How to Travel Smart

By , Scenic
Do you love traveling? If you love a great vacation, a good place to start is to learn to travel smart and travel safe. With the world literally at your fingertips, you can educate yourself and be your own travel consultant. 

These days, it's easy to book flights, a rental car or a hotel. However, the value of a vacation, whether traveling for business or pleasure, rises exponentially once you learn how to travel smart. 

Scenic gives travelers access to the most amazing tours and cruises nationally and internationally by simply booking online or speaking to a consultant. Luxury Cruise has acquired worldwide renown as a luxury cruise and tour operator. In 2016, the company celebrated 30 years as a leader in the field of cruising and touring, so if anyone can give you valuable tips about how to travel smart, it's Scenic.

Scenic's Top Vacation Preparation Tips

Book Travel Insurance. If travel insurance isn’t included in your vacation package, make sure you look into it right away–don’t wait until just before you go. Be sure to check the inclusions and ensure your coverage is sufficient.

Register Your Travel Plans. In the unlikely event of an emergency while you’re traveling, register your travel details and contact information with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It only takes a few minutes to do. Register at

Don't Be Cut Off. Share your travel plans with your bank or you may find yourself unable to access money or use your credit cards overseas. Most banks allow you to register your travel details online or it can simply be done over the phone.

Stay Connected. Power outlets have different shapes in different parts of the world and you’ll need a universal adaptor to use your electronics from home including phone chargers and laptops. Adaptors are easily available to purchase at most travel and department stores. Find out what you need for your destination at
Note: Scenic Space-Ships include Australian power points in all suites.

Check the Weather. Before you start writing a packing list and start searching for your airline's baggage limits, make sure you check the long range weather forecast for your destination. Ensure you have layers of clothing if the weather changes while you’re traveling. Don’t forget, laundry services are available on all Scenic Space-Ships* and in most hotels, which is especially important for longer trips.
*Excluding Russia

Take Care of Your Health. If you are planning to travel with prescription medication, make sure you have enough for the duration of your trip. Some medications are restricted in certain countries and you may be required to carry a letter from your doctor. More information is available at Remember to always pack medication in your carry-on baggage.

Taking care of your health during travel is extremely vital when going on vacation. To ensure you have prepared yourself fully before you head to your destination, be sure to use a tool such as Fit for Travel, which allows you to see all immunizations and other health risks connected to a certain area. By doing so, you can avoid or minimize the risk of getting sick on your vacation and enjoy your amazing trip to the best of your abilities!