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A Fun Way To Reconnect With Your Goals

Living is an art, not a science. We each put our own, unique stamp on life that reflects our personalities, our goals and our priorities. No two lives are the same. People can look at our lives and see us, who we are. Here’s a fun motivational activity that will help you literally transform your life into a work of art. It will help you build a unique vision for your future and give you a lifetime to look forward to. It’s called a Vision Collage. In it, you’ll find all of your goals and dreams. You’ll see what you want your future to be, and have a beautiful collection of visual goal reminders. Children are dreamers by nature. A little bit of arts and crafts fun like this may be just what you need to recapture some of that spirit and magic. The future is yours. Let’s find out what it looks like.

Here’s how to build your own Vision Collage:

(Supplies needed: scissors, glue, construction paper, a willingness to dream)
  1. Collect a bunch of magazines, newspapers, family albums, calendars, advertisements, post cards, books, posters or anything else with pictures and big, huge words.
  1. Find somewhere to be alone and pile them all around. Spend some time leafing through these materials. Whenever a picture or headline action word catches your eye, whenever you respond strongly, positively and instinctively to an image, cut it out or set it aside.
  1. Once you’ve selected a nice stack of images and words, pick out the dozen or couple dozen that really represent something meaningful to you and your life. It could remind you of many things: a goal, person, principle, lifestyle preference, achievement, purpose, cause, activity, accomplishment, pastime, hobby or profession – anything that shows how you want to spend your future.
  1. Get out the glue stick! Spread these pictures out on your construction paper to create a single collage (a single picture made up of a number of other pictures).
  1. Hang up your Vision Collage where you can see it every day. Feel free to add to it whenever you like.
This is the collection of goals that gives you a clear direction and a motivating, energizing, kick-in-the-pants reminder. This is your vision. This is who you are.

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