What You Can Learn From a Trainer Who Is Always Traveling

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Half of Deazie Gibson's life is lived in the skies. As a flight attendant, she is constantly on the go, flying three days at a time and answering wake-up calls that come as early as 2 a.m. To say that she is flexible with her exercise and nutrition routine is an understatement.

"Because my job is in the airline industry, I have to be creative, think on the fly (no pun intended) and work with what I've got," she says. "All I know is, not working out just because I'm traveling is not an option. No matter what, I make it happen!"

Gibson got into personal training 15 years ago when she realized that, while her colleagues at her nine-to-five corporate gig in New York City were regularly excited to socialize at dinner or happy hours, she couldn't wait for quitting time so she could hit the gym for a dance class, spinning or any other physical activity. As she started investigating the industry, the former college cheerleader found the enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness to be infectious and knew there was no turning back.

"I loved the creativity, art, athleticism and energy of it all! I loved that I was around like-minded people who were ambitious, driven, disciplined, determined and [entrepreneurial]" she remembers. "They were strong-minded people who cared about their health, mind, body and soul, and thrived on the energy of others."

Today, she preaches the "D3 Lifestyle," which promotes drive, discipline and determination in all aspects of life. Her tough workouts incorporate a variety of moves that will get every muscle in your body firing. On the road, Gibson stresses the importance of variety and preparation to stick with regular workouts. She typically plans out her workouts the night before and tries to get creative by working different muscle groups or experimenting with new fitness classes.

"Every workout is a new workout so I don't get bored. I love challenging myself and learning new sports skills and seeing what I can do," she says. "To me, working out is just practice for the fun activities that you really live for, like skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, dancing, swimming, paddle boarding, mountain biking [and hiking]!"

Gibson stresses the importance of commitment, a strong mindset and small changes on the journey to healthy living. If you're drinking five sodas a day now, start by cutting it down to just three a day, working slowly towards just one or no soda. "There will be plenty of bumps and hurdles along the way, and if you fall off it's okay. Just get right back on that healthy train," she says. "It's a life-changing journey and it's not just for the moment or a fad, [but rather] a choice you're making to change your life for good."