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Happy Halloween, dailySpark readers! I hope you're all enjoying your Halloween so far. What's does the crystal ball hold for you today? Candy? Trick-or-treating with the kids? Pumpkin carving? Perhaps a pumpkin-flavored treat?

To help you get through this spooky day with minimal temptations, I've got plenty of distractions, in the form of links.

But first, check out this awesome photo of the SparkPeople tech team all dressed up for Halloween:

That would be Bert, Wolverine, Walker Texas Ranger, Dave's Facebook page, and a talking computer. I'm not sure why only men at SparkPeople decided to dress up; many more people dressed up in the office last year!

From SparkPeople:

Surprisingly High-Calorie Halloween Tricks

BOOtiful Halloween Treats!

No Tricks! Just Healthier Halloween Treats!

10 Tricks to Avoid the Halloween Treats

And from elsewhere around the web:

Hungry Girl's At-A-Glance Halloween Candy Guide! from Hungry Girl
Hungry Girl is in the know about all our favorite foods, including Halloween candy. Check out her comprehensive guide--like most everything she does, it rocks!

Abbi's Favorite Pumpkin Donuts, from Yoga is Yummy
Healthy baked doughnuts? Made with pumpkin? Yes, please!

Treats that Trick, from Fit Bottomed Girls
The FBGs weigh in on Halloween's best and worst offerings.

More U.S. Schools Cutting Out Junk Food, from Diet Blog
Not all schools are welcoming Halloween candy and other sweet and unhealthy foods.

Reality Check: Does Candy Turn Kids into Monsters? from Nutrition Data blog
According to some research, sugar isn't to blame for kids' hyperactive behavior.

How are you spending your Halloween? Will you have a treat today? I'll be in Cleveland with my sister--I'm not sure whether we'll dress up, but my Magic 8 Ball assures me there will be one tasty dessert with two forks in our future.

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  • 50
    WHAT! No Coach Nicole dress up? After her run-away win last year I expected great things. Dave's Facebook page has to be my fav this year. Too funny. - 11/4/2009   9:04:38 PM
  • 49
    I spent the weekend with my parents, who are in a retirement home, but I stayed at their house, where I lived as a kid. We don't get many trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, but I decided to get some candy "just in case" for the old neighborhood. And it was a good thing, too!!! I was overrun! It was a blast! I do have some candy left over, and I'm eating it one fun-size candy bar a day. - 11/3/2009   4:54:18 PM
    Last year I had those tiny boxes of raisins for the kids. We don't get too kids many and I figured I could use the left overs. Well, first kid at my door says: raisins? yuck. LOL! This year they got candy. - 11/3/2009   9:41:47 AM
  • JUDYANN069
    I had 1 Reese peanut butter cup and sent the leftovers to the grandkids. I'm lucky to live in a small neighborhood so we don't need to have too much candy for trick-or-treaters - 11/3/2009   8:15:36 AM
  • 46
    Halloween is over, and we didn't get one trickertreater. GH is taking the whole lot to work. 8-) - 11/3/2009   2:38:32 AM
    I am in love with anything flavored pumpkin. - 11/3/2009   12:31:44 AM
  • 44
    Just like Christmas and Easter don't do it! It's all commercial and stupid putting the marketing people in a frenzy to get money so how can anyone fall for any of it....come on wake up! - 11/2/2009   10:32:04 PM
  • 43
    we dont celebrate hallowen, so it it like anyother day for us - 11/2/2009   6:20:40 PM
  • 42
    Not a single piece of candy eaten by me this year! HUGE improvement over last year. - 11/2/2009   12:39:02 PM
    Made it through Halloween without indulging in too much chocolate. Thanks sparkpeople :) - 11/2/2009   12:35:53 PM
  • 40
    I was bad... bad... bad... :-((
    but back on tha saddle today! HA! :-)) - 11/2/2009   10:06:52 AM
  • 39
    Our street is too busy (and no sidewalks) for safe trick-or-treating (and our doorbell never rings on Halloween), so we drove to a nearby neighborhood (our twins know the kids there from the bus route). The twins are almost 13, but still let us walk around with them. We ran into a lot of people that we know from Scouts and school. It was a very warm day (70 degrees) in Massachusetts, but very windy - we lost power for 30 minutes during trick-or-treat time!

    I had bought candy bars for our 4 neighborhood kids, which my daughter delivered before going out to trick-or-treat. I did buy candy bars, one for each of our 3 kids and one for my DH. I bought candy for myself, but nothing like I would have done years ago. The kids swap the candy they don't like with each other, and their dad takes a "10% candy tax" for driving them to trick-or-treat (though he doesn't really take 10%; he just likes to try a few of what they get). That calls for some serious negotiating on their part! I stay out of it, but I did get a few Butterfinger snack size (one bite, really) because the kids don't like those. Once the night was over, my candy was gone and I'm back on track already. - 11/2/2009   10:02:27 AM
  • 38
    I am so fortunate...my children love to dress up for Halloween and go trick-or-treating but they eat very little of the candy and give most of it away. Wow - I wish I had been that focused on my health when I was a kid. - 11/2/2009   9:24:27 AM
  • DTOUR478
    I took the kids trick or treating and I was most grateful for the nice weather and the smiles on their faces :) - 11/2/2009   8:32:52 AM
  • 36
    Nothing but getting some much needed rest from my work week. - 11/2/2009   6:35:12 AM
    We passed out candy to the kiddies and had a Halloween party at the same time. Lots of people attended the party. Though there were lots of wonderful desserts, I tried to stick to the veggie platter and diet coke. I feel better today for it. - 11/2/2009   12:20:10 AM
  • 34
    We live in a very deserted area so it was like any other day. - 11/1/2009   10:45:08 PM
    We dressed up and had a wonderful time! - 11/1/2009   8:36:49 PM
    I spent Halloween enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather 3 days after a snow storm that dumped 18-20 inches at my home! I went out for a bike ride and did some exploring. Racked up 55 miles which was way more than I intended. I live in a condo, so no trick or treaters - I always wonder why given condos are dense housing - seems like a kid could make out like a bandit with little effort! Oh well, we've learned not to buy any candy since we'd just end up eating it ourselves. - 11/1/2009   5:47:01 PM
  • ACAD21SF
    We had a family Halloween Party. Fun time filled with hayrides, bobbing for apples and a costume contest. - 11/1/2009   5:43:21 PM
  • 30
    This was our first year in a house, so it was my first year of candy duty! :D We had about 16 kids, which was double what I was expecting, based on polling the neighbors. I dressed up, and really, really decorated the front yard, so I enjoyed myself a lot this year. :D

    I snacked a little, but I left the candy alone. Had some toasted pumpkin seeds and an apple. :) - 11/1/2009   4:55:25 PM
    I spent the evening watching Batman movies no tricker treaters - 11/1/2009   4:20:29 PM
  • 28
    We always have droves of kids so we never know how much to plan for so this year I kept a tally. Over 500 kids by 9:00PM. Then we came in and turned off the porch lights and pulled the curtains but about 9:30 another bunch pounded on the door. We enjoy every minute of it. DH hands out the treats ( I keep his basket supplied) and has Poochie next to him on a leash. Half the kids were more interested in petting Poochie than the candy. So we had a total of 525 kids. - 11/1/2009   2:33:51 PM
  • 27
    I handed out candy to about 120 kids (some didn't look like kids but I thought if they are gutsy enough to come to the door I am giving them a treat anyway). I enjoyed the costumes and one boy dressed in "Pittsburgh Steelers" uniform (yeah) complimented my house saying "I must say you have a very beautiful house". Made me laugh and reminded of Eddy Haskell (for those old enough to remember Leave-it-to-Beaver). The best part is I only had one piece of candy last night before bed and it was a small
    Tootsie Roll. THAT, is a major accomplishment for ME!!! - 11/1/2009   1:26:20 PM
  • 26
    I stayed home. My husband handed out the candy and I kept my hands and mouth busy by knoshing on toasted pumpkin seeds. - 11/1/2009   1:18:23 PM
  • 25
    We went to church on Halloween in a nearby city. Their teenagers were in charge of everything. About 40 of them. It was wonderful. - 11/1/2009   12:32:08 PM
  • 24
    Unbelievable! We only had one group of kids...looked more like high schoolers to me! But, since I'm a substitute teacher, one middle school girl I knew and she told me the other gal was her aunt plus her boyfriend who recently moved in down the street from us. So, it was nice to meet neighbors at any rate. Now I have these cute frosted brownie sandwich cookies I made (yes, I ate one...good, but not worth the calories again) and will give them to a family we're having over for lunch after church today. They have four little girls so maybe there won't be any leftover cookies! As for candy, I had "backup" of Junior Mints which are very low WW points, if I ever get the urge for something sweet. Two are enough (6 in a little box), only 1 WW point, and almost too sweet for me anyway. Now to get through next weekend's birthday outing.... - 11/1/2009   10:54:58 AM
  • 23
    My DH gave out candy while I held onto the dog. Had about 75 children. We followed BHG's best candy choices: twizzlers, blow pops, Kit Kats, PayDay, & Peppermint Patty (we like the last 3). Thankfully 90% is gone. - 11/1/2009   10:23:22 AM
  • 22
    We dress up to pass out candy. Plus we don't buy anything we would eat. If the kids are willing to walk up to us, they can have the candy. Hehe! - 11/1/2009   7:30:00 AM
  • 21
    Gave out the candy, but the cold, damp weather made for a slow night. Spent some time with one of dh's old friends, then made sure I got that extra hour of sleep! - 11/1/2009   7:02:59 AM
  • 20
    I walked four miles in the Halloween Bone Run and Walk to fight osteoporsis!! - 11/1/2009   6:14:26 AM
  • 19
    I just stayed in and watched Ghostbusters I & II. - 11/1/2009   2:49:24 AM
    Made some cookies at home. I got to control the sugar content. I really behaved myself and ate no candies! - 11/1/2009   1:56:59 AM
  • 17
    NO SWEETS FOR ME! Instead I went out Trick or Treating for my three little granddaughters that were too sick to get to go...good for me...a little walking in the cool crisp damp air (47* and me with asthma...I must be a GREAT grandma!) - 10/31/2009   11:46:04 PM
  • 16
    Nothing out of the ordinary for me today, unless you count taking an early evening job and seeing all the trick or treaters in their finest! I would like to give those pumpkin donuts a whirl though. They sound like they have potential to be great. - 10/31/2009   10:05:21 PM
  • 15
    Dressing up for me was yesterday as a rabbit at work. Did my best rabbit impersonation today on a Halloween 5k. :~) Enjoy Cleveland with your sister! I talked to mine in WV this evening. - 10/31/2009   9:49:07 PM
  • 14
    no sweets or candy treats but I did go out to dinner and watched my portions but enjoyed myself. - 10/31/2009   9:11:22 PM
  • 13
    At our Mental Health Awareness Club they have taken out the candy machine with chips, candy, and gum in it. They also have a canteen that they sell different treats. Now they sell healthy snacks and 100 calorie snacks and fruit and all diet soda. No more soda that has calories. They also won't let us walk down to McDonald's to get cokes or treats. We go do Cardio training 4 days a week for an hour. How's that for changing habits in time for Halloween. - 10/31/2009   7:35:54 PM
  • MBOB4921
    Happy Halloween - 10/31/2009   5:56:21 PM
  • 11
    Happy Halloween! - 10/31/2009   5:47:53 PM
    I had a nice Halloween run @ Rancho San Antoino
    I love halloween treats-Rabbit
    Halloween Cookies and Pumpkin treat!!Tops up - 10/31/2009   5:29:21 PM
  • 9
    Great information thanks! I am taking my son trick or treating. My two daughters will be out with freinds. And later I will stop by a freinds Halloween patty. I will try to eat just a little treat or two. Happy Halloween!
    - 10/31/2009   5:23:04 PM
  • 8
    Spending the weekend with my family...had too many "treats last night" with hubby and kids watching t.v. Back on the wagon today. Have fun with your Sister! - 10/31/2009   4:42:18 PM
  • 7
    thanks - 10/31/2009   2:54:51 PM
  • 6
    I am working and then working out. Later I'll spend it with family. - 10/31/2009   2:53:09 PM
  • 5
    VITCHY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY HALLOWEEN - 10/31/2009   2:14:29 PM
  • 4
    Today is my Birthday!! - 10/31/2009   2:03:57 PM
  • 3
    I am going to try real hard to not eat treats. I am going to a local bar that's having a costume party. I will be drinking diet soda and not muching at all. I am going as a go-go dancer and I am out to enjoy myself with a good friend. I bought candy to give out that is not chocolate so that is not even a temptation. - 10/31/2009   1:39:50 PM
  • 2
    Happy Halloween to one & all!!! Just try to do my trickin' than treatin' LOL!!! - 10/31/2009   12:51:07 PM
  • 1
    PUMPKIN DONUTS? Heck yes! I can't go for a week without a pumpkin-based baked good these days, and now that cider donuts are forbidden, I'm psyched to find a healthier autumnal option. - 10/31/2009   12:17:11 PM

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