Motivation: Where Do You Find Yours?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The common bond many of us share is where to find the motivation to carry us to our goals. What happens when it isn’t there? Why is it so important in helping us to achieve success in anything that we do, including embracing a healthy lifestyle?

When I first began my journey, motivation was at an all-time high. It was like the first day of school, you know when you buy a new back-to-school outfit, new school supplies, and even look forward to making new friends. But once the first few weeks are well behind you this is when the work really begins. And it can be tough and no longer fun.

I once thought that motivation was something others could give me. They would be there pushing me through all the trials and tribulations in my life or carrying me through when I just felt I couldn’t do it on my own. But I have since learned differently. The longer I am on this journey the more I realize I am the one responsible for getting me to each and every one of the goals I have laid out before me.

Believe it or not, motivation is something we all have! We have all had it since we were wee babes. But I do believe, at least for me, I learned to shut off the motivation button each and every time I hit an obstacle that stood in my way of success. In other words, I took the responsibility off me and put it onto my lack of motivation. It was easier to blame my lack of motivation than it was to blame myself.

This is why I consider this journey a blessing. I realize I DO have the motivation to get me over the roadblocks I have set up, I just couldn’t or didn’t want to hear that inner voice telling me I could do this. I had just buried it deep within so I could blame anyone else, but me. This doesn’t mean I don’t turn to others when times get tough--in fact that is what helps me more than anything. Realizing that others have walked a similar journey and succeeded inspires me to find that all important motivation.

My running coach, Chad, told me the following quote a little over 2 years ago after he became so tired of hearing my incessant complaints of not being able to break through a plateau I had been on for many months. He said, “Nancy, I CANNOT give you motivation. Motivation must come from within yourself; therefore, it is a gift we give ourselves. However, what I can give you is inspiration, since inspiration is a gift we give to others.” I went home immediately wrote that on my inspirational wall of quotes where I still read it every day.

And while I would like to say that I have conquered the lack of motivation bug, what I have learned is to accept, just like everything in life, that it too has its peaks and valleys and it is all part of the journey to a healthier me.

How do you find motivation within yourself when you feel that you just don’t have it in you? Do you feel worthy of giving yourself the gift of motivation every day?

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