Healthy, Homemade Gifts: Solid Perfume

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I had a final gift in mind, then I saw a really cool idea from BellaSugar.

Solid perfume is a great gift for the fit gal on the go. It travels easily, and it fits in any gym bag!

You could use old mint tins (like Altoids) and decorate the lids! You could also use old lip balm tins or get sample size lotion containers from a beauty supply store. (Buy the essential oils at Whole Foods or your local health food store.)

Find directions here!

I hope you've enjoyed the dailySpark's Healthy, Homemade Gift series. To see all the gifts, click here.

Which Healthy, Homemade Gift was your favorite?

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i make these and think they are great Report
I love this idea and can't wait to try it. thanks Report
Oh my gosh, this is such a great idea! I am definitely going to make these! Thanks so much! Report
I love this idea since my body chemistry tends to agree with scented oils and not the liquid perfumes in bottles. Report
Interesting. Report
Two of the ideas are tied in my opinion -- the rice socks and the scented bath salts. I have made rice socks before and this year I made the scented bath salts. Report
Oh this is just too cool!! I am going to try this, my mother in law (ie my best friend) would love it! Thanks... Report
This is a great idea, I have liked all the gift ideas, but I think the bath salts are my favorite. Report
I can't get the link to work, all of the words smoosh along the side and I can't read it :( Report
wow - this is such a great idea! next year I am going to have so many homemade gifts thanks to your articles! Report
Thanks for the great ideas! Report
This is one idea I had not seen before and sounds like a a really good one. Thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed the whole series. Report
wow how did I miss these! time to go seek out the others! Report
What a great idea, even to gift myself (thinking of goal rewards!). Report
I just finished making my first batch. It's going to make an awesome lip balm, too! Report
What an awesome gift idea! Gonna make some for myself, too.

I'd like to try it with coconut oil rather than jojoba, since I have some on hand. (Anyone else who does, be aware that coconut oil melts at 76F - just don't want it leaking in someone's purse that gets left in the car on a warm day...). Report
This sounds easy enough to do. Along with salt scrubs make a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing the info with all of us. Report
This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing it! Report
To answer my question: This recipe
uses 1tbsp of wax, 1tbsp of "base" oil, and a similar quantity of the essential oils. Intuitively that seems like a better amount and ratio, but I've never done something like this! Report
Is that recipe right? It says just 1/2 teaspoon of grated beeswax? Combined with the essential oils that's only about 2tsp total, which seems like it's small even for one of those little lip balm containers let alone a mint tin? Report
Im very much interested in the herb mixes. I have a friend getting married soon, and I think If I could put together a few bottles of herbs it will help to get the newlyweds off to a healthy tasty start! Report
The bath salts were my favorite. Thank you for all the great ideas! Report
These ideas were unique and timely. I really enjoyed the wide range of topics! Report
The solid perfume tins are by far the best gift idea ever. I can't wear perfumes so I always put on oils or creams. The oil is too oily and when I shop for the wax perfume tins they never have a scent I like. So I'm going to make myself some and some for all the women in my family. Thanks ever so much for making my day smell a little better! Report
I liked best the Rice (seed corn, lentil) Sock, Chocolate Spoons and then the Bath Salts for gifts. Report
I'd never thought of anything like this. It sounds really interesting. Report
These have all been great ideas Thank you Report
I have absolutely loved, loved, LOVED this topic! Keep 'em coming. I'm making myself a list of things I want to start making during 2009 for NEXT holiday season...well, and for pampering myself throughout the year. Report
Great idea. I am going to give this a try. Thanks. Report
This was an awesome series! I hope you seriously consider keeping it as a viable thread so we can all return and use the ideas here over and over. Report
Great Series, don't stop just because the holidays are over. We have Valentines day, Easter, Mother's day. This is great! Report
Oh ya, for sure, the Rice Socks were a great gift idea! (good for any age too; safe for kids, soothing to young & older friends).
Thank you for all those wonderful ideas that were relatively e-z to make, not too expensive & were fun to make & give for the holidays!
This doesn't sound like a a great gift to me..almost everywhere is scent free these days. And I am grateful for it. Report
The rice socks have been my favorite- I've been making them out of muslin and making cute flannel outer covers. I've got all the supplies for the chocolate dipped pretzels and am going to make them today. I also want to try making the bath salts and the herb mixture, and... Thanks so much for all of the wonderful ideas! Report
I definately enjoyed this series and personally found three things that I will be incorporating into my holiday gift giving....Thank you. Report
Great idea! Thanks for all of the helpful Christmas gifts. Report
I liked the rice sock idea the best. I dont see any of the very large size rice sacks one used to find however.... Report
Love the sock rice bag idea, will make some for Christmas gifts. Will make a few for myself too. Report
All of them have been great. Can you give us more? Report
Thanks!! Really neat!! Report
This homemade gift was definitely my favourite. To be honest, the perfume section of stores always makes me nauseous. I just find industry scents overwhelming. This is fantastic - customisable, travels well, and I know what's in it. Thanks! Report
Thank you for sharing and I like making homemade gifts too. They seem to mean more and appreciated too. I have always made my gifts for my family. Report
I would love if you could continue something like this. They keep you active and away from eating!! Plus they are great gifts. Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I love the rice sock! Report
I thought all of them were really neat -- I copied down the directions for the bath salts and also for the herb mixtures. And now this one on solid perfume is really fascinating -- I'll try that one for me and give it for gifts if I like it. I think homemade gifts are very special, to give or to receive. Thank You so much! Report
Thank you, SparkPeople, for wonderful homemade gift ideas! Report
I remember these ones from my childhood they were awesome! Thank you!
Claudia Report
The bath salts were my favorite. These were great. Any chance of continuing them? Report
These all have been great ideas thanks for sharing them with us. Report
my favorite was the rice sock, followed by the bath salts.
The oatmeal I already do (for myself!!), guess it's my daily gift to myself.. Report
Thanks for the great ideas! Now I can complete my Christmas gifts. Report
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