6 Fun Facts about Peanut Butter


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Did you know today is National Peanut Butter Day?

In honor of our favorite nut butter day, we decided to share some fun facts with you. Read on for a super-cool graphic, our best peanut butter recipes, and a poll with an urgent question: chunky or creamy?

In case you're curious (or perhaps craving some creamy or chunky PB), here's the nutrition info for a serving of peanut butter:
Type of Peanut Butter
(2 Tablespoons)
Calories Fat Protein Carbs
No sugar added  190-210  16-17 g  7-8 g  6-7 g
Sugar added  190  16-17 g  7 g  6-7 g

Now that we've whetted your appetite for peanut butter, how about some recipes? Try these: 
Peanut butter and chocolate recipes

Savory peanut butter recipes
Sweet peanut butter recipes
How to make peanut butter
Oh and want to venture beyond peanut butter and jelly? Read this.

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What is your favorite way to eat peanut butter?

Go Nuts about Nut Butters, SparkPeople.com

Which type of peanut butter do you prefer?

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    I too love peanut butter but stay away from it because of the high fat content even the sugar free version but since today is PBday I will indulge in one tablespoon of chunky ,I do love that stuff. - 1/25/2013   11:36:51 AM
  • 44
    %100 chunky and natural.... I love it just a teaspoonful, as it is does not need anything else.
    - 1/25/2013   10:54:08 AM
  • 43
    PB is the best! PB and banana smoothies are so good! - 1/25/2013   10:35:42 AM
  • 42
    Prefer natural chunky, but any will do. One of my favorites is pbj w/2 slices of turkey bacon on ww sandwich thins. Keeps me going for hours! Also on apples or celery. - 1/25/2013   10:08:52 AM
  • 41
    Simply Jif...YUM!!! - 1/25/2013   9:17:38 AM
  • 40
    Crunchy is my fav! - 1/25/2013   8:36:45 AM
  • 39
    "Women prefer creamy." Sez who? Chunky has always been my favorite. - 1/25/2013   8:34:58 AM
  • 38
    OMG ANY peanut butter is great by me...just TOO great...have to be very wary to limit myself around peanut butter and generally find it easier to just avoid it.

    Don - 1/25/2013   8:23:04 AM
    Creamy is my favorite and it doesn't matter if it is natural or with added salt and sugar. My favorite way to eat it is with celery. - 1/25/2013   8:22:54 AM
  • JMB369
    Natural Crunchy PB with salt, without sugar, and yes, I'm another F who likes crunchy. (System wouldn't allow me to vote, either!) Favorite way to eat it is on whole grain toast with a bit of honey! Also love it on apples. - 1/25/2013   8:14:15 AM
  • 35
    Toasted bagel with natural peanut butter is my usual breakfast - It is great. - 1/25/2013   8:08:41 AM
  • 34
    Couldn't vote. Creamy regular. Oh and my dog LOVES peanut butter too! - 1/25/2013   8:04:41 AM
  • 33
    Q: Which type of peanut butter do you prefer?

    A: Chunky & natural (no sugar, no salt added)
    - 1/25/2013   6:54:38 AM
  • 32
    It won't let me vote either, but if I could, I'd have ticked the 'natural, chunky, no added salt or sugar' version. Nutritious and tasty.
    Unfortunately, I'm put off by both the cost and the calories, though, so it's a rare treat for me to have any. - 1/25/2013   6:21:09 AM
    Can't vote either, but I am 100% chunky natural! - 1/25/2013   4:51:15 AM
  • 30
    I always liked crunchy - the crunchier, the better! I used to give my dogs their meds in smooth peanut butter (so I could tell their jar apart from mine). My lab got so he would spit out the "chunks"(pills), so I had to switch to chunky for him - give him a few finger swipes of chunky, then put the pill in the next one. - 1/25/2013   4:36:10 AM
    Havn't been allowed to vote - the dot just won't click on by creamy natural PNB. In England we call this smooth PNB. I love organic without added salt and sugar in a sandwich of organic bread with ripe banana. Owing to calorie count / fat content I don't eat this nearly as often as I would like to - delicious though!!!!! - 1/25/2013   2:00:45 AM
  • 28
    I am a creamy Jif girl. I was raised on it and don't care for any other brand. - 1/25/2013   12:52:45 AM
  • 27
    Love my natural, chuncky PBJ's. There isn't a better snack around. LOVE IT! - 1/24/2013   11:40:48 PM
  • 26
    If you haven't tried PB2 and love peanut butter you have to check it out! Way less fat than reg pb and tastes awesome! It's powdered so by cutting the oil you save big time. - 1/24/2013   11:39:44 PM
  • 25
    creamy with salt no sugar is the best. When I open a new jar of Natural PB, I drain the oil into another jar. I use the peanut oil for stir frying in the WOK or for seasoning it. - 1/24/2013   11:02:59 PM
  • 24
    Natural Creamy Peanut Butter. I Like Eating It On An Artisan Tortilla With Cinnamon, Nuts Or Seeds, Stevia And Banana or Raisins. Thanks For The Information! :))) - 1/24/2013   9:25:19 PM
  • 23
    I am not a fan of natural peanut butter. I like natural almond butter, but not the peanut butter. I am a creamy Jif girl. - 1/24/2013   8:23:01 PM
    Nuts, I'm female and I definitely have always preferred crunchy peanut butter. - 1/24/2013   6:57:19 PM
  • 21
    OMG, I love peanut butter! - 1/24/2013   5:11:48 PM
  • 20
    I want to vote Chunky & Natural but can't. The system won't let me.
    When rushing making sandwiches for hungry children, I prefer creamy because it spreads faster. Yet for eating I like Crunchy! - 1/24/2013   5:08:44 PM
  • 19
    Costco sells a good natural peanut butter. We usually buy it from there. Love it any way it comes. - 1/24/2013   2:56:35 PM
  • 18
    Yum, peanut butter. What's my favorite way to enjoy peanut butter ? Not including a fluffanutter sandwich (peanut butter and fluff), my favorite way to eat peanut butter is in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. ;)

    I prefer Teddie's Old Fashioned Super Chunky Peanut Butter.

    yum - 1/24/2013   1:30:01 PM
  • SBEERS94
    If You Can't Vote, Get Your SparkPoints Then Try. That's How I Got To Vote :) - 1/24/2013   11:53:26 AM
  • 16
    Wouldn't let me vote either.
    Chunky peanut butter with no additives (Adam's Unsalted is my current choice).
    I've always been a chunky fan. I even make peanut butter cookies with it. - 1/24/2013   11:47:31 AM
  • 15
    Costco's in Seattle have Adams peanut butter. Since we can't find any reasonably priced natural peanut butter on the east coast, my sister ships it to us from Seattle. Every single member of my immediate family loves chunky - my step-dad thinks we're all nuts, since he only likes creamy and loaded with not just sugar but a host of other artificial ingredients. - 1/24/2013   11:32:38 AM
  • 14
    I went from processed peanut butter with all the additives to natural peanut butter when starting SP a few years ago. I tried to go back to the cheap additive stuff, but my palate just couldn't handle it.. it was SO GROSS! Natural all the way, baby! - 1/24/2013   11:30:52 AM
  • 13
    I make sure the label on my jar has 1 ingredient: peanuts. - 1/24/2013   11:28:22 AM
  • 12
    I love PB, but recently discovered sunflower butter. Sorry PB, sunflower butter is just incredible! - 1/24/2013   11:22:20 AM
  • 11
    I love creamy PB. It's great to eat on toast or on celery and especially to add into a smoothie :) - 1/24/2013   11:09:13 AM
    Even though I logged in, I couldn't vote. I prefer chunky peanut butter, and since I buy what's cheap, it isn't natural. - 1/24/2013   10:58:41 AM
  • 9
    I LOVE my peanut butter! I found a few ways to cut the fat, using PB2 but it's not the same as Skippy.My weakness and most favorite dessert - 1 small banana, 1 TBSP of Skippy and 1 TBSP or Nutella = heavvvvvvvven - 1/24/2013   10:49:04 AM
  • 8
    Teddie's All Natural Smooth PB. my favorite - 1 tbsp on a slice of Trader Joe's Fiber/Multigrain toast, part of my breakfast this morning. Yum! - 1/24/2013   10:43:39 AM
    Wouldn't let me vote either. Love natural chucky. Great on apples. - 1/24/2013   10:13:15 AM
    I used to make my own peanut butter with my food processor. I added little sailt...and sometimes other nuts. My kids preferred store bought...lol...so I would buy the natural stuff. - 1/24/2013   10:08:34 AM
  • 5
    I love the unhealthy kind - kraft extra creamy! - 1/24/2013   9:59:03 AM
  • 4
    These never let me vote...I like chunky, plain and simple. Because even most "natural" has some salt, I mix commercial chunky with the peanut butter I grind at the store--that is a combination that works for me. - 1/24/2013   9:38:25 AM
  • 3
    I admit it! I am a natural chunky no sugar/salt added junkie!!! I have loved the stuff since I was a kid and I am 61!!!!! WoooHOOO for National Peanut Butter Day!! Too bad I'm over in the UK!! I will still celebrate with my AB FAB snack!!

    - 1/24/2013   8:41:36 AM
    I am a female, and I prefer crunchy, mom prefers creamy, same with my dad. Weird how I am the odd-one-out, but it works! I love peanut butter on whole wheat toast and banana slices in the morning. - 1/24/2013   7:08:01 AM
  • 1
    Love PB. Prefer natural organic chunky. Good on toast, paired with an apple, yummy stirred into oatmeal, great in a smoothie. - 1/24/2013   6:17:16 AM

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