Weekends: You Can Survive Them

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Do you find yourself doing great with your healthy lifestyle habits during the week, only to find that you lose your motivation to stick to those healthy habits during the weekend? Don't worry, you are not the only one! I see numerous SparkPeople members say something similar to this somewhat often. You work so hard during the week for your job and/or school, your family, doing various tasks, changing various lifestyle habits, etc., and perhaps you feel you need a break from it all at the end of the week. However, by making some small adjustments you can change that all around and make your weekends healthier too! We have rounded up a variety of resources to help you get through the weekends with more motivation to stick to your healthy lifestyle habits.

Stop Weekend Binges

Tips for a Healthy Weekend

10 Tips for a Healthier Weekend

Weekend Survival Guide

Surviving the Weekend

Weekend-Proof Your Workout Plan

SP's Weekend Survival Team

If you happen to get off track during the weekend though, don't beat yourself up. Instead, do your best to get right back on track and soon you will find that you will be able to tame your weekend habits!

Do you find weekends hard to stay on track with your healthy habits? If so, what is the hardest part for you? If not, what tips can you offer other members that do have a hard time with weekends?

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RAPUNZEL53 7/23/2021
Great Report
FISHGUT3 12/13/2020
thanks Report
RAZZOOZLE 12/11/2020
thank you Report
THINCPL2004 11/21/2020
Thank you Report
DEBBRALE 8/28/2020
Great information! Report
good suggestions Report
great Report
interesting article and comments Report
Thank you Report
These are great tips for the weekend. Report
Good article, the weekends are hard for me to stay on track. Report
Good tips, thanks. Report
Being retired the weekend is no different than any other day. Report
"Eat your favourite foods in moderation" Well...it took me a while to figure out that I can't do moderation. For me, a little bit of sugar/dough means a binge-a-thon of epic proportions. So I need to cope with the idea that healthy living, for me, means to stay away from my favourite foods, and that I need to make new favourites. Report
Staying on track, keeping the same routine even on weekends, is key for me. Report
slowing down at weekends Report
This is exactly my problem. I am rock solid during the week. Drinking and eating is for sure my largest struggle during the weekends=( I find my social life is terrible for my healthy lifestyle and find myself not going out because if it. Which I know is a recipe for disaster in the long run. I find myself being filled with animosity about it. =( Report
Drinking is my problem on weekends. Report
Weekends,Weekends....seems like thats all we wait for. I mean its girls night out and date nights, and you think hey why not. =) But it was time we made a pact with my freinds...we all eat healthy....so means..we bring good snacks...not chips and candy!!!! So it makes it easier when you have more people on your side about getting heathly snacks...doesn't always work...there is always that one person..but a bad snack here and there we deserve!!! =) Report
Yes!! The weekend is my biggest downfall for many reasons. One is that this is the time I spend with my boyfriend at his house (read: out of my stocked full of healthy food comfort zone into my boyfriend's 'bachelor pad' stocked full of junk). I know myself and I know when there is bad food around, I will eat it. Case and point: My mom gave me a Valentine's Day bag stuffed with fun-sized candy bar and I inhaled it before I even made it to the weekend :/ My boyfriend is naturally skinny and subsequently eats whatever he wants (still not healthy, not to mention fair, I know!). I am also a justice eater. If we go out and he eats something bad, I feel like I'm missing out and it's not fair so then I want to (and often do) eat something bad. This leads me to another reason weekends are hard to eat healthy: we go out a lot. Not just with my boyfriend, but this is often when I spend time with my mom or friends and that usually involves eating out. My mom is also an unhealthy eater and when we go out, she normally suggests somewhere like Pizza Hut.

How I usually deal with this is allowing myself one cheat day (usually Saturday) but it often leaks into Friday and Sunday, too :/ And then I get back on the wagon on Monday. Report
weekends are extremely hard for me mainly because I am on my husbands schedule, not mine on the weekends. To plan out my meals on the weekend is very difficult because of this. Also, he does not really like me on the computer when he is home. We are working on it though. :) Report
"...and perhaps you feel you need a break from it all at the end of the week." When I had the mentality that my weekends were to ~not~ do what I was doing during the week, I had a lot of trouble sticking to my eating plan. Once I began to think of my weekends as "work" time at home, no matter what my activities are, I have been much better able to stick with my eating plan. I need a regimen, even if it's all fun and games for the weekend-if I can plan it, I can stick with it! Instead of telling myself "I have the weekend 'off,'" and started making a weekend "plan" like I do my work days, it has all fallen into place. Instead of thinking of a weekend trip to the beach with my friends and figuring since it's "me" time I can eat whatever I want, and planning to eat properly ~ahead~ of the trip, it's been easier to stick with it. Maybe not 100%, but at least not to the point of destroying all of my progress for the previous week! Report
The hardest part about eating is we always go out for brunch after church. Then we have an early dinner. I am getting better; trying to schedule a lite meal/snack in between.

Exercise is almost non-existant on weekends. I'm trying to get better at it. We've always done some sort of outdoor activity on weekends, but with no snow, we aren't cross country skiing or snow shoeing. I guess I'll have to try to be creative. Report
I don't have trouble with the eating part of the weekend unless a friend and I go out or they have something at the church, but exercise is less because the Rec Centers are closed (there are a couple open until around noon, but far from me and a couple on Sunday, but they close before I could get there). I can bowl some, but it is more on weekends, so I stick to weekdays. I don't have anyone to do things with, so it's boring to try to go out and do something by myself. Report
I agree with ROSEWAND - I plan for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are my splurge days. Even though I mainly keep my calories in the same range as during the week, Saturday and Sunday is when I eat out. The weekend is when I may have a slice or two of pizza.

Even though I splurge on somethings, I make sure I still drink my 8+ cups of water, I eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies and I still track my nutrition (looking up nutritional value before I go to restaurants to determine what I will eat before I get there).

Even though Sunday is my rest day and I don't workout that day - Saturday is workout as usual. This way when the weekend is over I have no guilt because I have planned it out and for the most part even though I had some splurge items I was still within calorie range and my other nutritional values where met. Report
I love weekends because I plan for them. I have always wanted to eat more on the weekend so I build extra
weekend calories in to my schedule. Over the week, it is the average calories that matter not what I eat on any given day. Rather than feeling guilty for "overeating" on the weekend, enjoy a splurge at the end of the week.

I eat less during the week so I can eat
more at my Friday and Saturday evening meal. Eating more at these times, seems to keep my metabolism in good shape. Eating this way takes away the feelings of deprivation and guilt.

This plan has worked very well for me both during weight
loss and now in maintenance. Report
Weekends are for long bike rides, hikes or snowshoeing, so we actually burn more calories on those days, typically. My eating might go up a little, but that's only natural with the longer workouts. I'm retired now, so I can do long workouts during the week, but I still want to get outside with my husband and/or friends on the weekends - the ones who still work.

My tip would be to be active on the weekends in any way you can. Take walks, bike to the store, play with your kids, etc. If you have a sedentary job, it's great to work your body in even small ways. Report
Weekends are absolutely my biggest downfall! In fact, this past weekend was a complete disaster, nutrition-wise. I actually spent all getting back to the point I was at before the weekend. It's hard for me to refuse hubby when he wants to go out to eat, or buy snacks we shouldn't have in the house. Thank you for these resources, I will read them, and continue to work on slaying the weekend monster! Report
I tend to struggle on weekends, I forget to take in my daily amount of calories, I try to eat when I remember and sometimes it may only be twice a day but the week is good, I get my exercise in and take in the daily calories because I log my food but I just can't seem to do that on the weekends, I need to really work on this. Report
I joined the Monday weigh in team. That keeps me going through the weekend. Report
I used to struggle on the weekends and sometimes still do. I realize that planning and packing snacks for the day is important if you are out running around. I enter my foods in the tracker in the AM before I start out. Report
I am currently unemployed and have just come off a very restrictive diet too, so everyday for me is a weekend..which is very difficult to stay disciplined, particularly because I had to be so disciplined for so long with my diet..now I find myself cutting loose a bit too much with what I am eating. Will definately check out some of these links for some guidance and suggestions. Thanks! Report
I have the exact opposite problem. I am at my very best during weekends, but I struggle during work days. I think my struggle has something to do with having a desk job. I tend to "graze" through my work day. Unfortunately, for me, my grazing is all about baked goods and other sweets. Report
Weekends ARE tough, but they have gotten more manageable, thanks in a large part to SP! Report
I have written several of my blogs on turning WEAKends into WEEKends. My main tip is to go into it with a plan. Don't assume you can wing it. Most of us with weight to lose don't "wing it" so well so we need a plan just like we do during the week. I also pack a cooler and carry it EVERYWHERE. My rule is plenty of meals for me +1 extra for when I'm going to get caught up somewhere. It always happens. :)

If you want to read my blogs just visit my profile page. I'm linked to my main blog on there. Report
My adult children come home on the weekends and I always want them to feel special when they come so I make all their favorites. It's hard not to eat so much. Report
Im alone 7 days a week. So I don't have the weekend problem like everyone else has. I like the blog very much though. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. Report
For me the biggest complexity of weekends is water. Weekdays I can go through 6-8 glasses just in the 8.5 hours at my desk. Weekends I get out and about and carrying water bottles and remembering to drink from them and keep track is more work.

The second complexity is that I do sleep in on weekends. Sometimes it's nearly noon before I'm ready to "make breakfast" (I do break my fast with a snack item, but still have a meal I call breakfast). By late evening, I'm not really hungry but have calories / planned food to eat still.

Not major obstacles, though - I do fine on weekends as long as I keep water in mind. Report
My biggest landmine is an SO that wants to spend lots of time with me, and adventures to be had. So, it's a case of eating on the run. Report
i try to keep up on the weekends , it makes the weeks so much easier. Report
Week-ends are better since I have more "me" time. Report
good tips Report
This is a good tool for people who have a hard time on weekends. I found a few suggestions I will try. Thanks for sharing. Brenz Report
I believe I generally better on the weekend because I get to take care of myself by getting a little extra rest and also tend to get in more exercise. Sometimes things are so busy during the week, it is hard to get in as much exercise as I would like. My wife and I actually do a great job during the week though because she has done a great job planning our meals. Report
Stay active stay away from the bad place (kitchen) unless I am eating a meal or getting WATER, Report
I appreciate the great tips. Thank you! Report
Weekends are the worst for me also. I try
really hard to stay on track. Report
I actually do a little better on the weekends because I am able to get in all my nutrients. Some times during the work week it's a matter of having enough time to eat. Report
love walking and my dog love going as well , We did seven miles to day Report
So far, the weekends have actually been a nice time to get in more fitness minutes so I've been more motivated on the weekends than on the weekdays. I also weigh in on Monday's so that keeps me from thinking, "Oh,it's the weekend so I can let up." Report