Burn It Off: How Many Mall Laps to Undo a Cinnabon?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Do you plan to hit the mall for some deals this Black Friday? Well, be prepared for large crowds and long lines that will keep you there much longer than you anticipate. But even more worrisome than the lines is the mall food itself! It's hard to resist the wafting smells of freshly baked soft pretzels, cookies and cinnamon rolls that are as much a part of the mall as the department stores. And when you're tired, hungry, and stressed out during a long day of bargain hunting, these sweet comfort foods can be pretty tempting. In a moment of weakness, you give in and order a Cinnabon. Just how much damage will one Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll do? Find out how many laps you'd have to walk around the mall to undo this gooey treat.

The Cinnabon website doesn't disclose its calorie information. But a quick Google search will turn up over a dozen calorie counting websites that all say the same thing: One Classic Cinnabon Roll contains a not-so-sweet 730 calories and 24 grams of fat. It's sweet, gooey and, well, big—and it's got the calories to prove it!

Now the number of laps you'd have to walk around your local mall is going to vary since all malls are different sizes and shapes. You can actually call your mall customer service desk to find out the exact distance, because most malls offer indoor fitness walking programs. My research found that one mall lap could vary from 1/4 to 2/3 of a mile on average. To be conservative, let's say that one mall lap is equal to a quarter mile. And if you're walking through the mall on Black Friday, you can't exact speed walk around the people. Your pace will have to be pretty slow.

According to SparkPeople.com's Fitness Tracker, a 150-pound woman who walks a comfortable 20-minute mile pace (3 mph) will burn 20 calories per quarter mile (one mall lap). To burn off that Cinnabon, you'd have to circle the entire mall 36.5 times, which is just over 9 miles! (And that'd take 3 hours by the way.)

This brings up an interesting point that I like to make. "Activity" is not the same as "exercise." Your feet and back may hurt from a day of shopping, but that's more a reflection of being on your feet, wearing uncomfortable shoes, and poor posture than it is a reflection of the "intensity" of your day. Shopping surely doesn't justify the extra calories in something like a Cinnabon—not on Black Friday or any other day!

Do you think 3 hours of walking is worth the momentary pleasure of eating a Cinnabon? Better yet, do you have any tips to avoid mall food (or make it healthier)?

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PATRICIAAK 2/24/2021
:) Report
PATRICIAAK 1/14/2021
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YMWONG22 6/23/2020
Thanks. Report
PATRICIAAK 6/16/2020
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Not worth it!!!! Report
Interesting Report
I disagree with Nicole on activity vs exercise. If you shop ALL DAY on your feet non stop , it DOES add up! Go to the Calories Burned Website and you will see how MUCH activities burn up the calories!As a Homeschooling mom,I am working all day! Those calories burned doing the shopping, hauling in all the groceries and putting them away, scrubbing floors, many loads of laundry DOES EQUAL a GREAT amount of calories burned.So, I think MOVING and doing MUCH activity CAN be a WORKOUT!!! And as a result of counting my activity EVERY day in the 5% Summer Challenge, I LOST 5% of my weight PLUS more~-10.8 lbs. in 9 weeks ~losing EVERY DAY DUE to MOVEMENT ~ACTIVITY ~not just "I got my workout in!" Now, on the Interim Challenge ~2018 ~"In~ between" the Summer and Fall 5% Challenges, I have started losing again. Just clean eating and LOTS OF MOVEMENT!! It works!!!!!!! Report
Just the aroma of Cinnabon smells fattening to me! LOL It would NOT be worth having to walk 3 hours for me to enjoy a cinnamon roll...no way!! I stick a Larabar in my purse almost every time I leave the house so if I'm out longer than intended at least I have something to eat with me ....which makes it far less likely that I'll give in to 'junk' food! Besides, I'm committed to maintaining my weight loss and Cinnabon is just not on my plan! Report
No Cinnabon is worth all of the exercise it takes to work it off Report
Cinnabons are one of those sweets I love but just can't justify any longer. There's a ton of less calorie-laden options to satisfy my sweet tooth. Probably not at the mall, though! Report
I don't eat mall food because I shop on line so I can eat food I've prepared at home. A small burger w/ half the bun would be better, or go to a candy store and buy one piece if you want something sweet. Maybe a diet cola instead?
Mall food may be the reason our society is now obese. We used to get dressed up to go downtown to shop & ate in real tea rooms that served normal portions. It was an experience not just a place to stuff your face. Report
Sorry but I have learned you can't out exercise bad eating habits.. Report
Cinnabons....my ARCH NEMESIS!! I gained 20lbs. my freshman year of college because of them. We were allowed to use our meal plans at the cinnabon shop instead of actually eating a real meal and one meal plan bought TWO cinnabons. I used to eat both! A whole days worth of calories in ONE 'meal". The worst part? I also had fourth meal. So some nights, I would tack two of these babies on top of all of my real meals and snacks for the day. YUCK! I can't even imagine doing that anymore!! Report
A month or so ago I was craving for a Cinnabon. Prior to that I hadn't eaten one in ages, maybe a year. So my dh and I go to the mall to buy one and we split it. I had hoped it only had 400 cals total at most but when I got home to check the stats I found almost 800 cals for one. Aaaa it was like almost a whole meal and didn't even fill my tummy. Never again! well at least not for a long, long time. Report
If you have a Curritos in your food court, try that. Their website contains full nutritional information for everything on the menu. My fave is the Bangkok wrap - YUM. Not everything on the menu is as healthy as that wrap, but because they disclose, you'll at least know about it and be able to plan for it. They do have brown rice. Report
heck no this is not worht it one bit! Report
Not worth the walk... the smell is almost too much to even go to the mall. I love it. Report
HAHA...this exact situation happen to me on black friday..me and my friend went out shopping at the mall and at about 8am we decided we were hungry. She went for a Cinabon and insisted I get one too, I decided against it and went for a whole wheat bagel, not exactly healthy by any means but that 300 calories was looking pretty good against her 730.

All in all a better choice, not excellent, but better! Report
If you must have a Cinnabon, you can go for the Minibon at about 300 calories, or split a regular one with your shopping buddy.

Eating at the mall can be tricky in general though. When I cruise the food court, I find a Teriyaki bowl the best option because it's one of the only places with fresh veggies. I always ask them to remove any skin (if possible), and to make it with 1/2 the normal amount of rice and twice the veggies. I also ask if they have brown rice. Usually the answer is "no" but every once in a while I get lucky, and I figure if enough people ask, maybe they'll start carrying it. Report
I just don't think about the consequences until after the eating bad act. Must reverse this. Report
I do like them, but the thought of how sweet they are and the price .........WOW!!!!! Report
When I was too young to watch myself, my grandma would take my brother and I to the mall and walk in the morning with her group. The doors would open early for walkers, and Cinnabon was ALWAYS open. Since it was the only restaurant open, and no crowds, you could smell it the whole time walking, and the laps were 1/2 mile each.... Never failed though, people were always sitting there eating them before, after, and during their walks. My grandma always scared me into eating them, when I was younger, so it actually stuck with me. I can honestly say I have never had one, and I don't think I ever will. Report
I would probably walk for 3 hours for one. they are soooo good. and I can definitely eat a whole one... used to love downing the cinna stix with icing dip. Report
I love those things...have to admit I haven't eaten one in YEARS because they always make me feel like I have a rock in my stomach...but yum are they good! Report
I ate part of one of those once. I about died when I tasted it. Loaded with sugar it gave me such a sugar rush. I don't eat much sugar. And I never ate one of those again. Report
Besides the calories and fat, each roll has 14 teaspoons of sugar in it. If I even ate half, I'd have such a sugar rush they'd have to call an ambulance for me! I'd have to limit myself to one well-selected bite and call it good - verrrrrry good. Report
SHEESH!! Circle the entire mall 36.5 times?!! A 9 mile walk?!! 4-get-it!! Thank goodness I haven't fallen for those things!! Can't afford to spend 3 hours workin' one a' those dang things off!!

Have a gr8 weekend, everybody!! :) Report
I LOVE Cinnabon. For the one time a year I'm actually near one, I have one - with extra icing!!! - and enjoy the whole darn thing. I agree with what another commenter said - that one bun per year is not what made me fat. It's my everyday choices and portions I have to worry about, not my occasional treats. Report
Keep in mind too, that this is the PLAIN Cinnabon roll, the caramel pecan roll has closer to 1100 calories and 56 grams of fat...
When we were kids we used to get big gooey Cinnabons when we were stuck in airports flying somewhere, no wonder I never felt good when we finally got where we were going! And to think I used to blame traveling!
"Lucky" for me, I can't eat gluten now so while they still look good, they aren't actually tempting.
Gotta say I love the Cinnabon. I was considering using the mall to walk but reading this has made me think twice. I don't think I could fight the temptation even eating half blows it for me. I think I better bundle up and hit the track. Report
I'm not surprised at all by the calories. Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are HUGE! I couldn't finish one if I tried. It's not rocket science. It's simple moderation. If you must have Cinnabon, then split one, or have a minibon (300 calories). It's the same thing, only in a reasonable serving size. Report
I am so thankful that there is not one in our mall. But Auntie Anne's pretzels are just as bad. Report
Man, I luv Cinnabon! Good thing I don't go to the mall too often. Because that's the only time I would get one,....well, not all the time,....maybe like 4 out of 10 times.... :) Report
Thank goodness there is no Cinnabon in my local mall! We have an Auntie Anne's & that is bad enough! I may have 1 of their pretzels 2 or 3 times a year, so is THAT worth it? Yeah, for me, I don't see depriving myself for 2 or 3 times a year. However Cinnabon... I don't know how often I would be able to resist! Is it worth it? Depends on the day, how much I have already eated (calories I've consumed) & what my plans are for the rest of the day. If I'll have time to hit the gym afterwards, then there is a good chance I'll indulge! But like I said, thank goodness there isn't one in my local mall! Report
Yup, I do. I really try not to deprive myself so if I feel like a Cinnabon, I will have the Cinnabon, and then adjust my exercise time and diet accordingly. Report
There are some foods that are just so tempting in thought ~ and then don't taste all that great. Then again, there are some that just do...and for me, the Cinnabun is one of them. I am not a mall shopper - I prefer small shops in the city - and that does help. When I DO give in (which I'd be lying to say doesn't happen), I have found out that SHARING with my husband or whoever I'm with really isn't so bad... those things are so large that even half of one is more than enough! Report
i don't eat these anymore. they sit like a stone in my stomach. I do have a weakness for Godiva's Chocolixer drink. I'm sure those are bad but i'm willing to take an extra walk when i get home. Report
I try never to go to the Mall hungry..but my sister and I take a Marathon bar, when we shop, just in case we need something to tide us over. A cinnabon is out of the question. I'm not walking 4 miles a day for nothing. ;) Report
I go to the Mall maybe once ever couple of months, and when I do we don't even go near the cinnabon place. If we eat at hhthe mall we usually have soup for lunch. Good article. Report
We seldom eat at the mall. Too expensive and unhealthy!! Report
I don't eat at the mall. When we go shopping, we save ourselves for lunch. Report
Why not? It's not going to kill you to have a Cinnabon once in awhile. Just don't make it a habit! Report
That makes me very sad cuz they are sooooo yummy. When I think back to when I'd have at least one a week... WITH icing and pecans!!! Oy! Report
I love love love Cinnabons! They are the best. Unfortunately, they haven't recently discarded the Cinnabon in our mall. This Black Friday....I was in Georgia and didn't stop to get anything to eat until afterwards which happen to be a Chick-fil-a Biscuit. Still bad I know I know! My tip is to pack a snack to take with you while shopping! Report
After a few hours of shopping and hunger is beginning to take hold I stop and sit long enough to eat a banana that I brought from home, or a snack baggie with almonds. Both give me a great boost and stick with me until I finish up and head for home for a better meal choice, or stop at a restaurant to relax and order a salad. Report
I go to the mall after I have had a meal and if need be pack a snack. Most times I avoid the mall altogether. I can get what I need from visiting the outdoor malls or individual stores.

No one needs a 700+ calorie cinnamon roll that will leave you hungry for more and hour later! Report