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What People Are Saying about the Spark Activity Tracker

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Everyone in the SparkPeople office has been wearing and using the Spark Activity Tracker during the beta testing phase so we were very excited for it to finally release on October 1. While we love its small size, fun light-up display and ease of use, we were anxious to hear what SparkPeople members would think about this tiny tool that tracks steps, miles and fitness minutes (and automatically syncs the data with your SparkPeople Fitness Tracker). We’re finding new reviews from members daily, and we're delighted to see how much they're enjoying the Spark! (Learn more about exactly what the Spark Activity Tracker can do for you.) 

Easy to Set Up
"My Spark Activity Tracker was super easy to set up. It comes with a dongle that I plugged into a USB port on my computer. Whenever I walk by, it automatically syncs to my Spark account. No user intervention required. I wear mine clipped to my waistband or on my shoe lace. It can also be clipped easily enough to a pocket or a bra. It's truly wearer's preference. (Read the whole review from 111BUTTERFLY111.)

Accurate Tracking
"It tracks steps, miles, activity and time and the best thing is it knows what kind of activity. I was so surprised the first time I got off my recumbent bicycle and went to my activity tracking page and saw that it knew I was cycling! None of my other devices could do that. That was a huge plus for me. It recognizes the difference between the elliptical, bicycle, walking, running and just normal activity." (Read the whole review from PINKHOPE.)

Extra Encouragement
“I was short on steps today, so I ran out after dinner just as it was getting dark and put in a mile of walking. Without the Spark Activity Tracker, I wouldn't have bothered, so I guess that's worth getting it right there!” (Read the whole review from RENE176)

Syncing with SparkPeople Automatically
"I like that the Spark syncs directly with SparkPeople. I no longer have to enter manually my mileage and steps, something I tend to forget to do with my pedometer. I still have access to my regular tracker, though, so I can add other activities not captured by the Spark. I also like that there is no yearly membership fee. Once you buy the device, you can upload data for free to SparkPeople. As I understand it, some electronic devices charge for the convenience of automatic uploading of data to a website." (Read the whole review from LARRI2010)

Finding Motivation
"I find getting all the lights on the Spark to light up by the end of the day very motivating.
Earlier in the week I was close to having all the lights on by the end of the day. There was a show on TV that my husband and I really wanted to watch. I found myself getting up and walking around the house during the commercials so I could get that last light to go on. The third set of commercials, I came back in the room to find my husband stepping in place! I can be a good role model and spread the spark! Who knew?" (Read the whole review from ICANLOSEMORE)

Getting Extra Steps throughout the Day
"The Spark tracks my steps throughout the day. It also records workouts of 10 continuous minutes or more. For example, I vacuumed soon after receiving it and that continuous activity was recorded! It's a kick to see that my grocery shopping counts as an activity (yes, I'm one of those 'power' grocery shoppers because it's part of my 'me'/de-stressing time by myself) and I am continuously moving. It just never occurred to me that shopping was an activity that could be tracked--light-bulb moment. Who knew that I walked a mile in the market, certainly not me!" (Read the whole review from CHERYL_ANNE)

Celebrating the Journey
"For me, the biggest reason I bought (the Spark Activity Tracker) and am happy with it, is it is a constant reminder of my journey here on Spark. When I look down and see the Spark emblem on my shoe, I'm reminded of how I got here, to a place where I'm concerned about my daily activity and exercise. To a place where walking a few laps around my house is worth it to reach a small goal I've set for myself." (Read the whole review from BOBCATGIRL76.)

What are you waiting for? Spark your fitness, get motivated and discover even more reasons to add movement into your day just like these members by getting your own Spark Activity Tracker today!

Have you tried the Spark Activity Tracker? What is your favorite feature of the Spark? Please let us know what you think.

Photo credit: Belle & Blanc Photography for Cincy Chic