Burn It Off: How Much Jumping to Undo a Bagel with Cream Cheese?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Most mornings, you make time to prepare and enjoy a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal, an egg white omelet, whole grain cereal and fruit-infused smoothies make regular appearances at your breakfast table. But when you're running late, breakfast is often the first thing to go. On those hectic mornings, it's often easier to hit the drive-thru, gas station or coffee shop, feeling famished and ready to give in to temping pastries and or muffins. You try to make a good choice by selecting a whole grain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese while at Panera Bread (or Atlanta Bread Company in some regions). Did you make the right choice or will you pay for it later? Just how much damage will one bagel with cream choose do? Find out how long you'd have to jump on a mini trampoline to burn off this doughy breakfast.

Panera Bread bakes fresh breads, bagels and sweet pastries each day. While they taste delicious, they are often larger than a standard serving size, which adds calories and fat to a seemingly healthy meal. According to Panera's Nutrition Guide (you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this is a PDF document), the Whole Grain Bagel contains 350 calories and 3 grams of fat, while the 2-oz portion of reduced fat cream cheese adds 130 calories and 12 grams of fat, bringing this breakfast-on-the-run to 480 calories and 15 grams of fat.

According to SparkPeople.com's Fitness Tracker, a 150-pound woman who jumps on a trampoline burns 4 calories per minute. To burn off this chewy breakfast, you'd have to "rebound" non-stop for 2 hours! While jumping on a trampoline is a fun activity, that's a bit much for a bagel, don't you think?

You could save fat and calories on your bagel breakfast by watching your portions. A standard bagel serving is just 3 inches wide and contains 150 calories—not 4.5 oz like this one. And who needs a whopping 2 ounces of cream cheese? Just use enough to taste and you'll drastically cut calories and fat from your bagel breakfast. Better yet, cut that bagel in half and grab an apple or banana when you walk out the door.

Do you think a bagel with cream cheese is worth 2 hours of exercise? If not, tell us which breakfast foods are worth the calories to you!

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CECELW 1/14/2021
its been a long time since i've had a bagel Report
DIVAGLOW 12/22/2020
Sounds good, love bagels. Report
YMWONG22 9/8/2020
Thank you for the info. Report
I have enjoyed what I have read so far. Report
I think this was written for me because I love bagels with cream cheese Report
I passed away last year and found myself at the gates of Heaven. I was greeted by St. Peter who presented me with a bagel and cream cheese and a huge cup of caramel coffee. I proceeded to check into my own personal cloud which to my delight was constructed by Pillsbury. It was a huge fluffy biscuit oozing with butter, and my bed was a big round cheeseburger supported by a stack of hot french fries. Every hour an angel brought me chocolates, shortbread cookies, and ice cream. That's when I realized I was indeed in Heaven. The next day was I presented to the supreme ruler of the kingdom. I told her I didn't think the food up there in Heaven was very healthy. I insisted that there should be some method of burning off all the calories.

So she sent me to Hell. I lost a lot of weight in Hell. I was never allowed to sit down or stop exercising. I could only eat three times a day. The first meal was always egg whites with veggies. The second and third meals were always the same- a portion of protein the size of a deck of cards, a huge salad and a cooked veggie. I was told I had to eat this way for all eternity and keep moving.

I miss Heaven, but it's too late to go back.

NO- it is not worth it! Report
I really like the carbs in the diet! That's what I have to watch no matter what source it comes from. I like just a bowl of cereal and skim milk (sometimes with fruit). I think it is all about portion control, at least for me. Your comment about limiting the extras (like cream cheese) to just enough to taste is smart. Thanks for that tip. Report
I'm often tempted to skip bkfst because I don't feel as hungry as at other times, so I try to choose something relatively low cal in order to "save" for later in the day. Doing without bkfst is NOT a good idea. Report
I'm a thomas bagel thin junky especially the blueberry with a little grape jelly and I'm good. Report
Hard to believe what sounds like a healthy choice could be so calorie loaded! Report
Oh my gosh....I LOVEEEEE a toasted bagel and creme cheese! But it is soooo fattening. I only indulge if I go somewhere and it's being served fresh ...I tear a bagel in half and put on a couple of tablespoons of creme cheese. Then leave it alone. I think of creme cheese as if it's ice cream. I dont like the lower calorie versions that they sell at the store...they don't taste the same. Report
I'm with Jenhoang. Sausage gravy and jumbo biscuits. Report
480 calories is a totally reasonable breakfast. You are advocating to have half of a 150 calorie bagel with a piece of fruit, so 75 + 60ish = 135 calorie breakfast!! Spark, this is irresponsible. And the suggestion that a person needs to jump around to burn off a normal breakfast... this post is fodder for eating disorders! Report
The problem is many people have the bagel in addition to breakfast or as a snack. I prefer old fashioned cereal and milk. Report
Ummm. Nothing wrong with a little portion control of course, but we do need calories for breakfast, do we not? 480 calories is not at all unreasonable for an active person. Heck, I lost my 40lbs eating 480 calories for breakfast. I'm afraid I think this article is rather misleading, and not at all helpful for those that see calories as the enemy! Report
A bagel with cream cheese is DEFINITELY worth it! Honestly, this is my favorite breakfast food and while I don't eat it all the time, I wouldn't give it up for the world. 480 calories and 15g of fat is actually almost on target for my breakfast limits, so I wouldn't blink twice before eating one. Yum! :D Report
why in the world would I aim to burn off every calorie that i ate in a day?? Guess what? 480 calories of proteins and fruit take JUST AS LONG to burn off.
i find this a rather silly scare tactic.
my breakfast this morning, whole grain bagel, egg white and mozarella, was similar in calories. it kept me satisfied all morning, no need for a snack aside from tea. lunch, is smaller and less calories. so it all works out. Report
My breakfast now consist of raw spinach and broccoli,and fresh fruit raspberry, strawberries, pineapple, mango, banana, raw egg. Water and flax seeds and I feel good and full of energy till my next meal... Report
My "on the go" breakfast is always at McDonalds...since that is where i work. If I forget to pack my food for break, I will usually get either an oatmeal (Yum! and has 1/2 cup fruit)...or english muffin (have them leave the butter off) w/ peanut butter and a parfait. Report
I'll eat a PowerBar or a bowl of Kashi GoLean with almond milk for breakfast usually, but I have to say, I love my bagels when I get them. I'm not a fan of restricting my diet. It makes me grouchy and depressed to say, "I can't eat that, it's too many calories." Instead, I will trade off the white bagels for the whole grain ones. That way I know that I'm benefiting from the grains and not loading my belly with bleached and processed and preserved crap. I can compromise my calories later in the day. Report
I regularly eat a Thomas' Hearty Grains bagel with cream cheese in the mornings...sometimes add a microwaved scrambled egg. Has been no detriment to my weight loss program and is very tasty & satisfying. Report
Wow, and to think I used to have 4 bagels and 2 packages of cream cheese at a TIME! -_- Report
I eat a whole wheat bagel (240 calories only!) and cream cheese (1 tbsp) every single morning for breakfast, along with a hard boiled egg (only half of the yolk, though) and 8 oz of skim milk. This has been my breakfast every day for approx. 20 years. I need something substantial in my belly in the morning. Report
I haven't eaten a bagel in over 5 years! I wouldn't dream of eating either cream cheese (even reduced fat) or a bagel because it's not worth the calories! I'll stick to my high fiber (high satiety) oatmeal w/blueberries - my breakfast of choice almost every morning since 1/2/06! Report
It's funny, my boss and I were talking about this the other day! I grew up in a place where bagels and cream cheese weren't really known as breakfast foods. She, on the other hand, grew up in Long Island. At any rate, I suppose it's not the worst breakfast you could possibly have (look at any of the nutritional info for IHOP, for example!) but I like to keep protein bars around in case I don't have time to make a real breakfast. Report
I love bagels, but I found they mess up my sugar. However, on occasion, a bagel (cinnamon rasin) with a little bit of spray butter is heavenly. Report
Keep some oatmeal high fiber breakfast bars handy, more fiber, less calories. Report
Bagel Thins are a great substitue for the fatter bagels. In a pinch, when on the road, I'll get an egg McMuffin for 310 calories. My go to breakfast is Alvarado St flax seed bread (X2) with natural peanut butter & non fat milk frothed in my coffee- yummo! Report
Good reality check! Report
Sometimes you can still find those little bagels. I think if you have a craving, indulge it in moderation. I will usually use one of the sprouted grain hot dog buns and slice the "half" (top or bottom of the bun) in half length-wise and toast it so it's thin and crispy and then just enough (vegan substitute) cream cheese to get the taste. I feel like I've indulged myself but I also don't feel like I've fallen off the "wagon." Report
There used to be small bagels they sold in the stores in the freezer area, Lenders I think was the brand, you could eat the whole bagel, use fat free cream cheese, and it wasn't nearly so high in calories. When it's mentioned to eat HALF, of something, the other half gets stale, or gets tossed, or whatever, it's a bogus solution I think. If I loved and adored bagels, I'd buy the small ones and be glad to have that, never go to some restaurant and buy those huge ones in the first place. There must be alot of people who don't care though, bagel places are still open. Report
My regular breakfast of oatmeal, fruit and coffee is below 200 cals; on my days off I eat my world famous muesli for 300 calories. 480 calories is a bit much for breakfast, BUT you can plan your day around it, if you really love bagels. Every body is different. Report
I live in Philadelphia...bagels used to be chewy...not doughy...what happened?
trying to find a bagel cook in water and not the oven is almost impossible.
But if I want crunchy I toast it twice w butter. 1/2 bagel w 1/2 serving butter. Report
I eat a whole wheat bagel with goat cheese every day, and I'm still within all my nutrient ranges. Go figure. There's nothing wrong with any one particular food so long as you plan for it. Report
Glub. I just can't think about eating a gummy bagel or slimy cream cheese. But the article is FASCINATING! Understanding food this way makes it much easier to walk away from. Years ago I used to eat donuts, and a military friend of mine said, "You may as well eat a grenade." I never forgot that =) Report
Nope...not for a bagel and cream cheese. Now....if it was for a sausage egg mcmuffin complete with a side of hash brown. Oh no...I'm on my way to McDonald's! (just kidding!) : ) Report
I love bagels. Why? (sobbing) I love cream cheese even more. (Throwing myself on the floor) Report
Jumping for two hours on a trampoline isn't my choice of exercise. 1/2 of a whole wheat bagel with 1 tsp. of cream cheese and two small pieces of lox is worth the calories for me. Anything in moderation. I'm not eating the whole bagel with 4 tbs. of cream cheese anymore. Report
For a bagel? Forget about it....but if we were talking eggs benedict or sausage gravy with biscuits...Although who knows how many calories are in each of those dishes. I might have to be on the trampoline all day long.....
I've definitely noticed that if I input my food/meal BEFORE I eat it sometimes I'm so shocked I'll change my mind. It's just not worth the extra calories(but then again sometimes it is...)
Once I made some fried sweet potato fries. Man, do I wish I had looked up the nutriontal value before I ate them. I was kicking myself for days after that..lesson learned. Report
Hmmm I GUESS the only thing worth 2 hours non-stop 'rebounding' would be a MacDonalds double sausage and egg McMuffin. LOL.....

Sorry =P Report
This is one of my favorite breakfast food which I eat in moderation. I'll make up for it during lunch and dinner. Worth it, yes! Report
Have one of Panera's mini wild blueberry scones instead! Report
I really don't even like bagels - too chewy and sticky. I'd much rather have some low fat berry yogurt with a little cereal stirred in! Report
I definitely don't think it's worth. Seems like too many carbs and too many carbs never seem to satiate me. I prefer egg whites and oatmeal with bananas and milk, an egg sandwich, or I will eat the Thomas' thin bagel with light cream cheese or laughing cow topped with strawberries and egg whites on the side for a more filling breakfast at a lesser amount of calories Report
To be fair, you don't actually have to burn off every calorie you take in in a day, and my aim is 3 400-cal meals and 2 200-cal snacks (1600 cals per day) with 200 cal worth of exercise (net 1400 cals). So the bagel with half the cream cheese would not put me over. In addition, I find bagels to be quite filling as they are high in carbs and protein (and not fat) - but the amount of cream cheese put on a bagel you buy at a shop is ridiculous and I do agree that you could easily use half as much and make this a normal sized meal. Report
Well, this explains a lot. I used to grab a bagel on the way to work every morning. And it was not a whole grain bagel, nor was the cream cheese reduced fat. I knew it wasn't the best choice, but I didn't think very hard about how bad that choice really was.

Now, I bring my breakfast to work--either a whole grain mini bagel, two kavli crispbreads or one slice of whole grain bread with neufchatel cheese (similar fat content to reduced fat cream cheese without the off-putting taste) and smoked salmon and arugula or spinach, along with some fresh berries and mango. Less calories than the bagel & cream cheese, and a lot more flavor, fiber and nutrients. Report
Bagels are great as a sometime breakfast, but a homemade egg McMuffin is worth the splurge for me. I walk faster and longer on that day. Report