Torch Calories With the Turkey Burner Workout!

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I created this simple, five-exercise workout circuit to get your heart pumping and your muscles moving so you can torch some serious post-Thanksgiving calories. It doesn't use any equipment, and it can be done anywhere, even in a small hotel/guest room! The quicker you move and the more times you repeat the circuit, the higher your calorie burn will be.
Are you up for the challenge? Try it today and then comment below to tell us how you did!

The basic workout circuit consists of five equipment-free exercises. Perform the number of reps listed with each, and do them in this order. For detailed instructions for each move, scroll below the workout graphic.

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Workout Instructions
If you're more of a beginner, simply get through the circuit at your own pace, resting as needed. Repeat it one more time if you feel up to it. If you're an intermediate exerciser, push through three continuous sets of the circuit with little to no rest. For advanced exercisers, set a timer for your desired workout length—such as 10, 15 or 20 minutes (recommended)—and then repeat the circuit as many times as possible (aka AMRAP) for time. But make sure to never sacrifice form for speed. Safety first...which reminds me: All exercisers should warm up for 3-5 minutes before you start, and stretch when they're done.
For detailed instructions of each move, see below:
Jumping Jacks
Stand tall with your back straight, abs engaged, shoulders relaxed, arms at your sides, and feet together.

Hop out with both feet while extending your arms out, forming an X with your arms and legs. Hop back in to the starting position (legs together, arms at your sides). Repeat.

Be sure to land softly, keeping the knees slightly bent to reduce impact. Move faster to increase the intensity. Modify as needed by stepping instead of jumping.

Plie Squats
Begin this exercise by standing with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and your toes turned out.

INHALE: Slowly bend your knees, keeping your back straight, lowering down as low as possible. Make sure your knees don’t cross the plane of your toes. EXHALE: Straighten legs and come up to the starting position to complete one rep.

Stand tall with your back straight, abs engaged, shoulders relaxed, legs together, and arms at your sides.

Make sure you breathe deeply throughout this exercise. Burpees string together four distinct movements: 1) Squat deeply, placing your hands on the floor in front of you and bending your knees and hips deeply. 2) Shift your weight into your hands and jump back to a plank position so that your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your hips to your feet. Keep feet together, abs tight, and hands directly under the shoulders in this position. 3) Jump your legs back in so you return to the deep squat described in phase 1. 4) Stand back up and return to the start position. Repeat all four phases continuously.

Note: Burpees are a very advanced exercise that require cardiovascular stamina, core strength, and a high range of motion in the knees. Practice caution and modify as needed, moving at your own pace.

Start with hands shoulder width apart on the floor and up on your toes, so that your body is supported, keeping your body as straight as possible. (Workout graphic shows one leg lifted for additional challenge, optional.)

INHALE: Bend your elbows and lower chest to 90 degrees at the elbows. EXHALE: Push up so that your arms are straight, making sure your elbows aren’t completely locked. Modify on your knees as needed.

Bicycle Crunches
Begin by lying on your back, placing your hands behind your ears. Lift your legs in the air and bend your knees so that your legs form a 90 degree angle at your hips.

Move your legs in a bicycle motion. When your left knee is closer to your body, reach your right shoulder toward it. When your right knee is closer to your body, reach your left elbow to it. Move in a slow, controlled manner.

Are you going to try the Turkey Burner? If you tried it, how did you fare?

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JUDY1676 2/11/2021
Thanks Report
ETHELMERZ 11/8/2020
Nicole knows that a person does not burn calories from any food eaten, by exercising right after eating, the body does not work that way at all! A myth! Report
If you can do that after eating, I do not want to stand anywhere near you when your abused stomach makes its displeasure known. Report
Thank you for sharing. Good info. Report
This is a great workout, but, as a certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer, I would give more description of how to modify a burpee. Many people will look at this article and give up because of the burpees. Burpees can be done in steps. Forward fold, step back with one foot, step back the other foot to match, then step back first with one foot and then the other, and stand up. This removes all of the jumping and still increases the heart rate and fitness level. Then they can increase as they become more fit. Report
I'll give it a try. Thanks. Report
Thank You. Report
With my back will not be doing burpees! Report
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Thanks for posting this! I did one circuit today, with modified jumping jacks, burpees, and wall pushups. I'm using this to start getting back on track after a five pound gain over the last two weeks. Took me about 12 minutes, but I did all the reps, and I'm sweating like mad. Hope to see some results soon! 😁 Report
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Excellent exercises, thanks! Report
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I signed up for 3 classes at the gym this morning. Report
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Thanks for this. But...I wish you would have listed how many calories it burns! Report
Excellent workout!!! Thank you!!! Report
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I just did one set of these with modified burpees using a chair and modified push-ups. Report
On Thanksgiving morning, before I got busy with all the extra activities, I did the Turkey Burner Workout. I was glad I did! Modified the burpees. Report
No thank you to the burpees. Report
Great idea just that most are beyond me Report
Thank you for the great ideas. With modifications for a 71-year-old with two artificial knees, I was able to do them. Quite a workout. Report
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I will try the pile squats. I do regular ones every day.. Report
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Great workout! Report
Great workout Report
I bet they do burn a lot of calories. I actually feel exhausted from just watching them ;-)) Report
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That was brutal. Made it through 2 rounds. The burpees are killers! Now to do some strength training. Report
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