Stay on Track With Our 4-Week Healthy Holiday Challenge

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Whether you're new to the healthy lifestyle journey or a seasoned veteran, the holidays are a challenge for all of us. Between cookie exchanges, holiday parties, potlucks at the office and bags of candy the kids bring home from school, even the most dedicated meal planner or calorie counter might see their willpower waver. Does that mean you're destined to pack on the pounds between now and January 1st, though? Believe it or not, with a little planning ahead and some determination, you can enjoy the holiday season while still going after your goals.

Think back to how you've felt after the holidays in years past. Was there disappointment that you overindulged? Did you feel discouraged that you undid a lot of the progress you'd made earlier in the year? Did you experience the feeling of "Oh great, here we go again"? You can't change the mistakes of the past, but you can learn from them. Instead of giving yourself a mountain to start climbing again on the first day of the new year, what if this year was different? Could this be the year that you keep moving forward, regardless of the temptations life (and Grandma's apple pie!) throw at you?

Planning is everything, so we've got a four-week program to help you stay motivated and on track throughout the holiday season. Focus on one workout, one nutrition tip and one motivational reminder each day to make this holiday season different from all the rest. If the daily workout doesn't meet your needs or the nutrition tip is something you already do, feel free to customize the program to fit your life and your goals. Commit to making this holiday season one full of good health and happiness! 

Weeks 1 & 3 Workouts

Monday: Walking Workout With Intervals
Tuesday: 20-Minute Dumbbell Workout
Thursday: Dance and Be Fit
Friday: Full-Body Time-Saving Strength Workout
Saturday: Low-Impact HIIT Cardio Workout
Sunday: Yoga Lengthen and Strengthen

Weeks 2 & 4 Workouts

Monday: Zero-Equipment Cardio Workout
Tuesday: Fat-Blasting, Full-Body Routine
Thursday: Bodyweight Strength Workout
Friday: Cardio Kickboxing Workout
Saturday: Jump Start Cardio Workout
Sunday: Yoga Meditation and Stretch

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SHERYE 11/24/2019
Thank you Report
There are many occasions, like this one, that I would like to be able to print out stuff and leave it on the notice board. I'll figure out something.... Report
ARTJAC 11/23/2019
MSROZZIE 11/23/2019
Good challenge, thanks! Report
TERMITEMOM 11/23/2019
Very useful! Thank you. Report
SHOAPIE 11/23/2019
Great plan. Report
NANHBH 11/23/2019
This is great! Thanks for the plan. Report
1CRAZYDOG 11/23/2019
Loved all the suggestions, and the organization of it. Wish the dance video worked. Report
KOHINOOR2 11/23/2019
Thanks! Report
LIDDY09 11/23/2019
Thanks Report
NELLJONES 11/23/2019
Great idea! Report
I "sort of" found a way to print this out but would love a cleaner version so I could post it on my fridge. Also, the link to the dance workout doesn't seem to work. Report
Great ideas! Report
HOLLYM48 11/23/2019
Great ideas! Report
PLCHAPPELL 11/23/2019
Great idea Report
MAREE1953 11/23/2019
Sounds good! Report
Great ideas Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Interesting. Report
Thank you. Report
GREAT Report
I’m going to stick to my own fitness plan. It works for me. Report
I was hoping this would be a join & get and email each day challenge, but I cant see a link Report
Some of the links for daily exercises don't work. Guess I'm not doing this one Report
This is wonderful. I will print it and use it as my calendar. Report
It's always a challenge, might as well be organized about it. Report
Can't print this out easily--a REAL challenge would be great--I'd sign up in a minute to do this one. Report
Done! Report
Thank you. Report
SparkPeople, I want this as a Calendar challenge - please! Report
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Looks like a great challenge Report
I really like this plan. Report
Great suggestions. Report
Good list Report
Is this on the challenge wall? I didn't see it there. Not there, I must conclude not a real challenge. Not doing fake, pointless challenge thingy. Report
Great ideas Report
I plan to be successful. Report
I was ready to sign up if only it was a 30 day challenge that would send reminders every day.... Report
I agree with some others - I would like this as an addition to the 30 Day Challenges at Challenge Central! Report
Yes! I need some good motivation to make it through the holidays. I just started a week ago and didn't want to wait any longer to take care of myself! Report
I like this, I'm only ramping up (after a break and a lot more weight!) so these tips will come in handy to keep me on track! Report
Nice! Thank you! Report
Thanks for the holiday challenge... count me in! Report
Had a better holiday season when I didn’t think about food at all, now just want the season to be over with. Report
I'd love to see this become a 30 day challenge. Report
This would be a lot more useful as a daily challenge like the other 30 day challenges. Report
Why isn’t this on a challenge page. I can’t save it anywhere to just shave a go to tick list Report
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