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The Super Bowl Exercise Game: Work Out While You Watch

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The Super Bowl is synonymous with friendly get-togethers and party food. Too bad it usually leaves us feeling weighed down by the time the night is over. This year, let's change that!
Whether you watch the game on your own this weekend or invite a few fitness-minded friends to join you, vow to keep this year's game night healthy with light Super Bowl eats or my favorite: The Super Bowl Workout Game!  It's a fun, calorie-torching, muscle-challenging game that you can play (if you dare!) while you watch on Sunday.
Try this workout on Super Bowl Sunday or while you watch any football game in the future.
Every time the call or action on the left happens, perform the exercise listed on the right. For a printable PDF of this workout, click here.

For a printable PDF of this workout, click here.

It's guaranteed to have you rooting during the game (for the right or the wrong reasons!) and to make you sweat…a lot.

Will you be watching the Super Bowl? Will you try the Super Bowl Workout Game while you do?

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I would do this, but I'll be in a crowded bar, and I'm not so sure trying to exercise while drinking whiskey is a good idea... =P Report
For the exercises I can do, I'm in! My 6yr old grand-daughter and I will have a great time and everyone else will think we're insane. Lol Report
good idea Report
Great Idea ;-)
Thanks for Sharing !!!
Love it! I'm in! Report
What a great idea...even if you can incorporate only some of these, you'll get a great workout! Fun!!! Can't wait to try this with the boys on Superbowl Sunday Report
I'll certainly try to include some of them! Report
I can see doing some, but really. This looks like the challenge going when the Olympics was happening. Guess that will be coming again soon, too. The idea is good, but as another sparker said, the game is to be enjoyed. Report
The game doesn't come on until 3:30AM where I am, don't think I will feel like jumping around and exercising at that hour. I probably won't even get up and watch since we do not get the commercials. Report
Looks like fun - don't know if I'll be watching since there's no "local skin" in the game this year...... Report
I am going to have to print that and do it. Others will look at me like I am crazy because I think I will not tell them what I am doing. LOL Report
This is way too much work -- I plan to enjoy the game. I do have a football game exercise challenge with one of my Spark teams throughout the season, but the Superbowl is time to sit back and enjoy. (And try to keep the snacks healthy.) Report
We have had an exercise bike in our living room, in front of the tv for at least 9 yrs., and we watch alot of sports, or whatever. Neither one of us ever just "sits and stares" at the tv, doesn't matter if it's weekend, holidays, etc., so we ride the bike for several hours every day. Also keep weights on the floor to just pick up. It's the easiest way to get exercise in every day, you don't even need to "dress" is you don't want to, so no excuses. Good ideas on the list. Report
This sounds like a good idea. Beats sitting on the couch the whole time.
Since I will be at home this year, I can get my workout in at the same time
as watching the game! Report
sounds good to me!
These are great for every day use, thanks so much! Report
This is a great idea! I will try a few of them. I feel that if I say I will commit to them all, I won't be able to enjoy the game. That said, I will try to keep track of my minutes to be able to add it to my daily workout totals! Wish me luck!! Report
I love this! I wish I'd seen it before, oh, now. =) I hope Best of SparkPeople resends the link next year, because I am in like Flynn! Report
I really wanted to do this BUT I did have to work (which when I'm by myself working I DO exercise) but as I work in a sport book, I got stuck having to work w/ another employee ALL DAY LONG!! Which I might add, was totally redundant as we didn't need 2 people! SO I was bad and ate an awful lot of pretzels! Report
I wish I'd seen this yesterday! I definitely would have tried it! Thanks for your creativity!

Please remind us of these ideas when football season comes around again!

Hey, how 'bout one for us to use during baseball season? :-) Report
I wish I'd seen this before the game! Report
We did it, but only part of it. My husband and I decided before the game started which 12 actions/exercises we would do. Which was a good balance between enjoying the game and keeping up with the exercise game. It was fun but goodness my thighs were burning at the end with those timeouts!! We'll do it again next year if we aren't going to someone else's house!

And to CAMELSAMBA - they mentioned SB 42 because that was when the Giants/Patriots played as well. Report
This is funny, but I didn't see it until Monday morning :^) There are some people in my town who watch the City Council meetings on public access TV to do write-ups for a local newspaper, and they have a drinking game for it. Maybe they should modify it to be a workout game instead!

(by the way, it was Super Bowl 46 - why would they mention 42?) Report
Whoah - this was AWESOME! I was impressed with the number of bicycle crunches I could do - my gosh, so many 1st downs! :)
My favorite part was the touchdowns - jumping jacks were a blast! I haven't done those for years and had so much fun.
I loved this idea - thank you for sharing!! Report
I love this!! I may come up with something like this for a Breaking Dawn I viewing party=) Report
Great idea. Report
Okay, so I thought it would be fun to print this out and do the workouts. And it was, for a while. Until the safety and the many beer commercials and then the touchdown and then the first downs.. But such a clever way to keep up with working out even while you are having fun. I am definitly going to hang on to this into next season.. Maybe there will be other ones for basketball, hockey and baseball.. but this was definitely fun! Report
I think my Dad was having fun as he called out plays to me while I was on the mat. "Oh jeez, they just did a reverse...what do they have ya doin' now?", he'd say. Well let me tell you, a ton of first downs (in just the first half alone). I think my abs are going to be screaming tomorrow. Anyways, that was one hell of a challenge. I called it quits at half time. I was done! Report
Wow am I glad I did not start watching the game until halftime. I could barely keep up with the bicycle crunches. I'd still be in the middle of the first 20 and they would get another first down, lol. I did 31 exercises and I think I might have missed one or two here and there. Things happened so fast. I really had to keep my eye on the list AND keep up with what was going on in the game. This was a great idea Coach Nicole!! Report
I printed this workout and will do it tomorrow. I am home with my sick GD and am eating normally, so I am just enjoying the game. GO PATS !! Report
I'm almost sad I'm not watching the game! Very cute idea. Report
I am having so much fun with this! would it be possible for the coaches to calculate the calories burned after the game? :) GO PATS! Report
Oh my gosh! This is so much fun! I'm going to have to get a beer soon! Danced during the M&M commercial! Report
I am already exhausted and the game has only been on 44 minutes ! My boys are impressed by my athleticism...hahaha ! Report
Sounds like fun, if you watch football it should be a blast! Also, it might work out for other games such as basketball or hockey, even baseball. Report
Holy Tamales, Bat Girl!

You forgot to put in a warning. WARNING: Make SURE you have your doctor's clearance before attempting.

If you are new to SparkPeople, or if you can't do all of these exercises in one routine workout, you may want (need) to only do these exercises the first time the event happens (even using that as a guide, I would probably have to sleep through the second quarter to recover!). Report
This sounds like fun. I am going to do as much as I can Report
This is so funny,,,yet brilliant! I don't watch football, and I can't do most of those exercises, but those of you who can should give it a try. Make it a team effort!
Hah, hah. okay, it's back to Wii Tennis for me. Report
This sounds like fun! Though I'm still not sure if I care enough to watch the game, if I do I will definitely be doing these. Now I'm off to make sure I know what a burpee is. Report
Great plan! Only part of the Super Bowl I will be watching is David Beckham! Otherwise, it's the Puppy Bowl for me! Report
Too funny - it almost makes me want to watch football. Report
I love this! I'm staying home so I won't be tempted by parties and bars, so this will be perfect. My goal is to follow this through halftime and then enjoy my healthy dinner during the second half of the game. Go, Giants!!! Report
I'll try it. I'm pretty sure the 10 pushups for beer commercials would kill me just during the pre-game. Report
We don't have a TV so I won't be seeing the game (thank goodness cuz football has never been my thing), but I think this workout is AWESOME!!!! Coach Nicole, you have outdone yourself and made me laugh at the same time. I 'm secretly hoping for many a wardrobe malfunction, aging rock stars on stage and 2 point conversions because I'm going to imagine Sparkers everywhere doing The Chicken Dance, burpees and The Macarena today. :-D Report
I'm gonna try it! Report
Great idea but you wouldn't see much of the game if you followed this to a tee; it'd be a 4-hour workout! Report
we opted to stay home this year - to avoid the temptations! This is a good idea - not sure if I will do it all, but I will try - DH may think I'm crazy. Report
I like it Report
Love it. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. Report
This is a GREAT idea! Fun and a good workout. I shared the list with my husband, and I will try to do at least some of these during the game. Report