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What a 100-Calorie Snack Looks Like

How Do Your Snacks Stack Up?

What does 100 calories really get you when it comes to a filling snack? In many cases, it can be a lot more (or a lot less) than you might assume. You could fill up on 3 cups of microwave popcorn, a large apple or 2 sticks of string cheese or find yourself hungry in half an hour after less than an ounce of pita chips, 12 cheese puffs or an ounce of pretzel sticks.

Use this simple chart to help you learn how to visualize what 100-calorie portions of common foods really look like. Even if you don't have a measuring cup or food scale handy, you'll be able to estimate the right serving size for you!

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Snack Serving Size
apple 1 large (7 oz)
baby carrots 28 carrots (10 oz)
bagel 1/2 bagel (1.3 oz)
banana  3/4 large (4 oz)
banana chips 1/4 cup (0.75 oz)
blueberries 1 1/4 cups (6 oz)
blueberry muffin 1/2 large
cheese puffs 12 puffs
cocoa-dusted almonds 15 almonds (0.6 oz)
dark chocolate 2 squares (0.7 oz)
dried apricots  6 (1.5 oz)
granola, low-fat 1/3 cup
grapes  52 grapes (9 oz)
hard-boiled egg 1 1/2 eggs (2.3 oz)
kiwi  2 kiwis (8 oz)
microwave popcorn 3 cups (1 oz)
orange 1 large (7.4 oz)
peaches 2 medium (8 oz)
peanuts 17 (0.6 oz)
pineapple  3/4 cup chunks (8.8 oz)
pita chips 0.8 oz
potato chips 9 chips
pretzel sticks 38 sticks (1 oz)
raisins  65 (1.2 oz)
strawberries 2 cups (10 oz)
string cheese 2 sticks
sunflower seeds 1/8 cup (0.6 oz)
tortilla chips 6 chips
watermelon 2 cups diced (11 oz)
wheat crackers 12 crackers

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Member Comments

  • It would be great if I could actually stick to the measured amount without going back again and again!
  • this helps me to see how much 100 calories really is ....thanks
    This is a great article, especially for people new to all of this stuff. Remember that carrots need to be boiled in order for your body to absorb the vitamin A from them. And quit complaining because they show chips, be real, most people don't stick to so called healthy foods 100%, and there is good reason for that......
  • I have this list pinned. Great list!!
    Really helpful!!!
  • Will print off this handy list!
  • Good info but a snack should stil be a healthy one that nourishes the body. Empty calories from chips add no value and often contain harmful elements.
  • thanks for the information. It is very helpful.
  • Its a nice list for showing an estimate of calories. It is disappointing that some items are included in a rather small quantity, like 1/2 banana.
  • I agree with RICKISMOM. These are general calories, but will almost definitely vary depending on brand, size, and ingredients. It's a visual article about how calories are broken down depending on snack choice, but you still need to be diligent in checking the nutrition info of each product you buy. String cheese does seem to vary in calories. The Frigo brand's Light version is 60 calories I believe, but there are others that are 80 calories, so clearly a difference. SP cannot account for every variation of course, but it is nice to get a general understanding of how much you really get with these different snacks.
  • Stepiefb (and anyone else): We need to be on our toes. Look at portion calorie and size info on package. I an sure that some of these foods are available in higher-calorie format....... but even so, a nice way to see if we are ANYWAY near correct in our estimates. I thought banannas were less.
  • Thanks for this article & showing us what size things look like, Your plates look very big to me, I've been tracking & weighing my food for 7 years I just celebrated my 7yr anniversary I've gone to smaller dishes they were a treat to myself I found little adorable plates at my favorite antique store. I can use my tiny plates & put 1/2 cup of food on it and it makes me think wow that's a lot of food to eat. I've cut my portions way down as a result of it. Thanks again, I'll be looking for more interesting articles from you in the future.

    Take care & be well find your bliss
    This makes it more obvious that you can have more per serving of healthier foods than junk foods. Not sure if the string cheese amount is correct. My store brand low fat variety is 80 calories per stick.

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