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Editor's note: Once a month, ~INDYGIRL interviews a fellow 100-pound loser. Today, she's interviewing CRAZYMAMA46.
Lucy Herring-Parson (CRAZYMAMA46), 49, shed 202 pounds using The Marion, Ind., native started at 387 and currently weighs 185. She's working to maintain her weight.

~Indygirl:  How does maintaining your weight loss make you feel?

Lucy:  I feel wonderful at times and scared at times. I still have the fear of inability to keep going and the fear of hurting myself again.

~Indygirl:  Did you believe you could do it at first?

Lucy:  No

~Indygirl:  What was your “A-Ha moment”?

Lucy:  When I was in a workout class with some very young and fit people and we were struggling to do the last 30 seconds of two-minute planks. I thought I was talking to myself but some overheard me saying "You can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds." They all said afterward how much I encouraged them and that it made them hang in there when they heard me. They thought I was talking to all of them. I realized then that even when you are on your own journey it does help yourself to help others.

  What gave you a new zest for life?

Lucy:  The way I have overcome obstacles in my life and seeing my son look at me as an example.

~Indygirl:  What were the major changes you made to your eating plan?

Lucy:  I have learned about the benefits of food and really understand what I am putting into my vessel of life (my body). I enjoy learning about food, preparing food, and eating. I do not deprive myself of food. I have found a new love of healthy food, meals, and portions.

~Indygirl:  Did you exercise at all before joining SparkPeople? What do you do for exercise now?

Lucy:  I have exercised all my life. I just would stop and give up if the scale didn't drop 5 or 10 pounds a week or when I hurt. I learned not to be obsessed with the number on the scale and to find a way to work around injuries and chronic "vessel" problems. I also talk to my body and realize that this is a true partnership between body, mind, and soul.

~Indygirl:  What advice do you have for others out there who are just starting out?

Lucy:  Don't EVER give up and don't set yourself up for failure. Learn about yourself; mind, body, and soul. Take every minute as a bonus minute to your life and live it to the fullest. Love yourself now as you are and every "inch" of your path. Be happy and dance in your heart.

~Indygirl:  What advice do you have for those who have been on this journey for some time?

Lucy:  Stay true to yourself and don't worry about what others have or have not done. Celebrate the small goals along the way. Take the opportunities you get to encourage those around you.

~Indygirl:  What would you like us all to know?

Lucy:  I am so thankful for SparkPeople and the community of friends that I have found here. I have been on this journey by myself for a long time. The struggles that I have had to face have been made easier with SparkPeople. I have this little saying that I say "When setbacks happens, do sit-ups." I started this recently when I had to slow way down on the exercising. I was getting depressed and angry and it was showing so I had a conversation with my body and decided that if I can't work out on my feet I could SIT UP and work out. It has taken awhile but it works.

Lucy before her weight loss
How has Lucy inspired you?

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  • 118
    WAY TO GO!! Lucy, thanks for sharing your thoughts in your exercise class while doing planks," You can do anything for 30 seconds!!!" Good mantra for daily living and for motivation when life gets tough. You are one of the tough because you are a living example. I am very impressed that you have NOT allowed anything to get in your way. What a graet role model for your son. - 1/29/2018   1:41:41 PM
  • 117
    I love this! So proud of yu Lucy--Yu never gave up! - 1/29/2018   9:36:14 AM
  • 116
    This is a lovely blog with such good messages (encouragement). You are a true inspiration, and beautiful inside and out! - 1/8/2018   12:12:31 PM
  • 115
    Thank you Lucy - I needed to read this today & appreciate the wisdom you have shared. I'll have to remind myself that I can do anything for 30 seconds when I just want to wimp out. Happy Leap Year - it looks like you really took a leap! I don't think I could do that but then again, I didn't think I'd like a hot air balloon ride and I'd do that again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the motivation - something I really needed after a dud week last week! - 2/29/2016   12:43:58 PM
  • TIGER_LILY_613
    Way to go, Lucy ! Well done !!! - 11/11/2013   5:45:44 PM
  • 113
    Yes I am def inspired by her. Good job Lucy! You rock! What a great attitude! :) - 10/2/2012   2:49:35 AM
    Thanks for the inspiring pictures and story. I have just started thinking about losing and seeing your before and after and reading your story gives me some hope. - 10/1/2012   11:19:49 PM
    Thirty seconds more???? Thanks, Lucy! Now I feel that I can do it too! You look (AND ARE) absolutely fabulous! What a great inspiration to us all! - 9/29/2012   7:17:43 AM
  • 110
    Lucy you show me it is possible to loose weight with this site. Thank you so much! - 9/29/2012   1:16:39 AM
  • 109
    Very inspiring. I really needed to hear that today. Just finished my second week and the scale went up this morning so I've been battling not letting it get me down. Have to remember that it's just a minor setback. Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement. - 5/21/2012   11:02:20 AM
  • 108
    That's amazing! Thank you for sharing. :) - 4/9/2012   11:08:13 PM
  • 107
    Wow- what a lovely interview. Truly inspiring! - 4/9/2012   9:28:05 PM
    Oh Lucy, you are so full of wisdom and inspiration for me! Thank you so much and I'm wishing you the best for a happy, healthy life the rest of your days! - 4/9/2012   2:00:18 PM
  • 105
    Lucy you are a WINNER! AWESOME simply AWESOME! - 4/8/2012   5:19:29 PM
  • BOBCAT58
    Wow, what a great story! I'm 53 and used to weigh 405 pounds; most success stories about losing a lot of weight seem to be about people who are in their 20's or 30's. It was a little scary to try and lose 170 lbs. at my age. (Someone who had been thin all her life and gained weight when she was older even said it' impossible to lose weight after menopause. Intellectually I knew it wasn't true, but that sort of thing gets stuck in your head.) You are such an inspiration, I'm going to add this to my favorites and refer back to it when I get discouraged. - 4/8/2012   7:30:44 AM
  • 103
    You look great, - 4/8/2012   4:30:31 AM
  • 102
    ... awesome... very inspiring. I have only about 30 pounds to lose, and this seems like 100 to me, because I have never had a weight problem; so it is encouraging to me to know that I too can do this!... Thanks so much for sharing you should be very proud of what you have accomplished! - 4/6/2012   1:57:52 PM
  • 101
    Wow YOU look fabulous!! Great story thank you for sharing!! Good luck with the rest of your journey.
    - 2/22/2012   11:32:30 AM
    Thank you for sharing your story! I want to meet Richard,too! - 1/26/2012   10:33:57 AM
  • 99
    Very inspirational! Thank you so much for enlightening my eyes on so many of my own issues. I will apply "love myself now" daily. Congratulations and I know you will keep the weight off. - 1/18/2012   11:18:03 AM
  • 98
    Congrats and way to go CrazyMama!! Keep up the great work. - 12/20/2011   10:23:45 PM
  • 97
    I enjoyed reading story. What Amazing journey and Awesome results!
    Keep up the good work everyone!
    I love spark people - 12/20/2011   6:21:15 PM
  • 96
    Way to go! Keep up the good work! - 12/4/2011   10:41:59 AM
  • DREAM2009
    U R A ROCK START!!!!!! - 12/2/2011   8:29:19 AM
  • MSRESA8401
    WOW!!! congrats to you. an inspiration to us all!!! - 11/30/2011   9:49:06 PM
  • 93
    Very inspiring! I too have been on this journey for years alone. So glad I found the Sparkpeople Community for support. - 11/30/2011   9:22:08 PM
    Congratulations on your success and keep it up! Always remember that you have the amazing power to lose weight and you can keep it off. I love how you wanted to help others along the way, I feel the same obligation! - 11/30/2011   5:23:30 PM
  • 91
    Congrats on an Excellent job and very inspiring. - 11/30/2011   4:00:37 PM
  • 90
    truly inspiring - 11/30/2011   3:01:16 PM
  • 89
    You go girl!! It's harder for us "older ladies" but you're proof that it can be done~ GREAT JOB!! - 11/30/2011   2:24:27 PM
    Thank You lucy...You are an encouragement...I CAN AND WILL DO IT TOO....CONGRATS - 11/29/2011   8:21:23 PM
    Thank you for the great advice and you are a true inspiration! I love your comment on the journey involving your mind, body, and soul. Your quote to "Be happy and dance in your heart" will be posted on my mirror so I will remind myself daily to stay positive and to not give up!. I also feel a connection with you on my 46th birthday I did a tandum jump and this picture brought on that increadible rush I felt on that day "young and alive" Thank YOU! for sharing. - 11/29/2011   12:09:15 PM
    Love your motivational sayings, especially When setbacks happen, do sit ups!" Going to borrow that one. You have done a wonderful job. Thanks for posting this one. - 11/28/2011   9:56:46 PM
  • 85
    Wow! Very inspiring. - 11/28/2011   1:04:10 PM
    From one Hoosier to another you are awesome way to go!!!!!!!!!! - 11/28/2011   12:08:45 PM
  • 83
    one thing i have learned is simply to take every day as it comes. that has been my go-to mantra for the last 5 years of this up-again, down-again journey. - 11/28/2011   11:16:34 AM
  • 82
    Inspirational!! I wilil use "you can do anything for 30 seconds"!!!! - 11/28/2011   10:20:02 AM
    Great interview and Great story!
    Way to go! - 11/28/2011   8:09:07 AM
    That is such a wonderful accomplishment. I love reading about things like this. it lets me know that it IS possible! - 11/28/2011   7:24:17 AM
  • 79
    I love "you can do ANYTHING for 30 seconds" That is SO very true. Even if you have to work up to 30 seconds, for each second that you do it, you are moving ahead! - 11/27/2011   8:00:43 PM
  • 78
    AWESOME!!! - 11/27/2011   7:33:24 PM
  • 77
    congrats, that is totally awesome! you will inspire more people than you can imagine with your success keep up the good work and always remember this journey is about baby steps - 11/27/2011   5:11:16 PM
  • 76
    Love the positive vibes Lucy! WTG! - 11/27/2011   2:34:42 PM
  • 75
    You are certainly an inspiration to all and a hero to many ... Blessings as you work toward maintaining the great accomplishments you've made in getting, and now staying, healthy. I know I have copied your blog and will read it often as encouragement that I too can do the same. I'll let you know when I make it to goal.
    - 11/27/2011   10:07:13 AM
    Thank you for the outstanding example and inspiration! - 11/27/2011   9:05:33 AM
  • 73
    Thanks for the encouragement. You are an inspiration! - 11/26/2011   10:47:37 PM
  • MATIA7
    Thank you for sharing your are a great inspiration to me. - 11/26/2011   10:13:26 PM
  • 71
    AWESOME!! Thank you so much for sharing. You are a true inspiration. - 11/26/2011   10:06:07 PM
    Fantastic and awesome! You are a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing. - 11/26/2011   9:58:30 PM
  • STATS2332
    Good going! Your strength and determination has already exceeded all your dreams! You are terrific! - 11/26/2011   8:27:21 PM

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