We Ate It: Special K Bliss Bars

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Sometimes you just need chocolate.

A little sweet pick-me-up to get you to 5 o'clock, a dark, rich treat to make you forget all the work that's piling up around you, an indulgence to go with your morning coffee.

But who wants to waste hundreds of calories on a sweet? Not me.
When we tore into the box of Special K Bliss Bars, we were excited to see they were only 90 calories (and had just two grams of fat). Overwhelmingly, we preferred the raspberry to the orange, but we decided that was mostly personal preference. (Is there a more perfect combination than raspberry and dark chocolate?) We had just one complaint: We wanted more than "less than 1 gram" of fiber. I suppose that's the trade-off for a low-calorie, high-flavor bar.

Our thoughts:
"I thought this was a nice tasty treat that was light but just enough to tide me over. Even better, they’ve outdone the 100 calorie packs since these are only 90!"
"It's a hybrid of a granola bar and a candy bar, with plenty of fruity bits."

"I liked it! Lots of interesting textures coming together. Chewy, crispy, chocolaty...and only 90 calories. Thumbs-up from me!"

"When I first bit into it, I was reminded of "Swedish Fish"
candy. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but as I kept eating I liked the taste more and more."

Special K Bliss Bars, in orange and raspberry flavors $3.49 for six 0.77 ounce bars