Celebrate National Running Day June 1st

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Running has been a passion of mine for well over five years now and something I plan on continuing to do for as long as I can. All you really need to become a runner is time, patience and a good pair of running shoes. You can run solo or with a group. You can run night or day. You can run outside on the road or on a trail or inside on a treadmill. You can run slow or fast. You can run across town or just around the block. You can run for an hour or just 10 seconds. Whatever you do, this day is meant to celebrate the passion we, as runners, share in this great sport.

When I asked for help from my fellow SparkPeople runners as to why they ran I was overwhelmed at the responses. From members who run while fighting multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis to those running just to reclaim their health, I could feel their passion in each response. Reading through all the responses, not one member mentioned anything about finishing first or winning a race. Not one mentioned being faster than their running partner. Not one mentioned competing against anyone else. It is how running makes them feel,how it changes them and how it helps them to deal with some of life's obstacles.

I am honored to share the road with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I hope you are inspired as I was when reading through their responses. Trust me when I say this, but runners share a unique bond no matter whether you are a newbie to the sport or a seasoned runner with 30 plus years under your belt.

Running has allowed many of us to live our dream of doing something we never believed we could accomplish. So in honor of National Running Day I will lace up my running shoes and pound the pavement. And if you would like to use tomorrow as your first day of becoming a runner, I encourage you to do so, your life will never be the same.

"I run because it makes me feel strong--mentally and physically!" RUNNER4LIFE08

"I run because it keeps the weight off and it is my way to remember all of the warriors who no longer can because they gave all for our country." RHONDALYN10

" I run because I can. Not everyone can, some are in wheelchairs etc, but I can, so I do)" SANDY6583

"I run because running shoes are cheaper than a psychiatrist!" DLEDBETTER11

"I run because it is a challenge I want to conquer." LAURIE5658

"I run because I CAN! I'm not letting my multiple sclerosis tell me "No!" LYNNANN43

"I run because I feel empowered and strong. I feel free." BURGHGIRL

"I run because I quit smoking after 30 years. If you don't smoke you should be a runner, right?" JULIE8464

"I run because it motivates my husband who is a heart patient. He can't run but he walks behind me or rides his bike alongside me." FREECLOUD

"I run because I love it!" BRANDNEWBUFFY

"I run because it makes me happy. I may not always be happy *while* I'm running, but I am always happy after I finish." TORTUETOO

"'I run because training keeps me on track, and most of all because there are so many things that happen in life, running feels like things slow down enough that I can process and hear things better." SO_THIN!TEACHER

"I run to beat rheumatoid arthritis-- one step at a time." JERIBERI1

"I run because I am addicted and to keep me on a healthy track" MKKAYA

"I run because it connects me to my body in ways that nothing else does; I feel more grounded, more in tune with my physical being when I run." GETFIT2LIVE

"I run to leave all my negativity on the pavement. To pound out the stress and tension and gain a sense of clarity." KMJ1977

"I run because it's made me 20 years younger" Freedomstar

"I run because it's something my body has NEVER been able to do before and because it's something I do just for me." MOMMYROCKS2

"I run because - if Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" GOEGIRL

"I run because I'm 54 and i want to reach 94." RENNAGADE

"I run because it doesn't come easy to me. Every new milestone is a hard-fought victory, which keeps me motivated and going back for more." SUSIQZER

"I run because it's who I am - a RUNNER!" MBSHAZZER

"I run because it is something I never thought I could do!" TIGGER622

" I RUN because it makes me feel strong, healthy, and confident inside and out." ABOYER12

"I run for two reasons. One I have MS and I run because one day I might not be able to. The main reason I run however, is because I can't fly." JANEREILLY

"I run because I like to amaze myself on a daily basis (I didn't start running until I was 51)" WISLNDR

"I run to try to stay one step ahead of some bad family health history." LBTHOMASJR

"Running, it has a little of everything in it, mental, physical and some spiritually. you train, you race, you enjoy. alone or with a another it is always rewarding." GWBACH

"I love feeling a part of a huge community of similarly driven individuals." SLEEPYDEAN

"God gave me legs and I am never going to take them for granted again. I'm going to use them to give myself a strong, healthy body." CELEBRATING-JEN

"I run because it reminds me that I can overcome anything. No matter how far, how many hills, or how hard if I just keep going I will make it to my destination." LUNATIFF

"I run because SparkPeople taught me to not be afraid to try" BAILEYS7OF9

"I run because It makes me feel invincible!" CRAVINGLIFE

"I run because I was told I couldn't and now I can't seem to stop." MOMOFDNE

""I run because it makes me feel young again" ROSIE777

"I run because it gives me the health benefit to be able to chase, run around and play with my grandchildren and I can take the stairs, park farther away at the mall, and it makes me feel GREAT!" VALERIE_

"'I run because it makes me feel free and strong, like I can accomplish anything!" AMYGOES211

How do you plan on celebrating National Running Day? Do these quotes inspire you to join the running community? If you are a runner, why do you run?

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I run because...While I'm 55, I feel 30 when running....and about eleven years old when running trails! Report
I ran yesterday to celebrate National Run Day! I run because it's something all my own. I don't need any special equipment or a membership. It's hard and I like the challenge of pushing myself! I feel amazing when I am done! I also feel like I'm setting a good example for my children!! Report
I run to feel good. There's no excuses - I just put on my shoes and run !!! Report
I ran on the Mountain View High Scholl Track!! Report
I recently started running with my walking group. We have worked up to 25 minutes of running followed by 35 minutes of walking. We went today even though it was already 89 degrees at 8:00 in the morning. It feels the best when we are done. Report
I just started running - well that transition from walking to running, so today I worked up to 50% run and 50% walk. I started running because walking wasn't challenging anymore and I need a constant challenge. I can push myself, go longer, go harder, go farther .... Report
This was a great article. Very interesting responses. I am not able to run because I have had a hip replacement and it would shorten the life of my artificial joint, but I find myself wishing I could. Report
It's been acouple years,since I started running. I have done 4 marathons -2 Full marathon 26.2 ,2 half marathon 13.1, I took a break. I started back this year. I did a 5K in April and just completed the " Bay to Breakers " in my hometown San Francisco on May 15th. When I run I think alot and how blessed I am being able to enjoy the sport, so many people cannot . I usual run every other day, I ran yesterday, I have a treadmill at home,so I will do a quick 20 minute run today. :-) Enjoy National Running Day Everyone ! Report
Today I ran 1 mile... not far... but I haven't run for 2 1/2 weeks due to a sciatic entrapment issue, so to run even 1 mile felt great. Report
In celebration of National Running Day I registered for my first ever 1/2 Marathon...me and a couple of other SP members plus my hubby registered for the Savannah Rock N Roll 1/2 coming up November 5, 2011...I'm currently doing a conditioning program to get me ready for the 1/2 training program so I went out and did my run/walk session this morning...and avgd a 12 min/mile, too...for which I am happy with at the moment...

Also, hubby and I registered for the Savannah River Bridge Run 10k which is December 3, 2011...it's the 2nd year for us...

Although today is my rest day, I went out and ran 1.3 miles. I am planning on running between 8 and 10 tomorrow and didn't want to overdo it!

Like I said on the original threads asking the question...

I run because it makes my legs look smokin' hot!! I love the feeling I get after a run! Report
I run because I never thought I could - and now I know I CAN! Report
I'm not a runner, and haven't been inclined to try running for decades....

Until today.

These quotes are quite inspirational. Report
I run because it keeps me sane. It is my time to get away from all the stresses of everyday life. Plus, it keeps my weight in check! Report
What a great & inspiring article! If I wasn't already a runner - I would be now! Thanks Coach Nancy! Report
I ran 4.1 miles this morning!! Report
I running eighter in Hills or on track, depending on the weather!! Report
I run because that is "MY" time. It allows me to be selfish and enjoy me. Report
If only it were that easy. There is one important must haves to run - capable Knees. I have been running and now both my knees are hurting - this has prevented me from being able to continue, and I worry about how I will get my cardio without hurting myself more. I just want to be able to run. Report
I celebrated National Running Day this morning by...guess what?...RUNNING! And that's before I knew it was National Running Day! What could be better? Anyway, I run because it makes my knees feel better. Yes, better. If I don't run at least every other day, my knees start to complain. Report
I'm a newbie...yesterday I completed W3D2 of C25K...I've never been able to run before and I'm so happy!! Just getting through the 3 minutes straight of running is a challenge for me, but when I finish I celebrate because now I can call myself a runner! My first 5K is on Sept. 24. I'm running in the Komen Race for the Cure in memory of my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 46 years old. I turned 46 on May 29th. Mom lost her battle at age 48 when I was 30 years old. I have a 7 year old daughter and I want to see my grandchildren! This is why I run! Report
Happy Running Day!
I run because: So many reasons - the challenge - the mental health - the people - ....... etc
I now run because at one point (300 pounds) I was not able to. I absolutely hated it!!!! I have been inspired by 2 very wonderful Spark friends also. I ran my first 5K on May 1st and let me tell you the feeling of accomplishment and pride that I felt was amazing. Running has given me new challenges and goals to strive for. I now can't wait to run my first 8 or 10K. Maybe both!! Report
I now run because at one point (300 pounds) I was not able to. I absolutely hated it!!!! I have been inspired by 2 very wonderful Spark friends also. I ran my first 5K on May 1st and let me tell you the feeling of accomplishment and pride that I felt was amazing. Running has given me new challenges and goals to strive for. I now can't wait to run my first 8 or 10K. Maybe both!! Report
I read this yesterday, right after my run. I celebrated National Running Day Eve! :-)
I run because it makes me feel good and I feel better mind, body and soul when I am done Report
Just recently added a few minutes of running into my trail walk. Felt very good afterward...I can see where it could be addictive! As my weight goes down, I think my running time may increase. Report
What a GREAT blog :) A wonderful reminder of WHY I run and what I share!!!! Out for at least 1 on this (non-run day, per schedule); just because I CAN :) Thanks Nancy!!! Report
I will start the process of running slowly from today. First slow jog and then progress to run. Report
I will celebrate by running 27 minutes straight tomorrow evening, gimpy knee willing. Report
I run because it makes me feel free. It brings me back to my basic human instincts. It makes me whole again. Report
I run because I've always wanted too. It's still a struggle to finish but it's always empowering and it makes me feel proud and great when I'm done! =) Thank you for sharing. Tomorrow, I will definitely run! =) Report
If you really love running get a video of a movie called "MY CHAMPION" which is about a small Japanese American woman who took up running and she won Marathon races. I remember seeing it back in the '80's and the story is just SO touching. Report
I am a newbie runner and I love the feeling of accomplishment! Running is a great equalizer; so many people can join in! I like the feeling of strength, good health, strong lungs and a slimmer waist! Even though tomorrow is my cross training day, I may get a short run in to join al of you!!! Report
Great article! I loved reading why everybody runs!
As a runner, I'll add my own...
I run because it puts me in a better mood for the rest of the day :) Report
I Run because it makes me feel good,I Try to do some Running on the beach every morning,and it makes me feel very good. Report
Very inspiring! I've recently begun adding some running into my walks ... not far, not fast ... but running. I've never been a runner, and never thought I could be a runner. So, it gives me a real sense of accomplishment to jog down a trail. And I've noticed that I am able to go a little further each time I try. I will definitely do some running tomorrow (June 1)! Report
I love running. Tomorrow I will put in a 3 mile run before work. I was a runner when I was younger but some reason I took a 20 years break but now I'm back. Feeling stronger, happier, and healthier. Report
I'll be running here in the small town of Newberry, SC while on vacation:-) Report
Rats! Tomorrow is an off day for me and I don't think I'll have any free time to squeeze something in. Thursday is going to be my running day as a last tune-up for a 5 Miler race I'm doing on Sunday. Don't need to finish first (and know I never will) just don't want to be dead last. HaHa!! Report
Wow. Thank you for sharing those quoted "whys." Report
Great compilation, Nancy! Today was my running day, but I'll definitely fit it in tomorrow so I can be part of National Running Day. Report
Thank you for the blog Nancy and letting us know that tomorrow is National Running Day. It is one of my cross training days, but I will lace up those running shoes and fit in a run to join the celebration. I love all the quotes and feel a growing connection. I run because I can, I get to spend time with a friend (my running partner) and to challenge myself. It's tough, but I always feel so good that I did it! 1st HM will be in September 2011. Report
National Running Day - I will be running, because that is what I do!
Love this quote "you train, you race, you enjoy. alone or with a another it is always rewarding" I started running because of all the runner stories on Spark, all I can say is THANK YOU!! Report
Although I just started running again after many years. It makes me feel good and exhilarated! Report
I may not run all the way, but I will do a run/walk tomorrow on June 1st. Report
I would LOVE to take part, but seeing the name is NATIONAL running day, and I do not live in the US, I guess I can't/won't. Report
Thank you JANEREILLY: "I run because I can't fly" I hope you don't mind if I steal this, I love it! I would say I run because it makes me feel like a kid again. I will be lacing up my shoes tomorrow in honor of National Running Day. Report
I run because I love it...I run almost more for the mental peace it gives me as opposed to helping me keep in shape. That is also my "alone " time---and gives me the space in my day that I need....it helps me to feel and look healthier. When I stick to my running program--I am less likely to eat unhealthy foods--running helps keep me balanced in all areas of my life. If I am in a bad mood or feeling irritable...if I go running--it completely turns me around and I feel much happier. I have a good friend that wished she could find an antidepressant that would help her lose weight--I told her there was one...Exercise! Report
As I read through these I thought each one applied to me.........especially this one when I am stressed "I run because running shoes are cheaper than a psychiatrist!"

I am alive when I run and feel SO good when I am through!

Thanks for the inspiring blog! Report
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