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Big news! I'm beyond excited to announce that I have created a brand-new workout plan exclusively for SELF magazine's September issue, which is on newsstands now! This workout features a fat-blasting cardio plan, heart-pumping plyometrics, and muscle-toning strengthening moves to tone you from head to toe. All you need is a mat and a pair of dumbbells. It's one of my toughest workout plans ever, and I guarantee it will make you sweat--and torch major calories to help you lose two pounds per week! Sounds pretty good, right?

One great thing about this challenge (dubbed the SELF Diet Club) is that it builds in social support, and provides step-by-step workout instruction along with delicious meal ideas--the perfect combo to take your weight-loss to the next level this fall. You can follow along with the magazine alone--but I encourage you to sign up online. Why? It's FREE, it sends you email reminders, you'll get a special video I created demonstrating all the exercises, you'll be entered to win tons of cool prizes--and well, because it would just mean a lot to me (and SparkPeople)!

Simply click the image below (or go to to sign up for the challenge. It's open to everyone (regardless of country/location, although prizes from SELF's partners are only open to U.S. residents). Don't miss it! I hope you'll join me there, and I hope to see you lighter and fitter in just four weeks!

Are you a SELF reader or subscriber? Are you as excited as we are about trying this challenge and dropping a few extra pounds in the next month?

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Tried this workout this past week! Wow! It is tough but I am working up to it. Thanks for creating something new and exciting. Report
create a link that has video and also tracker to CUT DOWN ON LOG TIME please
Coach, you are .....(I am speechless to find the right word) just georgeous and inspirational. Report
create a link that has video and also tracker to CUT DOWN ON LOG TIME please
Coach, you are .....(I am speechless to find the right word) just georgeous and inspirational. Report
I just signed up! I'm going to start on Monday :) Report
I signed up only to support Coach Nicole. I think you are fabulous. Report
I've been away from Sparkpeople for too long and ready to get back into it. The "promise" of losing 2 pounds per week is not a welcomed one. And get those two girls in the photo on a "diet" stat... Report
I signed up because "it would me a lot to me and Sparkpeople". Like others have said the program does not account for older limited exercisers and logging in two places will be spending too much time online instead of moving. I already also use Fitbit and log there too. I wish my Fitbit was connected to my Sparkpeople account. Many of us have asked Fitbit to join up with Sparkpeople. Anyway.... I really enjoyed Coach Nicoles posts about her experience and am glad for Self getting the word out to more people about Wonderful Sparkpeople of which I am very grateful to be a member. Report
I'm with Dakotacat, How many times a day, can I come up with new screennames, passwords, ecetera?! Report
I'm signing up! Report
i would really have liked to join this club, but i'm not going to go through multiple screens/questionnaires/passwords/sc
reen names to do it. Report
I signed up, mainly because I want to support Coach Nicole. I feel like a huge part of what makes SP so incredible is the support we give one another. I have gained so much from Coach Nicole's tips and workouts and her encouraging spirit, so I am happy to be able to give something back to her. Report
The name "Diet Club" may not be the best, but technically, your diet is whatever you eat. As for not missing out on "the fun stuff", I think that appeals to many people. Report
Signed up and looked the program over. The exercises are great Coach Nicole, but I am finding it too difficult to log fitness and nutrition in two places, so I'm back to SparkPeople. I like your boot camps very much and find it so much easier to keep everything in one place. Congratulations on your exposure. Hope it brings more people to Spark! Report
My sentiments exactly, BRITOMART. I couldn't have said it better myself. Report
I signed up too! I'm excited about the prize give aways. Coach Nicole, you have been such a huge part of Sparkpeople I'm glad to see you get recognition from Self Magazine! You are a great trainer! Report
I signed up too! Wanted to kick my ST up a notch and these workout moves ARE tough! I could only do 7 exercises yesterday. I had already done a short workout in the morning (Short Cardio Sculpt from the 28 day bootcamp), ran 4 miles after work and then decided to do the Self workout moves. I'm excited to try it. My goal is not weightloss, as I've reached my goal, but an active, healthy lifestyle, toning and strengthening. This is a fun way to mix up my routine! Thanks for letting us know about it! Report
Can I do this diet while being gluten free? I get frustrated when I can not follow diet requirements because there are few gluten free affordable replacements. Please let me know - Thanks!! Report
I just signed up! Report
Congrats Coach Nicole!! Way to go! Report
Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Report
For those who asked about signing up for the challenge from outside of the U.S., yes the challenge is open to everyone (although only U.S. residents are eligible for prizes from SELF's partners). Report
I just signed up!!! So excited!! Report
I just signed up and am looking forward to the help in my weight loss journey. Report
WooHoo Coach Nicole! And you are looking AWESOME in that picture! I think I'll be signing up, but I'll have to modify a bit as I'm currently nursing my DD and two lbs a week isnt appropriate for a nursing mommy. However one a week is, which is about what I've been doing, and would like to keep it up! Report
Just one question please. Spark is now international. I live in Scotland, for example. Can we also sign up for this? Report
Signed up! You rock, Coach Nicole! Report
thanks. i love Nicole! Report
CONGRATS Coach Nicole!!! Report
Signed up, excited, but the site is not working to log in :( Boo. Report
I signed up I watched Nicole's video on the sets of exercises and there are very few I any I can do! They all seem to be high impact and my ankles/knee can not do that per doc orders very disappointed! I also signed up for the magazine and was then worried maybe I made a mistake there too! But one comment leads me to believe it might be okay! I wonder what the cancelation policy is! I've looked but can not find it. Report
signed up -when does it start? when and how do you get the special video you created demonstrating all the exercises. can't wait to start. Report
Signed up & excited! Report
i joined. thanks nicole. Report
I signed up, though I'm not sure this is the right program for me. It seems to be geared toward a younger more experienced group of exercisers. I've been dieting & excercising for 5wks now and not sure I'm up to the challenge of this program. But I'm willing to give it a try.
Just signed up too. I let my subscription run out but I'll order it again come fall sales with the Girl Scouts. Excited to try this need alittle bit of a butt kickin to get back into the swing of things. Report
I am reluctant to sign up because I'm currently training for a half marathon in December. How well do you think this program would work if I'm already in a dedicated running program? Report
This is awesome! Great exposure Coach Nicole.

SN: Glanced at the editorial pic up there, and why I have I not thought of putting the earbud cord inside my bra before? Brilliant! Report
I'm a SELF subscriber, and have been since I received a subscription as a part of my registration for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 5k. I have to say, I've very much enjoyed their weight-loss tips, as I've found it very much jives with SParkpeople's philosophy. I do wish they would use healthier images, instead of always showing young, fit, low-body-fat-percentage women in these things, but hey, their advice is sound, and that's awesome. Report
Does this only count for people in the US? What about us who live in other continents? Report
Awesome! I signed up too! I'm currently doing a Firm Express rotation and look forward to kick it up a notch with this as an add-on! ;) Report
I signed up too- a little more accountability and changing up my workouts surely can't hurt! Report
I just signed up - it's certainly worth a try. Thanks!!! Report
What about a challenge for people with diabilities. Report
Done! Congrats, Nicole. All marketing is good marketing. Hope this fun national magazine exposure sparks a lot more people to make life long commitments and introduces them to both sites for whatever support motivates them best. You are fabulous! Can't wait to see the spread...I bet they made you feel glamorous so you look even more cute and sparky than ever!
Sorry to hear you are disappointed. SparkPeople didn't pick the name of this program, but we think SELF is a great partner. Their phillsophy of enjoying tasty food without deprivation lines up quite well with SparkPeople's--as does their calorie-counting approach (that doesn't involve unhealthy calorie cutting) and the encouragement of exercise in a weight loss plan. Report
I signed up too! Report
Looking forward to seeing/hearing about it. Report
Looking forward to seeing/hearing about it. Report
. Report
Although I'm not a subscriber, CONGRATS to you Coach Nicle! You're an amazing person and doing great things. God Bless! Report
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