Fun Fitness Fashions for Spring!


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The first signs are spring are, well, springing here in Cincinnati, and I'm thrilled! This time of year I love to start searching for new and fun workout clothes. Here are a few of the new items that caught my eye while searching online.

LIVESTRONG Essential Women's Sports Top ($23.97) from Nike (above)

Reflection Run Visor ($24) from Lululemon

Yoga Siren Racerback ($44) from Lucy

Udaya Tank ($54) by Athleta

Women's V-Neck T-Shirt with Bonus Headband ($6), from Wal-Mart

What are you shopping for this spring?

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  • 49
    my bottoms wear out long before my tops....I was looking for and found
    some great workout capris! I love that they are a size smaller than I purchased last year....! - 4/12/2012   12:23:59 PM
  • 48
    I thought the v-neck t-shirt looked really good, so I went and bought a couple. Unfortunately, the way the v-neck is sewn, it ends up with this knot of fabric on the inside of the front v seam and when I was power walking in it, it rubbed a raw spot where it rubbed on my chest. Both shirts went back the next day. :-( - 4/11/2011   2:33:07 AM
  • 47
    I really like the v-neck t-shirt. I hope it comes in plus sizes. - 3/28/2011   12:30:54 AM
  • 46
    I stay up to date on fitness gear. I just love it and it feels good when working out. No excuses. I am looking for great pair of socks for running. Lots of cushion. - 3/27/2011   11:10:28 PM
    Great information! It is about time I stepped up my fitness fashion game! - 3/25/2011   11:58:16 AM
  • 44
    I never felt good about wearing work out clothes after having three boys. My ex-husband never made me feel good about myself either. He never told me I was beautiful or a hottie. My high school sweetheart and the man of my dreams tells that all the time. I too have bought the Danskin Now work out gear and since loosing about 20 pounds I don't feel ugly in them. My one son told me when I put the work out capris on: Mom, you don't have ass dimples. Between my love and my son I am more determined to lose the last few pounds and tone what I have. I love being able to buy the workout gear and not be afraid to wear it out in public! - 3/25/2011   8:37:06 AM
  • 43
    BWL (Before Weight Loss) I purchased the Danskin Capri length work out pants and matching tops at Walmart and as well as a number of sale rack cotton tops from both Walmart and K-Mart. SWL (Since Weight Loss (and still working towards my goal)) I recently purchased more Danskin Capri lengthwork out pants, matching tops, and hoodies. The prices are VERY reasonable and the quality is surprisingly good.

    Yesterday, my new walking buddy told her husband "I want work out gear like Robin!" I told her I got the outfits at Walmart and the prices were like $6 - $12 each (less on the sale racks) and she almost didn't believe me!

    My only "complaint" is while I wear a size 14 in pants, and Mediums - to Larges in tops I have to buy XL in the Danskin brand. (Same was true when I was in 3X - 4X I had to by 4X to 5X in the same thing.)

    It can be a bit deflating when you have worked so hard to lose weight and have reached a specific size and have to "up" the size to get into, of all things, work out clothes! It won't keep me from purchasing them though as they are cute, well made, and COTTON (I do not do well with the "space age" fabrics.)

    Even at my skinnest, I have NEVER been one to wear sleeveless tops (for a myriad of reasons) unless they were/are layered under a sweater or another top. My bigges gripe is manufacturer's make all these really nice looking tops in JUST sleeveless styles and do not offer them with short (NOT cap) sleeves for those of us who do not wish to have bare arms (for esthetic, comfort, moral or religious reasons).

    A few of my biggest fashion related wishes are that sizes ran more "true" across brand names; that tops were offered in sleeveless, short, 3/4 and long sleeved versions; and tops were longer in the body as they either shrink (and I wash in cold water, dry on ultra low heat, or hang dry!) or are not long enough to go past the broadest point of my hips....HELLO!!! NOT flattering! ;0P I can ALWAYS shorten the top if it is too long, but it is a bit difficult to effectively lengthen one. OH! One more wish is that the drawstrings on work out pants were on the inside rather than the outside as I hate the lump it creates in the middle of my stomach. (I tuck the ends back into the waistband to try to mitigate the lump right now, but having the drawstring tie on the inside would work better and look smoother.)

    ANYWAY, ladies (especially those looking for extended sizes and/or reasonable prices) check out the Danskin brand at Walmart...just be sure to try them on before purchasing to make sure you have selected the right size! - 3/24/2011   8:39:43 PM
  • 42
    looking for something small, black and sexy. Also bought 2 pairs of shape-ups for walking - 3/23/2011   11:17:41 PM
  • 41
    When I had my WLS I was wearing huge long tee shirts which were comfy and covered me. I'll only wear cotton, can't stand the cold/wet feeling of nylon or the "wicking" fabric. I also wore lite cotton knit pants. I wasn't in "fashion" but I was comfortable. When I lost a chunk of weight I started shopping Walmart for their Athleetic Works line and found black, blue and grey lycra/cotton knit work out pants with flared ankle for 10$, and bright tees and 3/4 length sleeve tops to go with sometimes for 4-8$ depending on sales and time in the season. I've been wearing this gear for several years now, despite putting about 50 lbs back on. I squeeze into them and am waiting for them to fit better and show less bulge. When they fit better, it'll probably be time to buy new again, but I don't see the same line or style in Walmart anymore. Sometimes they have Danskin...haven't looked in their active wear section lately... don't like shopping for clothes so much when I'm carrying the extra lbs...
    Try Bra outlets like Maiden form, go to a real bra shop where they actually know how to fit us larger girls, they'll get you something with support, and you'll feel and look great in it. I'll be an investment though. My first time I think I spent 50$ on the bra that Oprah recommended years ago. I found what the style offered to me in Maiden form and switched to get more from them on sale and at outlets. - 3/23/2011   10:02:01 PM
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  • 39
    We need to exercize to lose weight, but we can't find clothes to exercize in. I blogged about that very frustrating thing the other day. Fit Bottomed Girls did a "answering reader questions" entry on that very topic, and they suggested a few sites, but two of the sites were expensive, and for the Target suggestions, they only had a few items. I don't wear tank tops - my arms keep on flapping, making it difficult to find cute shirts, so I can only wear big t-shirts. That said, I did find a very cute pair of cropped workout pants at Target in the plus size. I bought two pair - they are super comfy and adorable. - 3/23/2011   9:13:36 AM
  • 38
    While the black ones are kind of faded, most of my bottoms are fine for another season, but I love Gap's new GapFit line so I picked up a bright, pretty top in pink today. Desperately need workout bras too. Need to search through Lululemon's sales racks. - 3/22/2011   10:31:52 PM
  • 37
    Just got a new pair of running shoes, socks and a couple of pairs of shorts :) I need some new sports bras too, but can't find anything I like, which means if they are cute, they don't support and if they support, they are ugly! Any help? - 3/22/2011   5:45:40 PM
  • 36
    I would find these products more interesting if they were modelled by a size 16 or 18 instead of a 4 or 6. - 3/22/2011   2:47:51 PM
    I am looking for new tops and new sneakers. Onwards to Target! - 3/22/2011   2:25:25 PM
  • 34
    I'll look at The Biggest Loser site, too. This "article" is just one big ad and offers zilch for many of us who joined SP because we needed real help. - 3/22/2011   11:47:52 AM
  • 33
    I agree that they are expensive and don't come on my size! C'mon Lululemon! 12 IS A LARGE???!!! Throw females a bone! We are your customer base! - 3/22/2011   11:34:29 AM
  • 32
    Girls- I have searched for the perfect sports bras and have two good options for you!! While they are expensive they SUPPORT your girls and there's NO BOUNCING!! Check them out here:

    I have both of them and they are incredible! - 3/22/2011   10:05:00 AM
  • 31
    Hopefully a smaller size... - 3/22/2011   8:32:56 AM
  • 30
    While everything looks really cute, the racer-back tanks would not work for a busty girl not to mention they are way out of my price range. I'm headed to Target & Walmart and look for sleeveless tops for warmer weather. - 3/22/2011   7:24:16 AM
  • 29
    would love to try some of the items mentioned in the articles, but, read most of them dont come in my size, so, i am shopping for some really good walking shoes...and not the shape-ups, just regular walking shoes - 3/21/2011   11:15:36 PM
  • 28
    Old Navy! Lots of good stuff and usually on sale! - 3/21/2011   11:12:55 PM
  • 27
    Some of these clothing items cost more than what Ive been able to spend on clothing for the enitre year so far hehe. - 3/21/2011   10:13:25 PM
  • 26
    Target had some really cute wicking racer back tops & sports bras the other day in bright colors. I was so tempted, but we still have snow on surrounding foothills! I'm hoping to be a smaller size by warm weather--if it ever gets here.

    $24 for a visor? That must be some visor. - 3/21/2011   7:07:04 PM
  • 25
    KIMISUE16 Is the BIGGEST LOSER shirt doesn't come in anything over a 2X then get it and take it to an alteration shop and have side panels put in so it will fit you. (When I was growing up my mother bought clothes in "the bargain basement" and we took them apart and downsized them to fit me, so I know about making adjustments.I was thin then, but she found a lot of 16's on the rack.) - 3/21/2011   7:00:18 PM
  • 24
    I'd love to find a long sports bra with pockets in the back for my long runs. - 3/21/2011   6:18:05 PM
  • 23
    I bought some new running shows last week. Yesterday at Target I bought some new workout pants and top for less than $15! Oh how I love clearance! - 3/21/2011   6:02:37 PM
  • 22
    I just got some new running shoes. - 3/21/2011   5:47:33 PM
    Someday soon, I will fit into those clothes! - 3/21/2011   5:01:56 PM
    I never gave much though to what I wore when I exercised but I am begining to realize that there is very much a psychological plus to not wearing baggy clothes. I'm going to check out the Greatest Loser site for one of Jillian's "Unless you faint, puke or die, keep walking" shirts----I love that comment. - 3/21/2011   4:55:28 PM
  • 19
    sports bra - 3/21/2011   4:51:03 PM
    Lululemon has cool stuff but nothing above a 12?!? Eek, what about us girls who want to rock a work out in style but need a 24? I have tried many of the plus size sites and can't find much that I like and hello? a real sportsbra?

    - 3/21/2011   4:47:40 PM
    How true! Same goes for the Biggest Loser apparel. I tried to buy my favorite "Unless you faint, puke or die, keep walking" Jillian shirt only to find they don't offer anything over a 2X. NO ONE starting the Biggest Loser could fit into a 2X! Not helping! - 3/21/2011   4:44:17 PM
  • 16
    Right on MartinezMama. I thought the exact same thing when I looked. Where are the choices for those of us who are plus sized? - 3/21/2011   4:28:07 PM
  • 15
    I think im only going to shop for tops and Planing to get out and use my bicycle more often then summer. Alraedy have enough workout pants. - 3/21/2011   4:25:32 PM
  • 14
    These are really nice choices. Funny though that spark people is supposed to help people live a healthier life and get into shape, but there aren't any spring fashions shown for plus sizes. :( - 3/21/2011   4:20:29 PM
  • 13
    Love that Nike top. So pretty spring yellow! - 3/21/2011   4:08:15 PM
  • 12
    I need to do more sports - 3/21/2011   4:07:57 PM
  • 11
    Probably going to get myself some cross-trainers or Vibrams for use in the gym, and new lifting gloves - mine are coming apart at the seams.

    Any MEN'S fashion ideas out there? We sometimes like to look good while out and about you know :P - 3/21/2011   3:17:46 PM
  • 10
    i need new shoes - 3/21/2011   2:55:51 PM
  • 9
    I'd rather support the local thrift stores! - 3/21/2011   2:55:51 PM
  • 8
    I'm in the market for new bikes for my family. - 3/21/2011   2:53:23 PM
  • 7
    I am looking for some new running shorts. Something cool and light weight. I am excited about doing this. Spring has sprung! - 3/21/2011   2:53:06 PM
  • 6
    When spring rolls around, I always get excited about new running skirts! There are some cute new options coming out. - 3/21/2011   2:38:52 PM
  • 5
    I went to an outlet mall on Saturday and I bought myself a pair of Reebok running shoes, a pair of Reebok trail running shoes, a Reebok sports bra, an Addidas gym bag, and then Sunday I also bought a pair of running capri pants from Walmart and in total spent $99.54 - 3/21/2011   2:23:34 PM
  • 4
    I am a LULULEMON addict. Lulu's trademarked luon fabric is phenonmenally durable! Style are cute too! - 3/21/2011   1:57:26 PM
  • 3
    Always on the lookout for good sports bras and I really would like to get some running gear, tops especially. I'm haunting places like Winners and discount outlets. - 3/21/2011   1:52:12 PM
  • 2
    Time for new sport bras. Going to check out the C9 running shorts too at Target. - 3/21/2011   1:23:43 PM
  • 1
    Time for some new gear!! - 3/21/2011   1:03:59 PM

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