A Reminder: What Can You Do TODAY?


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  • 39
    This is a good point to keep in your thoughts and "keep your eyes on the prize" - 4/6/2017   1:56:59 PM
  • 38
    Try to get more than four or five hours sleep! (Turn off electronics one hour before bed, stop drinking water within two hours of bedtime, etc.) - 3/6/2017   2:38:22 PM
    Write your goals out and put them somewhere you will see them everyday! - 3/29/2016   6:03:35 AM
  • 36
    Drink 8 glasses of water, get up every hour, not binge. - 10/1/2015   6:32:40 AM
    Today I WILL get in at least 15 minutes of movement. I tend to put off "exercise" even tho I like to walk and even do videos?!? - 10/1/2015   12:31:16 AM
    Got to have patience! - 7/23/2015   4:20:40 PM
  • 33
    stop buying chips - 10/22/2014   10:33:16 PM
  • 32
    Track and weigh - 1/1/2014   1:34:25 AM
  • 31
    Talk myself into a better mood. I feel lousy today. - 12/6/2013   3:47:34 PM
  • 30
    Go grocery shopping for healthy foods so I won't have to get take-out. - 11/23/2013   8:48:14 AM
  • 29
    It's 6:30am. I've already got 2 glasses of water in. I'm going to eat an orange just before I go out for my walk/run this morning. Today, I'm going to attempt my 5K. - 5/23/2013   7:28:37 AM
  • JBOB78
    focus on the company not the food...Having lunch with a good friend today... A heatlhy thought out ahead of time lunch of course!! Her company is much more important than the food!! - 5/20/2013   9:21:33 AM
    100 degrees in Phoenix and I am emptying the shed collecting camping things I will not be able to use again for my daughter who is coming from Denver for a visit. Also collecting stuff for teachers to use at school. Getting rid of this stuff is ALMOST as good a feeling as losing weight! - 5/19/2013   6:24:23 PM
  • 26
    I am cleaning the house, organizing, and planning my meals for the week. - 5/19/2013   3:38:18 PM
  • 25
    Water !!!! Hydrate body and flush away toxins !!! - 5/18/2013   11:24:04 AM
    Park far from the store an take that extra walk fir more exercise. Keep drinking plenty of water. Eat smaller portion of food. Exercise a little more everyday. - 5/18/2013   9:19:55 AM
  • 23
    Be honest with yourself. Track, drink water, eat healthy and in range, and get moving. - 5/17/2013   5:25:28 PM
  • 22
    Water, water, water. - 5/17/2013   4:07:12 PM
  • 21
    Track it all-food, exercise, and water. The numbers don't lie. - 5/17/2013   2:40:44 PM
    Follow the Spark Solution's guidelines. It's working so far; I'm on day 5 of the 2 week plan but it is really a lifestyle. - 5/17/2013   2:08:27 PM
  • 19
    Eat a bowl of fruit at dinner before the actual meal, (I need to eat more fruit and eat less at dinner so this will assist in meeting both goals at the same time) - 5/17/2013   12:57:47 PM
  • 18
    Dig deeper into my eating habits & definitely take my workers up to 60mins on most days.....ugh! - 5/17/2013   12:49:23 PM
  • 17
    Dig deeper into my eating habits & definitely take my workers up to 60mins on most days.....ugh! - 5/17/2013   12:49:23 PM
    When I'm tempted to go back to bed instead of going to the gym, I tell myself that I can take a nap afterward. I usually don't feel like it, but when I do, I allow myself that because I most likely need the rest. - 5/17/2013   12:33:58 PM
  • 15
    Drink my water today. - 5/17/2013   12:31:35 PM
  • 14
    Take a 30 minute walk - 5/17/2013   12:25:14 PM
  • 13
    I've been doing doing the 10 minutes a day challenge for 16 days now so I will continue with that. If I haven't gotten to it by the end of the day I will at least do one of the short videos on here. I start our group back to water aerobics this week. It is THE best exercise for me! - 3/25/2013   12:15:43 AM
  • 12
    I'm exercising today no matter what! While my dinner is cooking I will pop in a DVD and go to work. Just for now all I want is today. Tomorrow is another story. - 10/1/2012   3:45:59 PM
  • 11
    I was very bad over the weekend, including the Monday Labor Day holiday. However, today I'm back on track. I brought homemade vegetarian chili and fresh fruit to eat at work, walked ~2 miles on my lunch hour despite the humidity, and I'm going to the gym after work for cardio and ST. And that's my plan for the rest of the week, too. Walking, gym, healthy eating. - 9/4/2012   4:00:21 PM
  • 10
    i'm going to the gym, with or without my workout buddy! - 9/4/2012   2:21:48 PM
  • 9
    Take the stairs! - 9/4/2012   9:42:39 AM
  • 8
    Walk, walk, walk - 9/4/2012   12:18:54 AM
  • 7
    Today was my darling little granddaughter, Grace Olivia's first birthday and I only had one half of a cupcake at our little party. On Saturday she's having her "big" party at CC's Pizza Parlor and I'll have the salad bar there. - 9/3/2012   10:21:00 PM
  • 6
    Exercise -- stay within daily calorie target! - 9/3/2012   5:11:34 PM
  • BRIKO2011
    Exercise! - 9/3/2012   5:07:04 PM
  • 4
    Sticking to my nutritious food plan and tracking it all.
    Water aerobics for an hour and a half. (just love the pool) I'm so lucky my gym has a pool!
    Feeling great about what and how I'm doing even when I'm in a plateau mode. - 9/3/2012   4:11:59 PM
  • 3
    Walk on the treadmill, drink 8 glasses of water, do not eat in between meals, drink black tea or green tea without milk, stay within calorie range, and do some housecleaning to 1) keep your home sanitary and clean to prevent diseases and illnesses where germs are hidden, and 2) to burn some more calories. Housecleaning is a valid exercise, and everything you do to move burns calories. Happy cleaning! - 9/3/2012   3:40:31 PM
    Stay in calories and stay on the TREADMILL! - 9/3/2012   3:24:17 PM
    Eat less salt - 9/3/2012   2:51:01 PM

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