My Favorite Hot and Cold Sandwiches


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Sandwiches are comfort food, they travel well, and they'll satisfy the appetites hungry, growing boys--and I have a surplus of those in my house. Today I'm sharing two of my favorite sandwich recipes, one hot and one cold. The Greek-inspired tuna sandwich is great for picnics, and the Philly one is a favorite on cold nights.

Big Fat Greek Sandwich
I love a good sandwich, one that's so big you have to smash to fit into your mouth. This one is big on flavor, light on fat! This is a Greek-inspired twist on the New Orleans classic, the Muffaletta. That one has lots of cured meats, plus an Italian pickled vegetable salad. This one gets its tang from feta cheese and a light vinaigrette.

  • 260 calories
  • 8.8 g fat

    Chicken Philly Cheese "Steak"
    Warm meat, gooey cheese, and grilled vegetables--what's not to love about a Philly cheese steak? How about the more than 1,600 calories in each one! This take on the classic skimps on fat but not flavor.

  • 349 calories
  • 5.2 g fat

    • Provolone cheese is higher in sodium and fat than many other cheeses. Feel free to swap a lower-sodium or reduced-fat cheese such as part-skim mozzarella.

    • If you can't find fresh banana peppers, use the jarred kind, but pat them dry. (Omit them if you don't like spicy food.)

    • Store-bought bread often contains high levels of sodium. Read labels to find a low-sodium variety.

    What is your favorite kind of sandwich?

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    • LINDRO
      instead of mayo, I mix my sandwich greens with low cal vinagrette before placing on the sandwich. - 4/2/2012   2:13:44 PM
      I love ruebens but only once a month if at all. Second, Jiff peanut butter with smucker's strawberry jam. REAL COMFORT FOOD THERE. Of course, I am a breadaholic so I try to stay away from all sandwiches because I can't eat just one! - 4/1/2012   6:41:31 PM
    • 25
      My current (brand new) favourite is a gourmet grilled tuna/swiss-cheese/chipotle melted in a fabulous panino at the local cheese shop. Yum. Served with a side of piri-piri sauce to make it even better! - 4/24/2011   10:17:10 AM
    • 24
      I love tomato with a thin slice of cheddar cheese on toasted rye or whole wheat - 4/21/2011   1:03:29 PM
    • 23
      I love all kinds of sandwiches..the Greek sounds good. Usually, if I want Tuna, or salmon, I just eat the can of it. much healthier, without the additives. I do love a western. - 4/20/2011   6:29:52 PM
    • 22
      Oh I do love a good tuna melt. Make it healthier with less mayo and add some veggies to the tuna - 4/20/2011   1:51:37 PM
    • 21
      Yum! Can't wait to try the Greek sandwich! - 4/20/2011   1:50:58 PM
    • 20
      Roast Beef all the way. - 4/20/2011   12:54:07 AM
    • KLEMIE
      tuna melt or tomato/cheese melt. - 4/19/2011   11:07:10 PM
    • 18
      I love a toasted peanut butter & banana sandwich, especially for breakfast! - 4/19/2011   10:27:20 PM
      No matter how old I get I will always love my toasted peanut butter sandwiches. - 4/19/2011   8:10:42 PM
    • 16
      My family of young boys love grilled nutella and banana's almost like eating dessert first! - 4/19/2011   7:35:25 PM
    • 15
      I love a combo of a Philly Cheesesteak & a French Dip sandwich: sliced or chopped steak on a roll with a little melted cheese and sauteed onions,peppers and mushrooms. - 4/19/2011   4:12:53 PM
    • 14
      Grilled Cheese - I know it can be fatty, but so good! - 4/19/2011   3:56:30 PM
    • KATRIEL2
      My favorite sandwich?? WOW Which one to choose.... I like roast beef, cheddar and cucumber on oatmeal bread... or there's tuna salad with a slice of red onion on a croissant... or what about lean honey ham, swiss cheese and tomato with olive oil mayo.... then there's the classic BLT on whole wheat.... or smoked turkey with tomato, lettuce, and bean sprouts on a garlic bagel... or what about.... See what I mean!?!?!
      - 4/19/2011   1:19:15 PM
    • 12
      I love a grilled chicken breast with a lot of veggies on whole wheat. - 4/19/2011   12:46:49 PM
      my favorite don't have one like tham all and those one loke - 4/19/2011   12:03:36 PM
    • 10
      I love sandwiches too, but try to limit them because of the high calorie and fat counts in the bread, bun, croissant, etc. I usually choose tuna or roasted vegetables or chicken breast on whole wheat bread of bun, no butter and limit the mayo. Honey mustard or salsa can give it a zing. - 4/19/2011   10:36:32 AM
    • 9
      My favorites include veggies and a great vegetarian sauce like guacamole or hummus. - 4/19/2011   10:00:07 AM
      If I'm not worried about "calories", then one of my favorite sandwiches is an eggplant parmesan sub !!! No, not the healthiest choice, but oh so yummy. Another less than healthy favorite is an Italian (meats) sub with everything. Those are a once in a blue moon treat.

      Usually, I like a nice grilled chicken sandwich or maybe a falafel wrap.

      - 4/19/2011   9:21:23 AM
    • SUSIEH11
      Useful tips.

      welcome to - 4/19/2011   2:26:25 AM
    • 6
      I love Rubens! - 4/19/2011   12:16:34 AM
    • 5
      Grilled chicken with honey mustard or lean medium roast beef shaved thin with spicy brown mustard. - 4/18/2011   11:49:25 PM
      Favorite Sandwich: Toast, Cucumber, Tomato, Cheese, Pepper, Mayo

      ...just try it once, I promise, you will not be disappointed!! - 4/18/2011   10:41:33 PM
    • 3
      Love tuna sandwich. Add a boiled egg to add extra protein. - 4/18/2011   9:18:33 PM
    • DELO99
      I love open face tuna sandwich with red pepper and cucumber and low fat mayo. - 4/18/2011   8:46:58 PM
    • 1
      I will definitely be trying the Greek tuna sandwich very soon! Maybe tomorrow for lunch. I can't wait. - 4/18/2011   8:35:43 PM

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