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How Good Are VitaminWater 10's New Flavors?
Not a fan of VitaminWater--too sweet. Are you?

Michael Pollan's Food Rules: Your Dietary Dos and Don'ts
I especially liked "If you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you are not hungry."
From NYTimes.com

Run Like Phoebe
I loved this episode of "Friends," and it made me think about how fun it was to run when you were a kid. (OK, I never thought it was fun to run as a kid, but I think it's fun now!)
From FitBottomedGirls.com

Saag Tofu
This is the recipe Aïda talked about during our interview . So good!
From Chow.com

Karl Lagerfeld To Glamour: Just What Do Women Actually Want?
Angela gets riled up about recent headlines regarding models and weight. (We did, too! Grr!)
From OhSheGlows.com

Vegan Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ever since Gina went away to raw culinary school for a month, her blog is full of tasty, healthy recipes! These look delish.
From Fitnessista.com

Lessons for Parents From the Wimpy Kid
We're all cheering for the Wimpy Kid! You will, too.
From Well blog at NYTimes.com

Harvest Season in the White House
Check out the mouthwatering produce from the White House garden.
From Time.com

Modified vegetable oil? Sounds like a bad idea to me
Did we learn nothing from the trans fats debacle?
From the Nutrition Data Blog

What stories attracted your attention this week?

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  • 20
    I liked the pictures of the white house garden . I think it's great for some of the children to be able to see it, and become more educated about healthy eating . I also liked the run like Phoebe clip. I used to watch the show regularly when it was on primetime. I loved that Phoebe didn't care what others thought, and did things her own way. I was dissapointed at what Karl Lagerfield said. He's obviously very ignorant about how most people think, and narrow minded too. I like RL clothes, and was also surprised what he did to that photo of the model. She looked very unhealthy, and sickly. Thanks for all the interesting links! - 10/20/2009   12:45:36 PM
  • 19
    I love the piece on "Run Like Phoebe" How in the world does Jennifer Aniston keep losing guys? I don't get it. - 10/19/2009   11:59:26 PM
  • 18
    I laughed so hard at the Phoebe clip - please, let me be that free. There was so much good stuff in this blog that it's hard to just single out one or two - I will have to revisit this one a couple of times. Thanks so much! - 10/19/2009   11:58:33 PM
  • 17
    Wow- this is a great service- thanks so very much. I really enjoyed many of these links. I appreciate your taking the time to give them to us. Run Like Phoebe totally tickled my fancy, and I LOVE Saag- thanks for the link on a good way to cook it up. Those and the others... DANG- how I love Spark people. It's like having 50 friends on Facebook, all looking out at the world, and pointing toward the things I love to read and watch. Youse guys totally ROCK my world. Thanks, thanks!
    If this is a new format you are thinking about doing more often- I say 'hooray!' They speak for themselves. - 10/19/2009   2:29:46 PM
  • 16
    Some GREAT information here. - 10/19/2009   1:39:32 PM
  • 15
    I liked Michael Pollen's Food Rules article. I thought the food rule top 20 list was great. I really was glad that the model in Karl Lagerfeld's photo op was not truly that thin (in fact, the airbrushed version of her did not look real at all, it was so deformed). She is beautiful in real life! - 10/19/2009   1:22:22 PM
  • 14
    LOL! The apple! I remember when I was very little telling my grandma I was hungry, she would offer an apple, to which I would always say I don't want an apple, and then she would tell me, well then you must not be hungry! Memories! - 10/19/2009   1:05:32 PM
  • 13
    This needs to be divided into numerous blogs. Only 12 comments out of 1600 viewers speaks what I am trying to say. Good stuff Steph - just TMI all at once! - 10/19/2009   12:51:51 PM
  • 12
    I thought the food rules was an interesting read, I didn't agree with all of them, but they were a good read. - 10/19/2009   12:15:18 PM
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    We buy a lot of Vitamin Water for our kids & ourselves. We drink the 10's & like them. They drink the regulars, but occassionaly grab a 10 & don't seem to notice a difference. - 10/19/2009   11:52:58 AM
  • 10
    The only vitamin water 10 flavor I really like is the XXX, because its not sweet. - 10/19/2009   11:40:25 AM
  • 9
    thanks for all the links ..Great - 10/19/2009   11:33:48 AM
  • 8
    Interesting... I have to water down fruit juices, and I can't stand soda anymore, because it's too sweet. But I think Vitamin water is perfect! Except the lemonade... it tastes like someone left it sitting out, and the ice melted in it. LOL! - 10/19/2009   11:15:08 AM
    Thank you for the link to the Time article on the White House veggie garden harvest! Wish I'd been there; the veggies and herbs looked fabulous! - 10/19/2009   11:03:19 AM
    Models, such as the one airbrushed to death are not a good image to strive for and Lagerfeld can kiss ma grits. - 10/19/2009   10:30:43 AM
  • 5
    Loved the WH Veggie Garden harvest photos - thanks for bringing to my attention! - 10/19/2009   10:20:33 AM
  • 4
    Karl Lagerfeld doesn't like round women and he THINKS he speaks for everyone, but he obviously does NOT.
    The Ralph Lauren model looks completely deformed to me. It's a pity the model's photo was airbrushed and I can't believe she was fired for being too heavy!
    The only way to get magazines to do what WE want is to write to editors and tell them and then stop buying the magazine until they change.
    Why do we need them anyway?? I look at fashion as art. I'm an artist when I create an outfit to wear, whether I bought the clothing at a regular store or a thrift shop, or I've kept something from another decade and brought it out again because I like it. Not because someone told me that I ought to like it.
    Sheesh! Let's stop being a bunch of sheep and start being the bunch of unique individuals that we always SAY we are! - 10/19/2009   10:12:46 AM
  • 3
    I find Lagerfeld's comment extremely irritating and insulting!

    And there is no way I would want to look like the model on the Ralph Lauren cover, airbrushed or not!!

    I'm glad she's not really that thin. - 10/19/2009   7:16:44 AM
  • 2
    Oh Karl Lagerfeld.... words fail me in describing what a twit you are! - 10/18/2009   7:35:43 PM
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    I was struck by a story related to the White House vegetable garden. It was about Michelle Obama's visit to the Department of Health and Human Services, and the speech she gave there. She talked, among other things, about the difficulty of feeding her children healthy meals during the presidential campaign, and what she did about it. Her strategy sounded remarkably like the strategy Sparkguy outlined at the Convention in Cincinnati (small steps, taken consistently, lifestyle change - stuff like that), so I copied a link to the text into a comment I left on Sparkguy's page. I think it was yesterday. If you are interested, you can find it there, or you can find it on the White House blog. The First Lady is very interested in the issue of childhood obesity. - 10/18/2009   6:26:41 PM

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