Tired of Starting Over?

By , SparkPeople Blogger

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1CRAZYDOG 6/2/2020
LOVE those words of inspiration! Report
KHALIA2 1/4/2020
Thanks! Report
NELLJONES 10/28/2019
The great thing about sticking to your Plan is that you never have to start over. Report
WALKZWDOGZ 8/26/2019
Don't like this one actually. Weight loss like most things is a grownth cycle, not an all-or-nothing affair. You make corrections, adjustments, and keep going. Pilots are off course more often than on but just get back on track to reach their destination. Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Keep pushing! Report
I gain some then lose some, but I never give up! Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Never Give up! Report
very inspirational Report
I can relate to that Report
I never started over on my diet. I gained weight about 2 years ago the first time in 30 years because of a blood clot in one lung and I could not walk very much without extreme pain, even had pain walking to the kitchen to cook, I mad a lot of instant unhealthy foods for 8 months. I have been on track since February 2,016. I still had the clot but the pain lessened. I lost 45 pounds since then and before this happened I was size 12 for 30 years after leaving high school for one year.During high school I was size 10. I am size 10 again. I became healthy after I left high school and kept it that way. This is the first diet I have ever been on. Report
Short sweet and straight to the point! Report
I have no idea how many times I gave up before I finally got it. No giving up for me now! Report
So true! Report
Meh. I never really decide to give up. I just drift off & get distracted & next thing I know I'm gaining weight back.
Not applicable, 0/5 motivational value. Report
Always / Never. As an avowed "lover of rules", I would have loved that quote a few years ago.

I have moments that are what they are. If it means I start over, it does. What does starting over mean? Failure? Is failure really a "bad" thing?

I like "it depends".

I learned to walk by failing. A lot. And starting over. A lot.

I'm learning new skills of self-kindness and self-compassion. Well, honing them. I was pretty horrible at it a few years ago. It wasn't easy to learn. Report
Real talk. I want to succeed. I don't want to be starting over every month. If I never give up, I will never have to start over. That is my goal. Report
I know this is supposed to be a motivational quote, but I read it as negative self-talk. Maybe it's just me. I prefer my motivational quotes to be positive and self-affirming. Report
Great. Love it. Report
I like this. It is so simple and so true! I pinned it too! Report
Help me Jesus! Report
I did like KZBAKER!!! It will be one of my screen saver screens and I can use it for a background to help my keep motivated to not quit!!! Report
LOL - I love this! Added it to my Pictures folder so it will show up as a screen saver. Report
Good point. Report
I love this! So true! Report
good one! Report
Love this!! I would a poster size to hang in my exercise area. (or on the fridge) Report
This is one comment I chose to put on my page. A great one Report
Woo Hoo! How true! Report
True, but sometimes hard to follow. Keep trying! Report
Very True. Thank You. God Blessings to Everyone. Have a Wonderful Weekend. Take Care. Report
Thanks :-) Report
Thanks! I never thought of it this way. :) Report
Wow!!! it sure hit a spot....thanks for sharing Report
Thanks-I am starting over today for the, now let me see, the 100th time! Report
I'm not gonna give up. I just want to stay in control. Report
I needed this. Report
So True. Report
I have this on my laptop! I get so much out of the motivational stuff! Have another one on my computer desktop at work too! Made a "wall of motivation" which I taped to my bathroom mirror. See it every morning as I get ready for work. It has helped me stay on track, or brought me back when I do stray! Report
Give up??? Sometimes I wonder if I've actually STARTED:) Report
good idea Report
Self discipline ... making new habits .... growing up ... I need all those things! Very thought-provoking quote! Report
The quotes can help re-ignite the spark when motivation starts to lag! Report
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other..... I keep telling myself I need to step it up. Maybe it will sink in..... Report
That's pithy and memorable! Report
A life plan makes so much more sense than on again, off again; success, failure. Thank you for this blog. Report
This is where I'm at right now so I really needed to see this!! Report