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Firm your arms, abs, and butt at the office! This sneaky workout is so quick (just 10 minutes!) your boss will never know you're exercising at your desk.
Blade Kiss and Circles
What you'll need: A desk, a chair, and a pen
Targets: Shouldersupper back
  1. Sit straight on chair with feet and legs together, abs engaged, arms extended at shoulder level in front of you, palms down.
  2. Draw shoulder blades together to make them "kiss"; relax shoulders. Do 5 reps.
  3. Keeping arms extended, make 10 apple-size circles with hands. Do combo 8 times.
Targets: Thighs
  1. Stand with feet together behind chair, holding onto its back with both hands.
  2. Lift heels off floor to rise up on tiptoe, squeezing thighs together.
  3. Keeping abs engaged, back straight, and heels up, rotate lower body to left.
  4. Bend knees slightly and move body down and up 1 inch; do for 1 minute.
  5. Lower heels. Repeat, rotating to right. (For an extra challenge, place a piece of paper between thighs, and don't drop it!)
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  • 10
    Love the tips and imagining how good it will feel to have more activity than just the steps at work! - 11/17/2011   10:19:38 PM
  • 9
    Thanks for the tips! I will give them a try. - 11/17/2011   9:47:05 PM
  • JULIA1154
    I'd find it helpful to see an illustration of that 2nd exercise, as I can't quite picture it...

    I do a variety of exercises at my desk but also like to get outdoors when I can for a 10-15 minute walk during the day. It helps clear my head and refreshes my eyes in addition to all the other benefits of a quick walk. - 11/17/2011   2:26:51 PM
  • 7
    I love getting extra steps & smaller workouts done in the office so this sounds great! Thanks! - 11/17/2011   12:51:09 PM
  • 6
    I think I'll try them all. - 11/17/2011   11:10:04 AM
  • 5
    Love this one! And it breaks up the day and makes you feel GOOD about yourself! - 11/17/2011   10:56:37 AM
    I like taking a lunch time walk. Some days, it's good to get away from the desk. - 11/17/2011   10:08:39 AM
    We've got "Wellness Week" at work right now. Tuesday was "Motion Day" and I posted the SP article on "Office Power Boosters" to our Wellness Sharepoint site just to see how much trouble I could get myself into :) That same afternoon one of my colleagues organized a trashcan basketball tournament in her office. Don't know what my boss thought about it but we had fun. - 11/17/2011   9:15:41 AM
  • 2
    Great Tips! Thank you. I'm always looking for ways to move the body while sitting at an office desk in front of a computer for hours at a time. - 11/17/2011   8:59:59 AM
  • 1
    Great ideas! I have been working a active job for 25 years and have just taking a desk job for the first time in my life. Definately will try to use these ideas. Thx.
    - 11/17/2011   6:13:30 AM

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