  • 55
    Mine is to stop making excuses and get with the program. and not give up no matter how defeated i feel. or how impossible it seems. i know i can do it..
    i cant take any excuses... keep at it until i get where i want... - 1/6/2010   3:44:32 PM
    My resolution to stop making resloutions and just do it - 1/6/2010   3:21:33 PM
  • 53
    I'm on a roll, finally....and find with daily exercise and healthy eating, I can keep losing. I'd like to lose about 8 pounds by summer. I write everything down, so it really helps. - 1/6/2010   3:06:06 PM
  • 52
    Just did it looks great on paper thanks for the tip. - 1/6/2010   2:18:25 PM
  • 51
    No resolutions here, just determinations... - 1/6/2010   1:41:12 PM
  • 50
    Yes, I make and share my New Year's resolutions. This has made me a better person. Maybe I do not accomplish them at the 100% level, but I do improve and that is what is really important!!! My glass is half full, not half empty. I do not punish myself because I do not meet my goals. I reward myself because I am on the way to meeting my goals! - 1/6/2010   1:15:32 PM
  • 49
    I'm not willing to share my spark life with my family and friends on facebook. I'm very open here about my issues with health, and if they read my blogs it would just worry them. I blogged about my resolutions here and I feel perfectly accountable without including facebook. :) - 1/6/2010   12:53:59 PM
  • 48
    I am a Fall BD Girl. My Bd is used for reflection on the journey I've taken throughout my life. I guess bringing in the New Year is used for the correction of my errors, the pat-on-the-back for being all I could be and the hope of doing better for the year. - 1/6/2010   12:37:45 PM
  • 47
    I don't do resolutions. Problem with making them, is breaking them, then giving up til the next year. That is not the way for me. For me...I have my goals in mind, and keep them before me all the time, not just on New Years day! - 1/6/2010   12:17:35 PM
  • 46
    I would say that I have not followed through on my resolutions ever year. Atleast in the time period I gave myself. I did read though that if you give yourself something to work towards... a more specific goal then you are more apt to follow through. So this year I am giving it a try. The saying is Try Try again right? Here is my Resolution. I want to run a 5K this year. I am not a runner but I know I could walk it no problem so instead of saying the traditional I want to eat better and excersize more... I will do all these things in order to achieve my goal! Wish me luck! - 1/6/2010   12:15:24 PM
  • 45
    I dont need it be the Start of a New Year to get me & my body moving !! It just comes second nature to me now.. I love & look forward to my daily workouts & keeping healthy & BEST of all the weight OFF!!!!.. ;-) - 1/6/2010   11:22:25 AM
    I don't believe in resolutions, as so many times they go by the wayside. I have decided to set up small goals for myself though. The first is to lose 15lbs in the next 120 days ... and then I will continue on in small amounts from there. I find when I set a big number for myself, it becomes overwhelming and I just give up. I also intend to stop procrastinating ... I have things I need to do and am going to start taking at least 30 minutes each day to work on those things. Working out has always been a big struggle for me. My daughter has signed up at the gym I belong to, and is going to go with me. However, ultimately I know that all of this is up to me! Losing isn't something we can be shamed into... It has to be something we truly want for ourselves .... For Our Health and For Our Happiness! - 1/6/2010   11:17:37 AM
  • 43
    Instead of "resolving" to stick to a diet, I decided to "get healthy". I don't intend to follow any particular program other than tracking my food and fitness and blogging (for myself, and if others like it - GREAT!) Resolution/Goal - it's a matter of preference. I'm not superstitious. I posted my 5 on FB (you CAN customize your privacy settings), and really had to think past the getting healthy goal! So I added training my dogs - it's my fault they have horrible dog manners like charging whenever anyone comes to the front door! Honestly, I have just been too lazy!

    I told EVERYONE about my goal to get healthy: family, friends and co-workers. Nobody has made any snide comments, and I feel everyone hopes I succeed. I have enlisted my 7 year old daughter to help me make healthy food choices. She's a great help and excited to be part of my plan! :)

    On my page, I set very realistic goals: 5% increments 2 months at a time; specific NON-food rewards (funky earrings for small rewards and a trip to Mardi Gras for achieving my goal!). It's easier to think "I need to lose 13 lbs" rather than 125 lbs! I can cut my calorie intake gradually rather than drastically. My "plan" is to ensure my own success, make it workable for ME, make adjustments when neccessary, help others be successful!!!

    One SP member said it simply: Eat less, Move more. I love it! - 1/6/2010   11:04:53 AM
    I have shared my goals with my teammates on many of the Spark teams I belong to and I have also shared them with my hubby and with a close friend. While none of these folks really ask me if I'm doing what I said I would, I feel like I'm obligated not only to myself, but also to them to follow through every day with the changes I am trying to make in my life.

    While I may have bitten off more than I could chew and may need to put a few things on the back burner for now, I know that I will be successful at accomplishing a lot this year.

    I'm looking forward to checking out this application when I get on my home computer. - 1/6/2010   10:47:08 AM
    I told my family about my goals and they just along with the flow because they know I've been with SparkPeople and when I resolve to do something, I'll do it, no matter how long it takes. It's great to have a supportive family when you're trying to accomplish something. It really boosts your confidence. - 1/6/2010   10:28:35 AM
  • 40
    I have shared my goals with my friends and family. Some of them say, "Ok we're in it together", but others say, "Yeah right, it won't last or won't happen". But all in all I have support. - 1/6/2010   10:04:07 AM
    I told my roomate I was trying to eat less processed food. She thinks I am already over the edge. She has been thin all her life. - 1/6/2010   9:09:22 AM
  • 38
    I posted on the message boards what my goals or resolutions are this year. I plan on exercising more and to the extent I need to because last year I had 5 surgeries and was in the hospital for a week with a bad case of pneumonia. I plan on getting off oxygen which I need at this time because of the pneumonia. I also plan on losing more weight than I did last year which looks like I'm well on the way. So far have lost 7 lbs. When I first started exercising I built up a lot of muscle and lost inches but not lbs. Now the weight is coming off which the Dr. said would happen. I take a pill that makes me gain weight regardless so I have to work hard to get it off. I'm also getting off some of my pills which is another goal. That is already working. Being diabetic to lose that too. - 1/6/2010   8:35:26 AM
  • 37
    i don't make resolutions myself , for the same reasons that most don't. I never keep them. But a wonderful team I am on all decided to get together and help out a fellow team member who needs a kidney transplant. She has passed all the tests, but needs to lose between 25-50 lbs before they will do the transplant. We started a challenge Jan1,2010 called Marlas' Miracle Challenge. We are hoping by helping her and banding together she will be able to attain this goal. The first phase is from Jan 1 to June 30. We are all going to attempt to lose 25 lbs. Then we will see what the doctors say and set up the second half. Not only are we helping a good friend, but she is helping us also. What a team effort, for someone who has become a very close and loving friend to us all. Thanks Sparkguy for all of this. - 1/6/2010   8:11:29 AM
    I did this last week. I then made the 5 resolutions part of my SparkCollage. This is my background on my SparkPage now. I also have copies posted at home and at work. Being public definitely makes you accountable. - 1/6/2010   6:20:33 AM
  • 35
    Tried for an hour to add my own personal goals but it wouldn't let me, so I had to lie about it. - 1/6/2010   3:16:53 AM
  • 34
    I posted my goals for the new year and for january in my blogs. I have plenty of blogs, three to be exact. - 1/5/2010   10:43:47 PM
  • 33
    Just picked my five. - 1/5/2010   10:17:08 PM
  • 32
    i just did it!! i didn't give it much thought though, but i listed goals that i have had for awhile now. i will be writing my resolution blog soon, which will be more specific. yay 2010! - 1/5/2010   9:25:33 PM
  • 31
    I'm not a Facebooker, but I feel that putting my goals out here keeps me plenty accountable. - 1/5/2010   8:48:49 PM
  • 30
    TINK -- I too have resolved to streak shamelessly throughout the entire year.

    My other goal is to lighten up and cut myself some slack! - 1/5/2010   7:11:56 PM
  • SUNSET09
    I plan to enjoy everyday as it is not promised to anyone. Work on my life list-not a bucket list and visit a restaurant I've never been to once a month, at least! I've gotten January's out of the way already! Let's encourage on another and make it a great day! - 1/5/2010   5:40:16 PM
  • 28
    My New Years Resolution is to start streaking!!! :o) Curious, read my blog - 1/5/2010   3:42:28 PM
    I just thank God there is always someone there to help in trying times. Thanks to all and Happy' Healthy New Year to all.
    Nancy - 1/5/2010   3:08:32 PM
    Done! What's great is that I have already inspired one of my facebook friends to join Spark People! Hope this inspires even more!

    - 1/5/2010   2:58:08 PM
  • 25
    I'm hoping I can find more Spark Buddies with similar goals and/or interests to help me along my way. I don't have as much support as I would like outside of Spark People. - 1/5/2010   2:38:44 PM
  • 24
    My friends aren't into doing resolutions. Therefore, this year I tried something different. I listed the goals for the year in my journal (handwritten kind) where I can check on them and remind myself to continue working towards my goals. This is an experiment as I've never written goals in a special place in the past. - 1/5/2010   2:32:33 PM

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