Coach Nicole's Fitness Starter Kit DVD Now Available!


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

When I told you about the SparkPeople's awesome Fitness Starter Kit, your comments were overwhelmingly positive. But we noticed a trend: Many of you had all or most of the Kit's equipment already and wanted to purchase just the DVD, not the whole Kit. Loyal readers, we heard you loud and clear. I'm happy to report that you can now purchase my Fitness Starter Kit DVD in the SparkPeople Store!

The SparkPeople Fitness Starter Kit DVD is on sale for just $10. It contains two full-body workouts: one that uses a stability ball and another that uses a resistance band. These short and effective workouts are easy to fit into your day. I designed them exclusively for the SparkPeople Starter Kit, which means you can't get these workouts anywhere else!

Click here order the Fitness Starter Kit DVD today!

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    That's great!
    I just mentioned yesterday in the teams By The Numbers and SparkPeople's Official Fitness Starter Kit Team that I haven't bought the kit since I live in Europe, and I thought it was a bit of a nonsense to have the complete kit shipped to Europe -I already got all the equiment required to use the DVD.
    Do you think the next step will be to have an option to buy it by downloading it and burning it ourselves? It will be great for those living outside of the US (or even inside) to avoid extra shipping.
    Anyway thanks for releasing it seperately!
    - 12/24/2008   12:50:58 PM
  • 3
    Wow - now I have just added another B-D present for myself, my first one is the Wii package that comes w/games and Wii Fit (balance board & training). - 12/24/2008   12:27:02 PM
  • 2
    I will be wishing for it in January. Thanks for offering it seperately. - 12/24/2008   12:25:39 PM
    I'll put this on my new year wish list for kicking it up a notch. - 12/24/2008   10:55:10 AM

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