The Secrets of Success: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

By , SparkPeople Blogger
While there are no magic pills or quick fixes when it comes to weight loss, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you commit to a healthy lifestyle. SparkPeople members know what works, so we reached out to our most successful members--those who reached their goal weight or lost more than 100 pounds using our program. We discovered 27 "secrets" of success, which we shared in The Spark. Now we're sharing them with you.

Secret #5: Eat more fruits and veggies.

Across all successful segments, whether it be 100-pound losers or those who had met their weight-loss goals in general, the number-one nutritional strategy was to eat more fruits and vegetables. Ninety percent of those who met their goals and reached their ideal weight now eat more fruits and veggies.

I'm a bit of an anomaly. Ever since I was a kid, I've always eaten my vegetables first. As an adult and now an editor at SparkPeople, I consider part of my job to be a vegetable ambassador, sharing my love of all things green, orange and red--and all shades in between--with the world. Eating vegetables and fruits is easy, as long as you know what you like and how to cook it.

Here are my best tips for veggie-philes and veggie-phobes alike!

Learn to Love Vegetables: 8 Tips

I DARE You to Learn to Love Veggies

How Cooking Affects Your Vegetables' Nutritional Value

The Magical Cooking Technique That Will Get You to Eat Your Veggies

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How do you get in your fruit and veggies each day?

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CD2693807 6/5/2021
lots of good and interesting comments Report
NASFKAB 2/13/2021
Yes Report
PATRICIAANN46 12/20/2020
Thank You.................. Report
PATRICIAAK 11/24/2020
:) Report
I love fruit & have expanded the variety of vegetables 8 enjoy too. Grapefruit from my tree or banana @ breakfast, sometimes a veggie omelette or smoothie w/ kale or spinach & berries; lunch might include a salad or tomato, lettuce & sprouts on sandwich or in wrap; make veggie soups often to have for lunch. Dinner might be stir fry, spaghetti squash, chili beans over baked potato, or fish/chicken etc w/ vegetable side like green beans, broccoli or carrots. Snack on fresh or dried fruit such as pineapple, cherries, nectarines, plums, melon, oranges, apples, dates & prunes; baby carrots, jicama, zucchini stix, cauliflower or broccoli florets, grape or cherry tomatoes are other favorite snacks. Report
I was never much of a veggie eater until three years ago, the my health dramatically reversed. Report
I love veggies and fruits. I make healthy low cal smoothies, drink low sodium v8, and often roast an assortment of root vegetables. So tasty! Report
Smoothies are great but I try not to drink my calories. Report
I have always loved almost all veggies & fruits. Great Article. Report
Salads, smoothies, roasting make veggies easier for me. Still hard, though. Report
I love to make smoothies! Report
I have learned all kinds of ways to incorporate them into my diet Report
Thanks! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
Great suggestions Report
good to know Report
Veggies are more or less mixed into my main meal but sometimes I do eat them raw...but I do have to eat more. Report
I generally don't like the stems of asparagus or broccoli, etc. so if I leftovers, I freeze them and if I'm cooking brown rice, couscous, or pilaf, I pop the frozen stems into a food processor, grind, and add to my grains! Most fruits and veggies I'll eat straight, though! Yum! Report
Just a teaspoon of olive oil makes skillet or roasted vegetables taste better! Or olive oil and balsamic vinegar with any salad ingredients. Fuji apples and oranges rock as snacks anytime! Heated blueberries in oatmeal for breakfast and heated rasberries in pudding for dessert are delicious. I know buy frozen berries so they don't perish so quickly. Carrots with garlic hummus dip is my stress/anxiety buster! I love reading about new fruit and veggie ideas. I aim to make half my plate, be it a meal or snack, with a fruit or veggie! Veggies are the new pasta! Report
Summer is a good time to grow your own veggies! Gardening is good exercise too. Report
When I had my gastric bypass, in the aftercare class, the instructor said no one gets to 275lbs by eating 5 or more servings of veggies a day. I don't know if that is true or not, but I know in my case I really had to struggle with eating fruits and specially veggies. NEVER loved or even liked them and I still struggle with it today. So I started eating vegetarian. Did know you can actually figure out how not to eat your veggies and still be a vegetarian? But since really buckling down and sticking to the spark diet, I've been trying and more often than not succeeding in getting my veggies in for the day. The different recipes I've found on this site are great and boy that definitely helps. Thanks SparkPeople! Report
It amazed me to learn that once I quit smoking and began eating healthy that I actually DO like some extent at least. I can even handle some foods that before I would run from. It inspires me to try more that I didn't like before. :)
I don't see how anyone could not like vegetables! I love the ones the most people hate the most! mmmmmmmmmm!! Brussel sprouts and raw mushrooms are my fave. Report
I really envy all you veggie lovers out there. I like fruit, but I honestly dislike the taste of most vegetables and really struggle with eating them. It gets a little discouraging sometimes trying to plan a healthy meal when you do not like vegetables. Report
I am not a huge veggie lover and what fruit and veggies I eat must be extremely fresh. Thus causing me to walk to the store often. I try to eat a cup of fruit or veggies as finger food on my way to work in the early hours and try to have some cooked with each supper. If I have some veggies I think I need in my diet and really cannot stand to eat them I blend them up and put them with ground meat in meals like lazagne or such. Report
If eating fruits and vegetables led to weight loss for me, I'd be super skinny! I've always ate these, grew up on a farm and as a kid, had fruit trees in the front yard. I was away from it for a few years due to ulcerative colitis but now that I'm in remission, I can eat most again - no citrus, lettuce or really high fibre veggies but most of the rest. Steamed, stir-fry and raw, yum. Report
My husband and I love veggies; the 15 year old not so much. We keep offering and hoping! Report
I have always loved veggies,growing up my mom had a garden; but it was the stable greens.Now since I am older I keep trying new veggies. Report
I love my veggies now....when I first started SP I ate very few Veggies and now I haven't missed a 5+ day in over a year! Amazing! Report
LOVE my veggies! Mostly like them raw, but some I like to steam lightly. Yum, yum! Report
The pre-school I went to served us lunch everyday. In order to play at lunch time we had to eat ALL of our veggies. I learned to love veggies pretty early on in life and it's something I have definitely carried with me through life. Report
After a visit to my doctors I am now on a more raw diet, raw meaning not packaged, frozen etc. and this included no breads. The salt intake was just too much for me. I love vegies and fruits and adore smoothies. I'd love ideas for meals that seem more like a main course than a side dish. Report
When I have steamed veggies with dinner, I eat them FIRST -- they're best when hot. We eat lots of salad with chopped fresh vegetables. And fruit is no problem for me! Apples and bananas are a secret weapon for me on the road -- I always have one along -- so portable and ready-to-eat if there's a temptation to snack. Report
I really learned to enjoy veggies. Where else does all the flavor come from anyway? Report
I have no problem with my veggies,i love all types and lots are available down here in the caribbean,including plenty tropical fruits. Its a bounty. Report
I'm going to start eating a banana at breakfast. when I started tracking I was surprised I'm not eating as much vegies as I thought I was. Report
I used to have a hard time eating all servings of fruits and vegetables. But now when I go to lunch (most often at our local cafeteria), I load up on vegetables and some fruits before I add the meats and carbs. Works great for me and makes it easier to control my hunger pangs between meals. Report
I don't usually have a problem getting my servings of fruits and veg. I add fruit to my oatmeal every morning, I have fruit as a snack (most times), I have salad or vegetable soup with my lunch, and lots of salad and cooked veg with my dinner. Report
I have a hard time getting my fruit and veggies in. Fruit seems to to easier for me. I'll have 1/2 a grapefruit for breakfast or put some blueberries in my cereal. Snack on an apple or grapes. I'm working on the veggies. but its slow going Report
I eat a banana with breakfast each day, & snack on fruits throughout the day. I eat plenty of vegetables with dinner, & often have a salad. Report
actually, it feels weird not to eat fruit and veggies everyday! They have always been part of my diet. Report
Ive always loved veggies, but hated fruits, Since trying to eat healthier Ive actually started to learn to love fruits. I do think that in its self has helped with my weight loss the last 2 months Report
god there are so many different ways to get your vegetables in for the day. try slicing up some sweet potato and brushing it with olive oil and baking it in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.. it tastes really good.. you can also pan fry eggplant with a little olive oil and this is delicious...another idea is to make some fresh salsa with tomatoes and onion and whatever else you decide to add (cilantro is also a good addition) and eat it with pita chips. Report
I always have veggies clean and ready to eat in my frige I can just grab a bag and eat. Report
I love fruits and vegetables. I have never had any trouble eating them. My husband however is a different story, but we are working on it. Report
I grew up in a family where potatoes and meat were the staples. Never ate veggies, I am trying to hit those aisles first at the grocery store so my cart fills up faster. Also hitting organic stores and checking labels for nutritional value and stocking up on frozen veggies and meals made with veggies. No complaints from my teenagers yet! Report
I love to try new kinds of fruits and vegetables - ugli fruit, bitter melons, chayote squash. The farmers market makes it easy in the summer time - have to seek new ones out in the winter. Report
My new thing is eating vegetables with breakfast. Most of the time it is sauteed spinach under my egg over easy and a side of a small sweet potato, but sometimes I have mushrooms, or avocado, or tomatoes. I love veggies so this wasn't much of a sacrifice for me! Report
I, too, eat my veggies first. I love their taste and texture. When we go on cruises the first thing I tell our dining steward is that I want steamed vegetables with my dinner. You can't image the smile that always elicits.