A 9-Minute Core Workout You Can Do Anywhere

By , Alicia Capetillo, Staff Writer
Whether she's cracking us up with a flashback to the workout gear of yesteryears or making us reconsider the public opinion of the "perfect body," Blogilates creator Cassey Ho regularly grabs headlines and new fans for her straightforward and approachable fitness style. Her exercise videos combine dynamic and unique moves that will get you sweating and feeling great with her signature upbeat attitude, making at-home workouts even more enjoyable. 

With PIIT28, her newest creation, she's answering the age-old issues of not having the time to exercise and getting bored with the same workout day after day. PIIT28 refers to pilates intense interval training program and the 28 minutes and 40 seconds required for your workout each day. 

Grab your yoga mat and get a taste of her latest program with this nine-minute, seven-move routine that your core is going to absolutely love to hate.