Exercise Will Stop Being a Chore and Start Being Fun--But When?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Last week, I blogged about walking my first 5K, a huge accomplishment for me.
At what point did exercise go from being a chore to something to look forward to for me?
When I quit making myself try to perform at other people’s levels, started challenging myself, began playing with workout fashion and discovered the power of music.
OK, so maybe I don’t always look forward to exercise, but that’s mostly because I hate working out alone.  At home, a workout feels more like a chore, so I pull out the high-powered music that MAKES me move. I throw on some workout clothes that make me feel fit, rather than like a slob.  The sum of those two things usually gets me arm biking in no time.
I love music! I keep a hot playlist just for workouts.  It’s my treat for working out. 
They are my most addictive songs of the moment.  They have to be very upbeat and leave me with a hunger to hear more.  That will keep me working out longer and harder.  If I can’t listen to my playlist, except for during a workout, you can imagine how that turns the tables on a workout.
Workout wear has taken a turn, too.  More options are available in larger sizes, from the novice to the serious athlete.  For serious athletic wear, I go to Junonia.com. Even Wal-Mart is carrying Danskin items in plus sizes now.  Many times I find large size items on sale at Lane Bryant or Fashion Bug. They are not athletic wear, just tank tops and skorts that make me feel like working out.  You can even pick up great finds on athletic wear (yes, even in the large sizes) at Goodwill and other secondhand stores.
Some of the things I wear to work out, I would not be caught dead wearing in public.  They are for my at-home private workouts when I need extra motivation.  Like what?  I might wear a tighter tank top or shorts I like and just avoid mirrors.  Then I concentrate on how I WANT to look in these items, and for my workout duration that is how
I look in my mind.
Taking extra fitness opportunities like the stairs, parking farther away, just walking to the mailbox all add up.  If you are just starting out, this is great!  If you need extra burn, it’s great!  Taking fitness opportunities is almost like a game.  Trying to find them and then challenging yourself more and more is easier and more fun than traditional exercise.  Play with the kids, walk the dog, walk along the beach, or like me, use your walker.
Some people may never like exercise in its traditional definition.  They may, however love the freedom it allows them and the choices later in life.  If you don’t want to lose your freedom of choice, don’t hand over your freedom of movement.
Where do you shop for plus-size workout clothing? What is your favorite non-traditional, "fun" exercise?