You Asked: ''Is It Safe to Exercise with Asthma?''

By , SparkPeople Blogger
People with asthma often have concerns about whether or not they can safely exercise without exacerbating their condition. Turns out, exercise is generally beneficial to asthma. Asthmatics can safely exercise, especially when their asthma is well-controlled, but you should work closely with your doctor to develop a fitness plan that works for you, and time your treatments (using the inhaler, etc.) in the best way to reduce attacks during and/or after exercise.

Work with your physician of course, but try to keep your exercise intensity low initially, especially if you have a cold. When asthma symptoms occur, you should reduce your intensity level, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop completely. Using your inhaler before your workout will help reduce the possibility of attacks during exercise.

Additionally, take extra time to both warm up and cool down. Depending on where you work out, you might also consider wearing a face mask (will work great at home, but might make you self-conscious in the gym). This keeps your inhaled air warm and moist, helping to reduce asthmatic responses during exercise. Because warm and moist air is beneficial to asthmatics, try to avoid exercising in cold, dry environments.

Regular exercise is important for your weight loss and fitness level, but staying consistent with it will also reduce the number and severity of your asthma attacks, as well as boosting your immune system. Simply pay attention to how your body reacts to higher-intensity activity and know your limits. If you feel that your asthma is interfering with your exercise program, talk to your doctor to help find a solution that works for you.