You Asked: ''Is It Safe to Wear Wrist or Ankle Weights While Walking or Exercising?''

By , SparkPeople Blogger
SparkPeople's fitness experts advise against wearing wrist and ankle weights while doing cardio exercise and other general daily activities. Even though they are lightweight (usually two pounds or less), the risk of injuring yourself by wearing them far exceeds any potential added benefit (muscle strengthening or calorie burning) that you might achieve by wearing them.

Wrist and ankle weights can alter your normal movement patterns and gait, increasing the risk of injury. If burning more calories is your concern, try to step up the intensity of your workout by moving faster, longer or on an incline. If you must add weight to your workout, a weighted vest is a better idea because it helps distribute that added weight more evenly and allows you to move more freely and normally than you can with weights attached to your extremities.

However, wrist and ankle weights are far from useless. While we don't recommend wearing them during cardio or walking, you can strap on those ankle weights to perform strength-training exercises such as leg raises, calf raises or other leg exercises. You can also wear wrist weights and do bicep curls, shoulder raises or triceps extensions, for example. Just make sure you're exercising in good form and in a slow, controlled manner. These options are especially useful for people who have trouble gripping weights or using their hands. 

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PATRICIAAK 6/13/2021
:) Report
CD26750174 5/11/2021
Not if you've had a knee replacement Report
NANHBH 4/17/2021
I see so many women walking with weights. Report
I always wear wrist weights while walking or even working out. This has actually improved my muscle strength in my arms. I have never had an injury. It's because I know what I am doing and how to avoid injury. People who injure themselves is because they don't know what they are doing. Report
Interesting information Report
Thank you! Report
BLENDA2U 11/12/2020
I don't understand how 3lb weights in my hands would cause issues. I thought it would help my workout as it is working top and bottom.
I own a set of ankle and wrist weights, but never use them during a cardio workout. I use them for strength work outs only. Report
PATRICIAAK 10/5/2020
:) Report
PATRICIAAK 8/29/2020
:) Report
PATRICIAAK 8/28/2020
:) Report
Not on my ankles Report
This is a common problem for sure Report
Good to know Report
Thanks for sharing this one! Report
Hospitals use them in PT. Report
Thank you Report
Thanks for the info Report
thanks Report
Thanks Report
Probably not a big deal if they're light, heavy will damage joints Report
Great article Report
Interesting. Report
It's not a really good idea to wear them because they can get tiring even during a regular workout. Report
I would hope that spark could get their articles on the same page. One article says it's fine to use weights and another says it's a big no-no. Report
No Report
Very true. Thanks for the info. This happened to me. I had already done this before I knew this & injures my foot as a result Report
Thank You so much for this information............. Report
Jumping around or jogging, I'd say no to ankle weights but I've used ankle weights for years walking around. Walking around the mall, at work, at the groceries and have never been hurt. Report
thank you for this information. Report
thanks... Report
Cardio with weights is always a risky buisness. There was one trsiner at a fitness convention who taught / demonstated a class baded on that...never saw it on any program. Just think of thr liability. Report
This information is good to know Report
The timing of this reposted article was right on time as I had this same question this week. Thanks for sharing! Report
Very good to know! Thank you! Report
Great info Report
I know that I need to take care of my aging joints! Report
I quite often see people walking with added weight to their wrists and ankles. Now I know it is not a safe thing to do I not consider doing this. Report
I stress fractured both of my feet back in the 80's using ankle weights & was never able to wear high heels again. As a result of my experience I'm glad to see this topic addressed. Report