6 Healthy, Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Now that cookout season has begun, are you looking for some fun and tasty new ways to make your own barbecue sauce? We've rounded up some healthy barbecue sauce recipes to help liven up your grill recipes.

Honey Barbecue Sauce

Super Easy Barbecue Sauce

Diet Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce

Honey Mustard Barbecue Sauce

Basic Barbecue Sauce

Mustard Barbecue Sauce

Which of these recipes will you be trying? What is your favorite homemade barbecue sauce recipe?

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GEORGE815 12/30/2020
Thanks Report
Great ideas! Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
thanks Report
I'm excited to try the Basic BBQ Sauce. I've been missing BBQ, so this will be great. And my birthday is coming up. Maybe, I'll manage my favorite summer recipe for ribs. Thanks for sharing. Report
I think I might try the mustard one. Usually don't do BBQ sauce, but my hubby is a big fan! Report
Wish I had seen this last weekend as I cruised all the recipe sites for the Best Baby Back Ribs...I winged it and while my homemade sauce was ok I bet there is something better in this group. Report
Never use a sauce Report
I'll try the mustard one..it sounds great. thanks. Report
I use BBQ sauce so infrequently, I'll stick with the store bought variety. Report
Ooo the honey-mustard one sounds fabulous! Report
I'm not big into BBQ. Report
Ill try to mustart bbq sauce. I have all the ingredients on hand. Report
I don't really like barbeque sauce but I may try the honey barbeque sauce with my family. Report
My favorite soda is diet Dr Pepper, so I really want to try that one! Report
I would like to try the honey barbeque and the honey mustard. Report
The diet Dr Pepper recipe is the first I plan to try. Report
I`ll be trying the diet dp one Report