Celebrity Trainer Shares His Top 3 Bun Shaping Moves


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by Celebrity Fitness Trainer David Kirsch
Ladies, start your lunges! While you may have packed away your bikini, itís not over for your hips, thighs and butt. Itís jeans season -- skinny jeans season -- that is, and time to get your lower half looking sexy and sensational!

For the past 20 years, Iíve been sculpting some of the best butts in the business. Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Karolina Kurkova, Kerry Washington, Kim Raver, Anne Hathaway and Ellen Barkin have all trusted me to get their bottoms pert and perky.

Their runway-ready secrets to a firmly sculpted lower half, are in my latest book: "David Kirschís Butt Book." Now, theyíre here for you.

Here are three moves for eliminating the jiggle. You can do them anytime, anywhere and without equipment. Do 15-20 reps without stopping and 2-3 sets.


Perfect for shaping the outer part of the butt, crossover lunges are the enemy of saddlebags!
  1. Start upright, feet shoulder-width distance apart, hands on your hips.
  2. Start with your right leg. Step forward and cross over your left leg, while bending at the knee.
  3. Return to start position.
  4. Repeat on the left.


A perfect butt-shaping, hip reducing, lower half-sculpting maneuver! Done right, your butt will sing and your heart will scream.
  1. Start position.
  2. Lift your right leg from the knee and move it in a circular roundhouse.
  3. Land out to the side, wider than you started and immediately squat down, channeling a real sumo wrestler.
  4. As you come out of the squat, lift your right leg and kick out, leading with your heel.

Each element should flow smoothly into the next. There are no breaks in a sumo lunge!


One of my signature moves, youíre not going to look pretty doing it. The result, though Ö hot stuff!
  1. Start in a plie squat position, with your hands behind your head and your thighs parallel to the ground.
  2. Waddle forward! Right foot in front of your left, stay engaged in that plie squat. Now reverse.

Make sure your knees stay out and your weight stays back in your heels throughout the movement.

You can get more of my butt-sculpting moves for your body type, in David Kirschís Butt Book, available for $12.95 at DavidKirschWellness.com.

Have you tried these moves? Would you? If tried them, were they effective?

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  • 107
    the last illustration is toooo funny. i'm still laughing because thats exactly how you feel in that position - 3/25/2011   3:20:30 PM
  • 106
    This kicks my butt into gear! That is awesome~thanks :) - 3/16/2011   2:43:02 PM
  • 105
    I have been doing the cross over lunges and let me tell you, THEY WORK!!!! :) - 1/20/2010   1:28:00 PM
  • 104
    Wish I could do lunges - they are too hard on my knees. - 1/18/2010   7:52:43 PM
    They look like fun...going to try them today! woohoo thanks! - 12/19/2009   8:02:48 AM
    Will give these a try! Cute illustrations! - 10/12/2009   1:48:17 PM
  • 101
    I need some exercises that don't hurt my tendonitis prone knees and hips - 10/3/2009   3:14:02 PM
  • 100
    All 3 moves involve knee flexion which doesn't agree w/ my knees. I have arthritis but am able to symptom free if I avoid squats & lunges. If you guest blog again, would you share some moves that don't involve knee flexion? - 10/2/2009   8:27:18 PM
  • 99
    Owwwww..... - 10/1/2009   10:12:35 PM
    Never done these before, but I'm going to give them a try : ) - 10/1/2009   6:18:33 PM
  • 97
    Love the platypus walk! I will try these! - 9/28/2009   1:15:38 PM
  • 96
    I have done these in a boot camp class and some in kick boxing. Great Moves!
    You will know you have done them! - 9/28/2009   12:28:05 PM
  • 95
    I have done the crossover lunges but not the other two so I will definitely be trying them out in my next strength class! Look out members! New stuff coming at you :) - 9/28/2009   6:57:30 AM
  • 94
    Love them!! I do lunges everyday before I get on my mill or treadclimber..Also when I do my cool down. - 9/27/2009   10:37:47 AM
  • 93
    These would be great to do on the weekends when I'm running around with the kids. - 9/26/2009   2:51:13 PM
  • 92
    Oooh, the Sumo Lunges are fun! They really get the heart pumping. I will add these to my boring aerobics. - 9/26/2009   1:13:45 PM
    I think I'll do the Platypus Walk when I do my outside walk :) Wouldn't THAT be a hoot! I will definitely try these. - 9/25/2009   1:52:43 PM
  • 90
    I did the crossover lunges yesterday and they felt great! I've now added them to my weekly lower body weights - 9/25/2009   12:27:54 PM
  • 89
    Hey, hey, hey! It's strength training day today! Guess what I'm going to be doing?? - 9/25/2009   9:13:31 AM
  • 88
    I have been doing walking lunges but am definitely down for adding these. I want one of those best butts too! - 9/24/2009   11:33:14 PM
  • 87
    Looks like some great exercises, I will try them. The illustrations are great. 15-20 reps, 2-3 sets. LETS GO! - 9/24/2009   1:03:33 PM
  • 86
    I'm in! - 9/24/2009   12:01:00 AM
    Those illustrations are a HOOT! Love 'em! - 9/23/2009   9:53:46 PM
  • 84
    These look good, will definately try. After losing over 20kg so far, I have ended up with a pancake bottom. Hope these will help give it a bit of shape. - 9/23/2009   9:44:30 PM
  • 83
    I'm going to have to give those a try. - 9/23/2009   5:33:02 PM
  • 82
    What interesting variations. I will definitely try them...in private. I already look like a sumo wrestler and don't want to increase that perception! - 9/23/2009   3:50:14 PM
  • 81
    I will try these, the crossover lunge I have done before with a stability ball workout for dummies videos. Love the cartoons.
    Will do lunges, lunges are good, will do lunges, a little mind over matter. - 9/23/2009   2:50:53 PM
  • 80
    I have not been motivated to do these types of exercises but for some reason these look like they would be fun as well as a challenge. Wish me luck ;-) - 9/23/2009   2:39:27 PM
  • 79
    I will try these, hopefully the knees will be ok! - 9/23/2009   2:25:38 PM
  • 78
    These look like fun. I am anxious to try them out. I have problems with some exercises, because I have had both my knees replaced, but I will try them and just see how my knees take it. - 9/23/2009   1:47:39 PM
  • 77
    Awesome. I can't wait to try them and I don't care who is home. My family (all males) already think that I am nuts anyway! - 9/23/2009   12:32:51 PM
  • 76
    These are great! woooooooooohoooooooooo!! thanks! - 9/23/2009   11:21:01 AM
    Looks like fun, I can even do with my 5yr old and get a good laugh over! - 9/23/2009   11:18:16 AM
    These look interesting, think I'll try them - 9/23/2009   11:13:02 AM
  • 73
    These moves on in TONY HORTON's awesome P90X work out so they aren't new. Most celebrities wear padded "fanny girdles" to get that "butt" look, as Tyra Banks told all about the "tricks" of the trade that they use so I don't think much about all those people. - 9/23/2009   10:24:27 AM
  • 72
    Love the cartoon diagrams. I don't know if my knees will handle the lunges, but it looks like a great way to strengthen those muscles, too! So I'm all for giving anything a try... - 9/23/2009   9:12:07 AM
  • 71
    The PLATYPUS WALK is also part of Jillian Michael's cardio kickboxing DVD that I use to do regularly - she calls that 'fast forward'; no backward though. It is not my favorite move but it sure makes my heart raise up to the roof when I do it!
    - 9/23/2009   8:58:53 AM
  • 70
    I get these very moves/exercises in the P90X I am doing right now! Love it! - 9/23/2009   8:36:42 AM
  • 69
    These look GREAT - and funny, too! Will definitely try them out - thanks for sharing. - 9/23/2009   5:55:21 AM
    Hey ladies - these look soooo cool. Gotta give it a good go - my children will crack up at me, but they're adventerous and will probably join in with me. Need some funky music to do it to though - feel the 80's coming back!!! - 9/23/2009   5:31:51 AM

    bet these would work in shallow water with aquatic aerobics! I'm smil'in at the thought. Lunges are hard for me too. I seem to loose my balance. - 9/23/2009   5:12:28 AM
  • KV711LAW
    These are an example of what we do on Your QuickFire Challenge! WooHoo! Love doing these all through the day to keep my metabolism on QuickFire! Using your own body weight and no equipment required allows you to put fitness in your life all day long. Thanks for sharing! - 9/23/2009   4:16:35 AM
    I will definitely give it a go on my own as I will be laughed at if I start platypusing around the room. - 9/23/2009   3:40:00 AM
  • 64
    OH YES!! Or do I mean Oh No? Ha-ard work - specially as none of my joints are as good as they were but I plan to perservere - they MUST be doing me good ;-) - 9/23/2009   3:38:27 AM
  • 63
    Those look pretty tough!! - 9/22/2009   11:29:37 PM
  • 62
    I would be looking pretty silly walking around like a platypus!!!! lol - 9/22/2009   10:37:26 PM
  • 61
    These moves are incorporated into the gym classes I do and I can testify that they absolutely do work...but you have to do them on a regular, ongoing basis...it always sounds easy when someone suggests it on paper, doesn't it...:) - 9/22/2009   8:52:55 PM
  • 60
    All new to me. I can't wait to try them. As soon as my husband goes to the store.l am sure he would laugh at me. - 9/22/2009   7:16:48 PM
  • FOX2566
    New to me! Will try at home! Thanks! - 9/22/2009   6:47:24 PM
  • 58
    I can't wait to try some of this, it will really shake up my workout. - 9/22/2009   6:06:10 PM

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