Add the Spring Back into Your Salad


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Spring gardens, local farms, and markets offer nature’s gifts year after year, such as greens, berries, asparagus, radishes, and peas. What better choice can you make for your own health, than to dedicate a sizeable space on each plate this season to healthy and delicious salads? Have fun and get creative, trying new combinations of lettuce, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Add lean protein to your salad and enjoy it as a main dish. Salad is a great way to get multiple servings of fruit, move away from the tempting and heavy comfort foods of winter, not to mention that salads are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  Here are our favorite springtime salad recipes from


Pomegranate Chicken Salad

Spinach-Berry Salad 

Almond Chicken Salad with Asparagus

Fruity Spring Salad

Waldorf Salad

Fresh Fava Bean Salad

Strawberry-Asparagus Salad

Springtime Salad with Snow Peas, Cucumbers, and Radishes

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    I love having fresh berries in mixed greens with pumpkin seeds and raspberry vinagret. Light and refreshing for lunch or dinner. - 5/19/2015   7:55:23 PM
  • 24
    I tried the almond chicken salad with ROASTED asparagus (plus cherry tomatoes [roasted])... delicious!! - 5/15/2015   3:32:38 AM
  • 23
    I personally do not consider it to be a proper dinner without some sort of salad. - 5/2/2015   11:49:33 PM
    Looks Delicious!!!
    - 5/2/2015   1:40:52 PM
  • 21
    I have a lot of fruits & veggies, but never think of putting them together even though I have had a few versions like these... - 3/19/2015   12:45:00 PM
    Thanks for the wonderful recipes! - 5/30/2014   3:34:32 PM
  • 19
    Ah, those looks so good! I'm going to the Farmer's market this weekend! - 5/8/2014   4:15:41 PM
  • 18
    Can't wait to try these! - 5/8/2014   9:25:24 AM
  • 17
    Some of these sound great.
    - 5/8/2014   8:58:45 AM
    I made it and it was good
    - 5/7/2014   12:50:14 PM
    Gonna make this tomorrow! - 4/25/2014   12:38:59 AM
  • 14
    Those look so good! - 4/23/2014   10:26:51 PM
  • 13
    Today I was inspired to make a strawberry, avocado salad with a raspberry dressing. - 4/5/2014   8:55:21 PM
  • 12
    these look so good. too bad it is still snowing :( - 3/22/2014   8:29:54 PM
  • 11
    Can't wait to try thees new salad ideas! Happy spring everyone :) - 3/22/2014   2:42:15 PM
    Love these and eat them but unfortunately also eat the 'junk'. 3 good meals, 3 'junk' meals. This is what I have to change. - 3/16/2014   8:02:08 AM
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    interesting thx - 4/26/2012   10:28:20 PM
  • 8
    Love these kind of salads . - 4/24/2012   2:17:57 PM
  • 7
    Spinach, strawberry, walnut and orange salad! - 4/22/2012   9:22:31 PM
  • 6
    I LOVE chicken, cranberry and walnut salad mix on top of my veggies! The best! - 4/20/2012   7:14:41 AM
  • 5
    Thanks. - 4/18/2012   7:32:57 PM
  • 4
    Yummy! - 4/18/2012   2:01:45 PM
    The almond chicken salad with asparagus looks great! - 4/18/2012   11:53:03 AM
  • 2
    Many of these sound delicious, thanks! - 4/18/2012   10:23:36 AM
  • 1
    Thank you for the salad idea's. - 4/18/2012   9:55:31 AM

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